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Can we talk about The Rip Tide by Beirut?

July 7, 2011

Allo my friends… you got a second? Good. Can we talk about this new album by Beirut called The Rip Tide? Good!

Oh my… I like Beirut, but like a few of you out there in internetland, they were a band to take in doses, perfect for a mixtape, or a couple songs back to back. Hell, they were perfect for the end of our wedding mixtape. So, word of the new Beirut album floating aboot and “East Harlem” making it’s lovely way into our lovely hearts, I took it all with a grain of pepper and maybe one of salt. Will this be another beautiful yet a whole lot to handle eastern block style music?

Only time (and a leak) will tell and leak it did. 9 little songs, barely clocking in over a half an hour later I/we were smitten. But, it was a chill night over laptop speakers filled with arts & crafts, so how would it fair with a proper ass listen???

Oh me oh my.

Beautiful… sublime… and non-stop repeat. Its Beirut through and through but there’s a hint of easy to digest “pop sensibility” — you like that phrase, eh? — that helps the medicine go down and I’m eating this shit up! Yeah. Quite lovely. I found a couple soundcloud uploads that are probably mostly illegal so enjoy!

Then go get your hands on a copy, eat it up yum, THEN almost 2 months from now, go buy it. I’m thinking this will be the sex and total tits on vinyl and you should too.

Beirut – East Harlem by Revolver USA

Beirut – Goshen by Alan Williamson

Beirut – Port of Call by daftdreamy


I Am Very Far by Okkervil River…. *love*

June 27, 2011

Okkervil River – Wake And Be Fine by Rhythmethod

I don’t know what the general vibe on the intertubes of super highway love canals is on I Am Very Far by Okkervil River, but I lurrrrrve it. A great evolution from Stage Names yet unmistakenly Okkervillian!  AND the whole thing is up on the Soundclouds?  Yes please.  Picked this up on vinyl down in Phoenix, the way the good lard intended.

I Am Very Far by Okkervil River

*edit – What’s interesting to me is the number of plays track one got vs. the rest…. About 10 times as many plays than the rest of the album. Is that how you judge the album? One song, and maybe the 2nd, fuck the other 9???? Hot damn, that’s fucked up. I get it if you don’t like it, you don’t like it, but I’d assume that more than just 2-4K listeners (assuming no repeaters) came into the stream with at least a bit of knowledge on who & what Okkervil River sounds like, right? So you’d think of the nearly 40,000 people who came into the stream, a bit more than 2,000 would’ve given the who album a go…. sign o’ the times, I s’pose.

Oh well.


Wild Flag teaches us about romance via “Romance”…

June 20, 2011

Wild Flag – Romance by MergeRecords

Wild Flag teaches us about romance via “Romance”, a blistering fun summer-fuzz rocker meets girl group harmony awesomeness.

Now, I’d like to think at my age, I’ve learned a thing or three about love & romance, but you are never too old for a refresher course, are you? Though, I don’t remember having fevers. You may want to go to the doctor’s office for something like that, you could have the V.D. which is certainly not as romantic as one may think.

Love & cheers,

Tornado ’87 by The Rural Alberta Advantage

June 13, 2011

The Rural Alberta Advantage – Tornado ’87 by ObscureSound

Why? Because I love this song… what other reason is there to do this silly thing called bloggerin”?


Geek Love

March 7, 2011

A Must for Music Nerds – 6 Tools You Should Be Using

Hey everybody this is Jess Page aka jp the East Coast editor of MusicVagabond.  I’m super excited to be part of Paper Crane Collective with these twenty four other amazing contributors.  The topics I will be covering are along the crossroads of music, technology and the overall industry.  Welcome to “Geek Love” I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing about it!

As a self professed music nerd I’ve been meaning to write about this topic for a long time. If there is one thing I spend tons of time doing it is discovering new music, and whenever I find new and innovative ways to help me do so I get super excited.

I realize this is not the sort of thing that excites normal people, but if you’re on my level then you know what I’m referring to. Nothing makes my day more then being turned on to a site, tool or extension that lets me easily discover and organize my musical treasures. On that note, below is my “tool box” that I use when listening to, hunting for and organizing music.

exfm- a browser extension for Chrome that turns the entire web into your personal music library. As you browse, exfm runs in the background indexing every MP3 file you come across, building a music library for you. Exfm will continue to check the sites you’ve visited, adding new music for you to listen to every day

How We Use It: First off, Google Chrome should send a big thank you to these guys, because they are the reason I switched from Firefox to their browser and you can be sure I’m not the only one.

This extension blew my mind when I first started using it and I want to give a big shout out to yvynyl for the introduction. If this guy is using it you know it’s for real. It allows you to index any mp3 you come in contact with, adding it to your library. You can then queue songs, create a playlist, tag certain songs and make notes. As a music blogger or fanatic it is an invaluable tool.

Tweet them: @exfm

Shuffler- Shuffler aggregates music from around the web by genre. So if you go to our home page you will see a list of channels. They are like radio channels but divided by genre.

When you click on a channel we send you to a blog post and start playing one of the songs mentioned on that post. If you don’t like it you can skip ahead or pick another channel from the shuffler bar on the top of the page. When the song ends, we send you to the next song on the next blog. Always on the same genre.

Why We Love It: They create channels based on genre. I would recommend the Lo-fi, Indie Rock and Australian Channel. It’s great to click a genre and let it ride. If you hate it click through if you love it, pop your screen back up from whatever work you were doing. Make a note about the band or surf that music blog. It’s a great way to find new music and solid music bloggers.

Tweet them: @shufflerfm

Nex Big Sound- Next Big Sound provides a centralized place to monitor all the behavior and activity happening for artists both online through social media analytics like Last.FM plays and Facebook fans and offline through the addition of sales data. NBS is changing music by providing intelligence to record labels, promoters and band managers to make informed decisions about artists.

How We Use It: If you’re a double nerd like L.Sizzle and myself then you understand the importance of analytics in making critical decisions. Next Big sound is for musicians what Alexa is to websites. I think I just blacked out from making that analogy, Yikes.

We have used this tool to prove how spot on we were during our bands to watch for 2010 recap, where are they now segment. Where we essentially used music analytics to prove our superior taste. We aren’t the only ones who love this product you can count Billboard as a fan who has joined forces with them to create The Social 50 a ranking of the most active artists on the world’s leading social networking sites. Big shout out to Alex White the creator for having a vision and following through on it.

Tweet Them: @nextbigsound

Tubeify- I can’t say this any better then Taryn Haight of Huffington Post so I will just quote her directly, “If you’re using YouTube to play and share songs quickly and without committing to the whole download process, then you may want to keep your eye on Tubeify. The site is currently run on an invite-only basis, but you can request an invitation easily by clicking here.

Since Tubeify is run by’s API rather than YouTube’s, the site performs with more music-friendly methods in mind. For example, you can search for new music without interrupting the song you are playing and generate playlists which can be saved for your own ears or shared easily amongst friends. Although I am more concerned about whether the song is one that I enjoy, Tubeify throws a dash of Billboard into the website blend, notifying users if the music they are listening to has made it on to any charts worldwide.”

How We Use It: We make all our Bands to watch and Best of List and with a coinciding video playlist for your viewing pleasure. This site gurantees that you are getting the actual video as opposed to some clown sitting on the toilet while giving you the review of the song, album artist or on some other topic totally non related. Then we just follow the link back and add it to our playlist. It also geographically tracks music trends so you can see whats popular in your area.

Tweet Them: @tubeify

SoundCloud- It doesn’t discriminate. It allows artists to create an online persona, upload and store tracks from anywhere and everywhere and send them out to an array of listeners. You can easily follow your favorite band, artist, record label, music blogger or friend. Easily creates dialog within the community or just between bands and their fans.

How We Use It: We track our favorite artists and labels and also have an account so that we can be sent tracks. Its a good way to keep up to date on newest tracks and releases with out subscribing to an email chain, which we all know can sometimes be irritating. You can also create your own playlists and embed them on your site. We’ve done this occasionally, but it’s kinda or a pain in the ass and honestly the free standard player design is not that easy on the eyes.

Tweet Them: @SoundCloud

BandCamp- Bands can use a simple, but stylish format to create a short bio, upload album art, new tracks, EP’s or full albums for free. Their pages are easily accessible and most of the music is free or pay what you want. It’s a proven jumping off point for most indie bands.

How We Use It: We don’t necessarily use it to find new artists but for many of us it’s our first stop when we have heard of a new artists. The pages are simple and user friendly. As we stated before most of the music is free of super cheap. It’s a great alternative to MySpace and wayyyy better looking.

Tweet Them: @bandcamp

I hope you can add these tools to your arsenal to enhance your music searching, listening and organizing experience. Viva la NERDS!

Calgary awaits, but for now, I’ve been listening to Been Listening by Johnny Flynn

June 22, 2010

Photography by SUPERSHRIMP

How you doing?  Me? GREAT!  I got my 80′s mixtape for Friday’s mixtape battle with Culture Bully ready to roll (just doing some final test runs) and it’s just a couple days before Baby & I go on our Epic Rural Alberta Advantage Getaway from Vancouver to Calgary, including a stop at Sled Island Film & Music Festival

…AND a chance to hang out with Sandy at Slowcoustic, my enemy (for the week) Chris at Culture Bully, and one of my favourite photographers, therealAARONDUNN!!!

Hot diggity, right?

Can’t WAIT!  Not only do we really just need a vacation, a real vacation, but being able to combine it with meeting friends in real life and going to some awesome festival is pretty bad ass..  But, that’s next week and we still have this week to do and man o’ man am I excited about today’s feature, Been Listening by Johnny Flynn!


Oh my, I loaded this up rather nonchalantly, without any knowledge or expectations on who or what these guys are and what I found was nothing short of amazing.  Johnny Flynn is apparently part of the anti-folk thing, though I don’t really understand how one can be “anti-folk”, but whatever, the result of that, uh, movement I guess is a dry yet super fun & beautiful acoustic-driven pop loaded with mandolins and horns and harmonies, almost like Noah & The Whale with a touch of early Decemberists and maybe the horns of Neutral Milk?

Nah, that’s probably too much comparising (is that a word?) with what’s uber-familiar with me.  So.. instead, just load ‘er up and make your own comparisons!


Yay major label… *sarcastic sniff*… yeah, therefore, ergo, no mp3s BUT, we found most the album on soundcloud!  Yay bands circumventing the scary major labels!

Johnny Flynn – Been Listening by cooperativemusic1

01. Kentucky Pill

02. Lost and Found
03. Churlish May
04. Been Listening
05. Barnacled Warship
06. Sweet William Part Two
07. The Water (Featuring Laura Marling)
08. Howl
09. Agnes
10. Amazon Love
11. The Prizefighter and The Heiress

Johnny Flynn love! Myspace | Official



If this is dream pop, I don’t want to wake up! Get it? Yeah, we are listening to Boy by Young Man!

June 14, 2010

Photography by turuncuaz

Happy Monday to you!  This week is going to be nuts!  In fact, I wager these next two weeks before we hit our vacation are going to be chock full o’ bananas.  So, if I seem a little MIA — missing in action that is, not this:

– then you know what’s up, okay?  Okay.  So what gemtactular gemnautically delicious gem is gemming my bedazzled brain-folicals?  Surely the hottest album on all the hyped charts that chart the hypeness!! Yeah, I’m talking about Boy by Young Man, oh my!

Young Man, in case you don’t know — I sure as shit didn’t — is the band name for a guy named Colin Caulfield.  There you go, we both learned something today.  Apparently he’s been making a little name for himself doing some covers here and there (like the Ariel Pink cover in the video down below) and that’s all well and good, but man, let me tell you about Boy!

Boy is most likely set to be classified as ‘dream pop’ or something.  It’s breezy vocals & harmonies and dream-like waviness of sounds, it’s bound to fall in that genre.  Fair enough.  Listening, I do find myself feeling as if I’m in some kind of daydream but…  There’s something else there.  Something a little more tangible and earthy and real that I can’t quite put my noggin on.

Apparently it’s a concept album about growing up through the eyes of a boy, rather appropriate album title then, eh?  And maybe that’s why it seems more real than dreamy.  Dream pop with a meaty topic seems to almost take it out of the mind, out of the imagination, out of the air, and, much like an author, actually put the pen to paper, creating something to hold, read, absorb rather than just wake-up from….  Does that make any sense?

Regardless of the crappy words I’m using to describe it, in the end, it’s just plain beautiful.  So give you ears 30 minutes of bliss, 30 minutes to live through one boy’s life.


Boy, the entire album as one big audio file by Young Man

1. Five
2. Hands
3. Home Alone
4. Bedtime
5. Playtime
6. Just a Growin’
7. Up So Fast

Beyond Boy, it looks like he’s pretty active on Soundcloud, here’s some of the shares!

Only You by Young Man

Thoughts by Young Man

School by Young Man

Millionaires by Young Man

Some Young Man love (that sounded weird): Myspace | Label

Ah and check it… Young Man covering Aerial Pink:


Busy boy, sure, but listening to Mines by Menomena gets me to the finish!!!

June 11, 2010

Photography by DonaRita

What a week. Busy busy. Work’s been nuts, weather/riding been nuts, photography (site NSFW), posts, mixtapes, etc, etc! Oh my!  Last night’s Werewolf shoot was a success!  YAY!  But alas, you are not here to here me worry about being busy, are you?  Nah… you are here for the music and it’s Mines by Menomena that is filling my ears and getting me to that glorious glorious event we call “the weekend”!

This one surprised me.  I seem to remember their last album being a bit “weirder”, unless I’m crazy (possible).  But this one is, relatively speaking, pretty easy to take.  From the first light and almost sweet high pitched bass & right-side quietly chiming guitar, you know it’s a little different.  It’s almost immediately beautiful.

I know what you are thinking.. “Really?  Dude, I loaded up TAOS and that shit was not so immediate!”, well, true, but even there, how different is it from some Dirtbombs Detroit-rock, with it’s fuzzy bass, bombastic drums, and soulful whine?

The album seems to genre shift from song to song, “Killemall” with it’s dark & sinister piano, “Dirty Cartoons” relatively quiet acoustic start, “Tithe”, for some reason, for the first few seconds reminds me of Joanna Newsom?  How my brain got there, I’m not sure.  Doesn’t matter.  In the end, what you get is a varied yet relatively straight-forward Menomena album, something I didn’t think I wanted, but now that I have it, I’m quite glad I do!

01. Queen Black Acid
02. TAOS
03. Killemall

Menomena – Killemall by synthemesc

04. Dirty Cartoons
05. Tithe
06. BOTE
07. Lunchmeat
08. Oh Pretty Boy, You’re Such A Big Boy
09. Five Little Rooms
10. Sleeping Beauty

Ah… and some older Menomena video time!  HOORAY!

Menomena lovins: Myspace | Official | Label

That’s it!  Hopefully next week will be a little kinder to my time, until then, go riding, go have fun, listen to great music, buy records, and I’ll be seeing you then!


Fresh days, upcoming mixtapes in works, & Wild Smile by Suckers

June 8, 2010

Photography by 5letters

Absolutely gorgeous outside.  Cool, clear, sunny, gorgeous.  It actually started yesterday making the ride home just amazing. Flew home!  Baby had a hankerin’ for lobster, go figure.  Pretty interesting.  Then last night I went back to work on not one, but two mixtapes!

One, a collabo for fellow Columbus bloggeroni Katie Pierce over at Heavy Percussion and a mixtape challenge by Amanda over at Tadpole Audio.  Katie & I’s mixtape should be going up this week if the good lard’s a-willin’ and the creeks don’t rise, my mixtape for Amanda should be up on Monday!  Not going to spoil the surprises but both should be on this side of the word Epic!


But for now, we got ourselves something new & just bad fucking ass…. A little something called Wild Smile by Suckers!

I came upon these guys pretty ignorant.  I have no idea who they are and with a name like Suckers, I actually was envisioning them to be more in the vein of Super Suckers (GREAT live band, btw), but, you know, less “super”.  Funny how the brain works.  Well anyways, I was wrong.  But, like I always say, if I had a dollar for every band I didn’t know, I’d be rather rich.  I mean, with technology these days, anyone with a computer, or hell, even a smartphone, and the ability to make a noise into the device can have a band!  Nuts.

Really can’t explain this one, it’s got a quirky pop/rock thing going on, some Afro-influences maybe ala Talking Heads, a bit of Wild Beasts in them (see “You Can Keep Me Runnin’ Around”), maybe a hint of the melodic-side of Animal Collective? I don’t know.

What do you call this?  Just amazing? That doesn’t seem to do justice. It just kind of envelopes you and pulls you into the woods, at night, with a giant bonfire, some strung up lights, chiming & lens flare, as you dance around, smile, and remember the night forever.

How’s that work for you?

Music Savage has some great post up about los Suckers here, check it out! So, between that & below, you got more than enough options to get this sucker in your orifices!  Hell, they even got a Daytrotter Session up (thank you Amy for the heads up!)  So, you know, enjoy!


01. Save Your Love For Me
02. Black Sheep
03. Before Your Birthday Ends
04. You Can Keep Me Runnin’ Around
05. A Mind I Knew
06. Roman Candles
07. It Get Your Body Movin’
08. Martha
09. King of Snakes
10. 2 Eyes 2 C
11. Loose Change

And some soundcloud goodness!!!

Suckers – Black Sheep by Hypetrak

Suckers – Roman Candles by tadpolegames

Suckers – It Gets Your Body Movin’ (Alternate Version) by musicmule

Some Sucker love!! Twitter | Myspace | Official/Label


Karmatastic New Release Tuesday! Doing the right thing…

June 1, 2010

Photography by JF Photography

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time to pull out your wallets and get payin’ fer what you been listening to!  It’s the right thing to do and besides, good karma will get you laid!  It’s true!  So, let’s get to it….

*UPDATE: Missed Unbunny!

Unbunny – Moon Food


Young Men Are Easy Prey


Born Ruffians – Say It


Born Ruffians – Sole Brother by Warp Records

Born Ruffians – What To Say by Warp Records

Metacritic had this on this week’s releases, but Amazon says April? Whatever…

Futureheads – The Chaos


The Futureheads – Struck Dumb by youandmeintheecho

Another one Metacritic had for this week? Oh well.

Hawthorne Heights – Skeletons


Hawthorne Heights – Nervous Breakdown by jcatdre

Sleigh Bells – Treats


Sleigh Bells – Treats by thegravenative

Sleigh Bells – Crown On The Ground by musicmule

Paul Weller – Wake Up The Nation


PAUL WELLER – Fast Car, Slow Traffic by Quimera

Cheers & happy shopping!!! Don’t you feel better? I know I do….

Though the Vinyl Mixtape Battle Royale is happening soon, This Is Happening by LCD Soundsystem is happening NOW!

May 21, 2010

Photography by Sarah

Very excited…..  the first draft in our Vinyl Mixtape Battle Royale with The Needle Drop is done & under listening scrutinization!  We’ve got one week to make adjustments then glue it all together.  I’m pretty happy with it, but I do see two songs that may be out and two songs in my head that may need a chance, we’ll be experimenting more this weekend, WOOT!

5/28, Anthony is going DOWN!

But that’s then and even though then is what’s happening now, now-now is This Is Happening that is happening in my ears!!!

Did you follow that?  Good.

Okay, honesty time. I’ve never really been a fan of LCD Soundsystem. Nope. “Dance punk”, whatever the hell that’s supposed to be, has never been my genre. But, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years of music loverin’ and bloggerin’, it’s that you should go into every album you can with open ears, open minds, and open body cavities and that’s what I did when I first loaded up This Is happening a few days after it showed up on the World Wide Intergoogles (sporting a sweet pacman front page today, by the way).


But then something happened. This minimal thingy started called “Dance Yrself Clean”, some kitchen percussion and a slowly 2 note (I think) bass line. I was taken aback. I loved it. I thought, for a few minutes there, I had finally liked LCD Soundsystems! YAY ME!

But then the rest of the album kicked in and suddenly I was back in “Dance Punk” stuff. I liked it okay, but it certainly didn’t beat out everything else I was listening to and posting on. I’m not one to give up though, there was something there, something that kept me coming back and going again.

So I would and I’d get into it a little more, first the poppier less “Dance Punk” songs, then maybe that one or this one a little more but then finally, yesterday, with the sunshine pushing through the windows and throughs of bike rides in my heads, it just kinda….. *clicked*

The album is really fun! Now, this isn’t to say I love every song… I find “One Touch” to be pretty annoying actually, but songs like “Drunk Girls”, Dance Yrself Clean”, and the almost haunting “All I Want” more than make up for a single weak song. It’s got throw-back effects (a great example is “I Can Change” with it’s 80′s synthy goodness yum yum happy times yay!), it’s got nice juicy, fully fleshed out longer songs (always near to my heart) that clock in over 7 minutes.

Again… I got to say… I’m really surprised how much I like this. Even the Talking Heads wanna-be “Pow Pow” with it’s talk & shout repeat thingy that’s been done a billion times, it’s, man, just FUN! And, you know, I can’t think of anything better to close out the week and lead into my birthday weekend (fuck, I’m getting old), HOORAY!!!!!!

So let’s do this thing! Listen to some stuff below, go download the album, and dance motherfucker dance!!!


1. “Dance Yrself Clean”

2. “Drunk Girls”

3. “One Touch”
4. “All I Want”
5. “I Can Change”
6. “You Wanted a Hit”
7. “Pow Pow”
8. “Somebody’s Calling Me”
9. “Home”

Some LCD love: / Official / Label

Okay, let’s go have a fun weekend, eh?  Of riding, libations, and birthday celebrations! WHEEE!



Those two new Wolf Parade songs & then some!!!

May 3, 2010

Photography by introvertevent

Hey guys! Technical problems today preventing a good a proper post… no worries, got something special in line for tomorrow.  But until then, here are those two new Wolf Parade songs that Pitchfork posted if you missed it.  Odd that they used soundcloud.  Huh.

Wolf Parade – Ghost Pressurebypitchfork

Wolf Parade – Ghost Pressurebypitchfork

And you know what, while I’m on the soundclouds, let’s get this par-tay star-tayed!!!

Frog Eyes – Miasma Gardens by bellard

Sun Kil Moon – Australian Winter by pitchfork

The New Pornographers – Letter From An Occupant by h0gy

Broken Social Scene – World Sick by AlwaysHustle

Belle and Sebastian – Legal Man by Judy berman

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – I’m Not Gonna Cry by BeSmartie

R.E.M. – Losing My Religion by cecilen

Until tomorrow!

Boycott AZ? I’ve got a better idea… and it ain’t easy bloggerin’ Infinite Arms by Band Of Horses!

April 28, 2010

Photography by Stefa Zozokovich

We live in crazy times.  While in one hand, it seems like slooowly but surrrrely the world is moving forward, racism, sexism, homophobia, and just intolerance in all shapes & sizes that we’ve been, hell, raised to believe in are going away, in the other hand, it’s worse than it’s ever been.

There are infinite examples of the good & bad of today, but thanks to a tweet by our beloved Stars from Montreal, pictured here feeling more jovial…

…we’ll discuss one of the world’s “lesser” moments.

As you probably know by now, Arizona has just passed new law making every Latino, or really, any non-white-shaded individual, digging in their archives for their birth certificates.  Yep, if you look suspiciously Not American (whatever the hell that is), there’s a chance you may be “legally” stopped by the police to prove your Americanism.  I’m pretty sure it’s not even legal to force people to carry documentation of citizenship, but we’ll leave that one to the legalize folks to fight (which they are).  Besides the legality of the Gestapo-style law the idiots who are running the state installed, it’s just plain racist.  Every person of Hispanic origin in the state is now a potential victim of this law.

Outrage is ensuing out of every orifice from every liberal, moderate, & sane conservative (there are a few) in the country and beyond, but this is a music-oriented site, so when Stars tweeted, “We love AZ. but until its racist new immigration law is repealed, stars (and many others) will boycott this state…” I just had to talk about it.

Boycotts are pretty ineffective.  Unless there is a massive movement that actually causes noticeable amounts of dollars to stop flowing into concerned coffers, boycotts do nothing but drum up a little press for those making the announcement.  In reality, boycotts, by their very nature, are doing something by NOT doing something which is really just doing nothing.  No offense Stars, but you do not have the boycotting star “power” of U2 or Bruce Springsteen or whatever — whatever the hell “star power” is.  So Stars, I have an alternate action you can do with your indie fame…

Instead of not doing something, how about you do something.

How about you get your buddies together (I hear some of you know some of the folks over at Broken Social Scene, which even has Feist which I think was even in a commercial for a gadget not too long ago, etc, etc) and set up a stage or a square of grass or the back of a pick-up truck or hell, grab a couple megaphones.  Then, go get every single person you in Arizona to meet you down at the capital, go get as close as you can to the capital and sing as loud as you fucking can, with as many as you fucking can.

You know, scare the living shitwads out of the racist white idiots in charge of that state.  Let’s get every Latino together and march on the capital.  Let’s, you know, DO something.  Not doing something will do nothing except get Pitchfork to tell everyone you are doing nothing.

It’s not as easy as not going to a state, but hey, nothing worth doing is easy anymore.  Take talking about music on the internets!  It ain’t racist laws on an entire state, but it does effect the entire music industrty and it’s nothing but trouble as bloggerin’ is getting less & less easy with each passing day.  Just look at today’s little obsession, Infinite Arms by Band Of Horses.


With the current climate of love/hate between major (and many minor) labels and bloggerins, when I see something is with the big boys, I tend to run for the hills!  Not always, of course, but mostly.  Infinite Arms has been hard to avoid though.  I liked their last couple albums on SubPop and everyone & their mother (my buddy Lysol loudest of all) was telling me to listen, give it time, nurture it, love it, and it will love you back.

So I did and sure enough, it did.

BUT, word on the street was that the legal hound dogs at Web Sheriff were brought onboard by Band Of Horses newest pimp, Columbia Records.  Serving DMCA notices, freezing blogs, & pretty much scaring the shit out of everyone who was sharing their first single “Compliments”.

Hell, even I got a Web Sheriff email today for a track that I didn’t post that was on a different blog!  A little digging around and it turned out I did share a different track, their other single “Laredo” (that’s available everywhere to stream) when I mentioned Band Of horses had been part of the massive leaks last week.

It’s getting scary out there to be a bloggy blogger.

In one sense, we are part of the PR machine.  When we talk about a song/album/artists, people all over the world, discover something that they maaay, just maybe, have not have heard about other wise.  So, in that sense, we are good for music, we get the word out, people show up to Rural Alberta Advantage’s concert, by swag & records, because me & 100 other sites posted about them.

In the other sense… we are scum of the earth, bottom-feeders, destroying the music industy!  Hell, even genuine music journalist hate us!

Of course, we aren’t though.  Granted, blogs like ours make an easy & focused place for anyone on the internets to find music, but there’s a much MUCH better source, a wider-reaching conduit, to find so much more than I could ever even think to start to want to get the idea to listen to, it’s this great new website called Google.  It’s the ultimate music search engine, AND it doesn’t even stop there!  With it you can search for anything, from news to porn to art to porn to products to even porn!

And there’s porn on it!

So, to the labels, mp3-enforcers, and DMCA-notice-filiers, you can squash every blog from sharing any & every mp3, even the ones you give us to share (one of the more baffling things), hell you can even send DMCA notices to twitter about tweeters who twat that an album has leaked even though they aren’t or haven’t shared that leak with anyone, but unless you stop, you know, the internet, you might want to spend some of that time, money, & energy coming up with a new business plan that utilizes blogs & google & internettals.

But hey, who am I? Just a guy who loves music.  I’m not making money here, I just love to talk about and bring wonderful music to the ears of people who care enough about what we at TSURURADIO like to listen, so maybe I’ll need to find a better way to do it because dealing with the love/hate crap from the powers that be is exhausting! I like the new Band Of Horses album.  It is good, a grower, but a good grower, but a mp3 ain’t worth all the shit that follows it, so here’s how you can hear a couple songs.



And here’s the full tracklisting:

01 Factory
02 Compliments
03 Laredo
04 Blue Beard
05 On My Way Back Home
06 Infinite Arms
07 Dilly
08 Evening Kitchen
09 Older
10 For Annabelle
11 NW Apt.
12 Neighbor

Oh & look, looks like “Laredo” off the new album in on the lalas!!  Ugh, so confusing!  Listen anyway!

Laredo (Album Version) – Band …
And you know what, while we are at it… a couple more soundcloud Band Of Horses moments, eh?

Band of Horses – The Funeral by dancarr1981

Band of Horses – Is There a Ghost by ChristianSamano

101- Band of horses – Wicked Gil by playlistlovers

Band of Horses (The First Song) by salmar


Oh… and look, here’s that other album, Everything All The Time!  Sweet!

Everything All The Time – Band…

I don’t know about you, but man, I feel like I got my Band Of Horse ON!  WOOT!  How about some BoH love and we’ll call it a day: Myspace | Official


New Meursault tracks to cap off a Tuesday? HELL YEAH!

April 27, 2010

Hey kiddos, our friends over at Song, by Toad just gave us heads up that Meursault’s got a new album coming out and has two tracks available for listenerin’! I figured this would be a great time to experiment with some soundcloud action, eh? WOOT!

Alright!  Let’s just, you know, listen!

tsururific by TSURURADIO



Songs From Impending Leaks: Canada by The Thermals

February 9, 2010

The Thermals – Canada by killrockstars

Canada by The Thermals… As laughingstock said, a song after my own heart!