we are the paper crane collective…

We are the paper crane collective… the creators, writers, music geeks & freaks that make up this silly little thing called bloggerin’ over at TSURURADIO!

AARON: Publisher, Owner, & Eccentric-In-Chief

Me, Aaron (aka Tsuru) and the cutie next to me, TsuruBride.  We started this little bloggy blog back in 2006 and since then, the internettals have changed with the whole face-em’books and twitterin’s and whatnots.  With that and with our beloved Society, we have grown in numbers, in thoughts, in all things this.


GRAFISTA: Writer & Chief Dripping MP3 Correspondent

Grafista & I have gone back a ways in our beloved society, hailing from Germany, I harassed this talented music lover to do something, anything, for TSURURADIO. I have no idea why, but I just felt we had to have him! He keeps his posts short and sweet, a leaky song there, a drip-drop here, and for that… I’m thankful. He was our first additional official writer and will always have a home here as long as we keep on jibber-jabberin!

MARTIN: Writer & Chief Correspondent

Somewhere along the line my wife started calling me Peanut. So I adopted the nickname. Sometime later she asked me why I had so few female artists in my record collection. This made me think about my own musical taste, and music in general. So in 2005 I started a blog: Peanut’s World of Music which quickly evolved into Peanut’s Playground during 2006. The playground got quite a busy place in it’s day (R.I.P. 2008) and it’s where I got in touch with Ol’ Tsuruhead.

At first I started following his blog because he mixed his music with naked boobies and such. But I soon found out that there was a lot more substance to his ramblings. And waddayaknow, he turned out to be quite a swell guy (he prefers the term ‘Hipster cat’ or something) as well. So when the time finally came for me to get back into the blogosphere he was the first one I contacted, and Tsuru was friendly enough to set up some space for me right here on TSURURADIO.  Since then I’ve done a few posts (not as much as I would’ve liked) but this is all subject to my inspiration. Which comes but, alas, also goes.

Anyway this piece has far too many words already, so if you’d like to get in touch feel free to do so via @Woollygrass.

ARI: Writer & Senior Awesome Correspondent

Ari is, at her most basic, TSURUNATION’s teenybopper correspondent, adding doses of youth cultural slang and girlie flare to the community. She typically writes “itty interwebs,” sharing tidbits of the www’s randomosity as well as musical updates here and there. She hails from the great state of Connecticut, but goes to school in California. She finds herself frequently inside the nation’s cultural hubs of NYC and LA, but more often has to busy herself in metropolitan suburbs with her assorted apple products, vinyl records, rompers, academia, and teddybear.

And for the record, she’s east coast through and through. She’s got a dirty mouth and a debatably garbage sense of humor, but she’s probably going to be famous some day, like HUGE famous, so you might as well get to know her now.


DORICE: Writer & Chief Concert & Movie Going Insomniac

Along my random adventuring in life and interneting, I have come to this point now. This exact one you’re reading at this very moment. Yes, this very one that is taking place as your eyes trace along the screen perhaps interjecting a blink or two. Although I’m sure you are clever enough to realize that this very moment that which I’m writing this, the one that you are reading right now, has already past. Could’ve been minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and even years since this very moment has happened. Well you must understand that in the very nature of this very moment that I type this and that which you are reading this, has virtually bonded us in experiencing this here, right now. How entirely marvelous!
Oh and if you really must know, I do care for a rather random mix of music and my happiness exudes me when seeing live shows. It’s perfectly okay to go on now and have a look at my posts. I’m sure by the point that you are reading this I have tried to share some of my musical tastes and experiences with the void. I do have an affinity for TV and films and depending on when you experience this moment here, I may or may not have shared some knowledge on those subjects.

Writing this now, at this time, I’m best to be found on Twitter. But I do show up in other locations:


ADVENTURERNEIL: Writer, Mixologist & Stuff

I’m a mixtape junkie (been making mixtapes since back when they were actually tapes!) who also happens to love cycling… so when I stumbled onto TSURU’s blog, it was love at first sight. SO MANY MIXTAPES! SO MANY COOL PICTURES! I love TSURURADIO because it is the web’s most fun, inclusive, and hip music community!!! You can tell everyone in TSURUNation is a music-lover who also happens to be a REAL PERSON, and a pretty damn sweet-ass person, too! I just think that’s rad, and I really love this blog. Here’s what others have to say about my mixtapes…

“You bring the mixtape heat money-sauce!” ~Papa Tsuru
“Amazing mix, Neil!” ~my friends
“This is the best mix EVER! Or at least, since my last one…” ~Neil

You can find me on facebooks and twitters!

AMELIA: Writer & Chief Internets Siphoner!

One quick look at Amelia, and you might think she’s an average shiny-haired, high school vampire-obsessed teenybopper. Not so. This time warp vixen (who despite appearances, is actually quite collegiate) is known in social circles as Lady Lindy, a swing dancing superhero[ine] who daily mixes tapes and drives the mixmaster on a quest for truth, justice, and the vintage way. The shuffle from Ray Conniff to Azure Ray to Stevie Ray Vaughan to Ray LaMontagne is a harrowing one, but one that must be made. Joining Amelia on this journey is her trusted associate, Jack the Cat, who despite her name, is actually as ladylike as Lady Lindy herself. But don’t be fooled by this heroine’s exterior; she’ll just as soon take you out with some sissor kicks as she will take you to dinner. Never without a book, if you make the wrong move, she may beat you with it! Or at the very least, bore you to tears with tales of love and glory (or whatever Madame Bovary is up to today). Interests include sitting on the roof at night updating the blogosphere of current happenstance, Peter Pan, indie movies, vinyl records (trunks full), Gilmore Girls, and classic literature. Watch your back, world.  — @themeels

WASOE: Writer & Chief Don’t Forget Where You Came From, Son Correspondent

And Wasoe!!! rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb!!!

DANAMONSTAH: Writer & Chief Snack Correspondent

I can’t sing. I can’t play. So, I listen.

I remember driving around with my Dad as a tiny Monstah, listening to the oldies station. He was always quizzing me about who sang what song, and filling in the blanks when I didn’t know. It would go something like..
“Hey, Dane- who sings this song?”
“It’s Tommy James and the Shondells, Dad! Duh!”

I believe this is where my insatiable quest for music began.
When I was a little older, still young, I would lay next to my stereo with an old cassette tape (when you would tape over the holes on top so you could record over the crappy b-side on some single you bought), waiting to snag my latest music obsession off of the radio…

I was always hungry for more music.
I constantly made friends mixtapes (when they were still tapes). I still do. My music library gets fatter and fatter by the day because I am always on the hunt.

Too much isn’t enough. I’m still hungry and I’m still listening. — @DanaMonstah

Team Tsuru…. UNITE!

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  1. August 20, 2010 at 1:12 PM

    Haha… I like how the word “teenybopper” appears in both Amelia’s and Ari’s… and Danamonstah and I both mention making mixtapes on actual tapes.

  2. August 20, 2010 at 1:23 PM

    Makes sense, doesn’t it? I’m drawn to similar oddballs!

  3. February 5, 2011 at 1:54 PM

    love the blog. simple as.

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