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MIXTAPE BATTLE!!! TSURURADIO Presents… Should We Talk About The 80s? Hi! Hi Hi!!! Mixtape!!! Oh, and we are going on vacation! YAY!

June 25, 2010

Modeling by Baby (thanks baby!!) Photography by me!

Alright!  This is it!  Got bad news which is kinda good news and then really good news!  First the bad good news, we are going on VACATION TOMORROW!!!  WOOOOOOOOOO!  Yep!  Tomorrow, we head out to Vancouver for a couple days, then take a lovely train ride to Banff & Lake Louise for another couple days, then finally down to Calgary to visit good friends and hit the Sled Island Film & Music Festival!!!  Hot diggity, right?

In Calgary, we’ll be visiting Aaron aka therealAARONDUNN, Sandy from Slowcoustic, and the recipient of today’s smackdown, Chris from Culture Bully!   It’s gonna be sweet biscuits on a stick, time away from work, off the bike, and with my baby, even if the trip is a total clustercuss, it will be heaven.

Hopefully, the wounds from today’s mixtape battle will be all healed and scabbed up nicely, because beers will be had and we need nothing but good times on our week away! Speaking of our mixtape battle — i.e. the REALLY good news (as far as you are concerned) —  how about we get on with it!

Culture Bully v. TSURURADIO: A friendly comparison & contrast of the music of our youths! Alternate title: 90s v. 80s WOOOOT!!!

But this time, we’ll do it just a little bit different… I’m not going to jibber-on about 80s pop culture and the stupid things I wore & did (fat boy shoelaces & parachute pants, check, done), there’s plenty websites and TV shows devoted to all that, and judging from the hipster scene, some of it is coming back!

OH NOES!!!!!!!!

No, this is about the music, MY music from those critical adolescent development years.  But, before we start talking, let’s get the music rolling, here we go as….


Should We Talk About The 80s? Hi, Hi Hi!!!

SIDE A: Looks Like Rain

1. Insert One Quarter / REM – Pop Song 89


What? I’m sure there’s social commentary and what not in this vid, but at THAT age?  Boobies!!!!!!!!

2. They Might Be Giants – Ana Ng

Heard this at a party my friend threw when his “Ps” were out of town… What’s this? Lincoln by They Might Be Giants. I had it the next day (probably stole it).

3. Violent Femmes – Add It Up

What teenager doesn’t love VF? It’s a rite of passage. For me, it was a way of life.  Add in this songs near-proggish way of going all over the place and I found a new home for my ears.

4. The Buggles – Video Killed The Radio Star

Yes, yes, irony and whatnot that this was MTV’s first video they played or something, blah blah blah, whatever, who cares. For me it was simply this: Pre-Asia’s Geoffrey Downes + Post-Yes Trevor Horn = Awesome. I sing ALL the parts to this song, all of them.

5. Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man

60s Cohen was some deep shit, 80s Cohen is some deep sex.

6. Camper Van Beethoven – When I Win The Lottery

Sensing a quirk theme to my 80s listenerin’??? No? Really?  Yes, “Take The Skinheads Bowling” is their “hit”, but fuck that, Key Lime Pie was TSURURIFIC!!

7. Dead Milkmen – Punk Rock Girl

JUST YOU! AAAND MEEEEE! PUNK ROCK GIRRRRRRRRL!!! Oh, how many vocal chords did I destroy singing this song in my car? My career as a lounge singer…. ruined.

8. Pixies – Monkey Gone To Heaven

It’s Pixies, man. No Pixies = So much wonderful music never existing. Period.

9. Talking Heads – Burning Down The House

I had the 45. I played this in my room as a kid over and over and over and over….

and over and over and over…

10. Peter Gabriel – I Have The Touch

Yes, I sang Shock The Monkey (SHOOOCK THE MOOONKAY) but I have the touch, creepy stalker, dirty awesomeness…..

FLIP THE TAPE!!! It’s time for Side B!!!

SIDE B: Clearing Up

1. Intermission / Midnight Oil – Beds Are Burning

Quite possibly my favourite single of the 80s. I had this CASsingle and destroyed it by over-playing it. I have, not only mastered the classic dance from the video..

But I also was able to incorporate the non-foot-moving dance into my actual dance moves in “da clubs” years later! Oddly, the song sounds as applicable today as it did way back when, eh?

2. Murray Head – One Night In Bangkok

I have no idea why, but for a time in my childhood, I was obsessed over this song. Listening now, it’s rather seedy. I think I love it even more!

3. Prince – Let’s Go Crazy

I remember corduroy jeans, brown. I remember air guitar, so so so much air guitar. This was “my jam” and I did, Prince, I went fucking crazy listening to this song, in my bedroom, as loud as my crappy little radio would go… Listening again today, the guitar solo / finale destoys almost every guitar solo ever.

4. Duran Duran – The Reflex

I remember when this song premiered on the local radio station. I was in my mom’s old Toyota Corolla, it was night time and she was taking me & my sister home from the mall I think — a special night out for us! It was dark and I heard the muses fade in singing “Da na na na, da na na na”…. Goosebumps then, and even now.

5. Madness – Our House / 6. Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen

Both of these songs were recently featured in some mixtapes of mine. They go together, for me. They are MTV songs, songs I looked for and loved when they came on at my dad’s house (he had cable). For me, these two songs represent everything MTV was trying to be that it so long ago forgot about.. Let’s watch:

7. J. Geils Band – Centerfold


Really, what else do I have to say??

8. Michael Jackson – Man In The Mirror

One of two Michael Jackson songs I still love, and thanks to my sister for reminding me recently just how much I love this cheeseball tune. Michael Jackson and the 80s, very hard to separate the two, but for me, it was my mom playing the hell out of Thriller on those long Saturday morning commutes to her work. But we’d sing, all together, “PYT”, “Billie Jean”, all of them! For the most part, outside of nostalgia, I found most Jackson music painful to listen to, but not “Man In The Mirror”. But I know why…. Black Gospel + Any Song Ever = Happy Tsuru.

There you go, the 80s according to Tsuru… Like what you hear?  Go buy it here or here or wherever!!  As soon as I see Chris’s 90s mixtape, we’ll add the link here, but let’s be honest, 80s music fucking ruled!!!  Amirite???


*** UPDATE ***



Remember, we’ll be on vacation starting tomorrow, so I hope you enjoyed!  Hopefully the rest of the TSURURADIO team will keep you company while I’m out. Keep an eye out in the twitters & facebooks for vacation time updates!  Then, when we get back, we’ll have a full Sled Island Music & Film Festival coverage post and vacation wrap-up!!!  WOOOOT!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, then week, then weekend!!!  Go buy records, go ride your bikes, go have fun!