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Profound Broccoli: golden roads

June 4, 2010

Photography by MamaTepley (circa the 80s)

“I realize that I will never fully understand the millions of bizarre ways that music brings people together.”Rob Sheffield

I remember driving from Winnipeg to Yorkton, SK. A 500km (300m) and approx 8 hour drive. I can only vividly remember doing the trip twice but the journey there & back felt like we could’ve been travelling 20 times over. The one trip I remember the most was when my dad and I went by ourselves (it is his side of the family after all). My mum had a busy summer working at her beauty salon (Tiara Coiffures, with its yellow swirled glass & giant bamboo/wickery chairs to fake wood paneling, her shop was untouched from the 70s till the day she sold it when I was in high school). You could only really make the trip (or so my parents would say), during the summer as the winter drive would have been dangerous. For whatever reason going in the fall or spring was never a logical option either. Since it would be just me and my father on the grand open road for 8 hours (but back then it might as well have been days long the way that time easily slipped through my mind), I had prepared myself with adventuring provisions. In my wee plastic suitcase: Archie and Betty & Veronica comics (Jughead ones too!), Mad Libs, game boy & games (Dr. Mario was my life, also this Kid Icarus game that I never could finish), undoubtedly some little treat my mom would’ve snuck in outside of our healthy road tripping snacks, and my Fisher Price portable tape player.

Photography by purpleplaid

See my dad’s car up until I was about in middle school, was this silver 1970s Cadillac Seville, with fake wood door paneling & mini ashtrays to boot. I remember playing w/ those for hours & hours whenever in that car, pretending I had little magic men tucked away or most probably imagining that it was some sort of place where tiny mythical creatures would go to die. I also kept my stash of gum wrappers in there to which my dad never caught on. Also, I had no clue what an ashtray was at that point. I’m sure I had asked my dad what they were for & I’m certain that the answer was either shadowing me from the truth or not a full disclosure of what exactly an ashtray was. Obvs he didn’t want the idea of smoking planted anywhere near my brain. But this car, this long, squared, silver Cadillac, only had an 8-track player (yup it was that old!) which meant audio entertainment courtesty of only the very cool looking old school radio (with tuning knobs & all) or my brown Fisher Price portable cassette player. At this point, and I can’t even say how old I was (maybe 7ish?) but my musical tastes were directly influenced by what my parents played, or what cassettes my mom would buy for me. I got really big into Disney soundtracks (Lion King, Little Mermaid, Sister Act). This was all before I got Dookie, that tape was my ah ha! moment of wow! there’s a world of sounds out there and I’m meant to explore them! So there I was with my innocent assortment of tapes, oh right my mom loooved Bette Midler so we had some Beaches soundtrack in there too. Then there was George Harrison’s “Got My Mind Set On You” tape that my neighbour had made me.

The song was looped on both sides of the tape. Oh how I adored that song! Over & over & over I played it! No clue who George Harrison or The Beatles were at that time, just knew I LOVED that song! But THE cassette tape for this road trip, and to this day holds up (in my humble opinion) was this Golden Oldies mix that my dad had bought some point at a gas station. This was the music that bonded me and my dad. It was his music that he had loved as a teenager (my dad’s older, age of most twenty-something’s grandparents). Growing up I had a great musical exposure of 20s/30s/40s/50s music, classical, jazz, and blues. I was never exposed to music post 50s from my parents. So this tape (listed below), is THE epitome of a road trip mixtape. I have to thank Tsuru for suggesting us to write something for “Old School Week” because it got me to bring that tape out. It’s inspired me to grab those tracks digitally, burn a CD, fill the gas tank up full on the Focus and get out on the open road.

Photography by purpleplaid

“Every mix tape tells a story. Put them together, and they add up to the story of life.”Rob Sheffield

What is great about this tape is that these are catchy, good ol’ fashioned pop songs. The origins of pop music (modern pop music has never pulled me in quite the same way as these). My dad and I would sing along to “Yakety Yak” or “Get A Job” and just let the road and time pass us by. I must have flipped that cassette over 50 times the whole trip, me & my dad never getting sick of it. Sometimes it would be our full focus of entertainment and other times played in the background as we’d play Mad Libs or I would read my Archie’s as he listened to the CBC. My father, who I’m sure has that adventurer spirit in him, would often try to take a route more complicated than the chosen, logical one (I being the map reader & navigator remember this distinctively). We had an end goal destination but my father was willing to let the road take us to random places. Having an affinity for pie and always the gourmet, my dad would often stop in at a local ma’ & pop diner whose signage would crown themselves as having the ‘best pie’. (That reminds me of a time during a family vacation to Florida, that my dad had to try every key lime pie that he could in hopes of finding an authentic recipe. I suppose looking back on it now, it must have been a childhood memory of an exotic treat that he was trying to satisfy). Back on the road, I’d have that brown box grinding out those sugary tunes while my dad would tell me stories, about what I don’t know as I was probably half listening & in my own little dream world that I often drifted to. I’m sure as I grow older the details of these memories will fade even more. This mixtape, the Dorice stamp of approval BEST road trip mix, will always help to keep those happy memories alive in my heart.

Photograph by purpleplaid

“And that’s the wonderful thing about family travel: it provides you with experiences that will remain locked forever in the scar tissue of your mind.”Dave Barry

Top 40 Hits Golden Oldies Collection: Crusin Classics Volume 6

Side A
Sherry – Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons by purpleplaid
Blue Moon – The Marcels by purpleplaid
Pretty Woman – Roy Orbison by purpleplaid

Why Do Fools Fall in Love – Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers

Get A Job – The Silhouettes by purpleplaid

Side B
Runaround Sue – Dion by purpleplaid
Do You Want to Dance – Bobby Freeman by purpleplaid
Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On – Jerry Lee Lewis by purpleplaid
Yakety Yak – The Coasters by purpleplaid
Oh, What a Night – The Dells by purpleplaid

Till the next time my lovelies,

TSURURADIO Presents… Just A Few Old School Kicks Mixtape!!!

June 4, 2010

Photography by my grandma…

We had a lot of fun this week, don’t you think?  We shared, we laughed, we cried, we poked fun (at me), but in the end, we found that we are what we are.  We are only a culmination of our genetics & our environment, and the way our genetics interprets what’s happening in that environment.  That’s it.  There are no right or wrong answers, no wrong things to like, and certainly nothing to be embarrassed over.  We all go through our phases, love them or hate them we all did the things we did, and because of all that, we are who we are right now.  You know what?  I like who I am.

So… to cap off my week of recollecting, I offer up this, albeit quickly put together, fun little mixtape of various strolls down various lanes.  Some short, some long, some good, some…. eh, maybe not so much, but here we are and here it is as…


Just A Few Old School Kicks Mixtape!!!

(Full Zip)

01 Ween – I’m Dancing In The Show Tonight
02 Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song
03 R.E.M. – Orange Crush
04 Weezer – Undone — The Sweater Song
05 Grant Lee Buffalo – Mockingbirds
06 Duran Duran – Hungry Like the Wolf
07 The Anniversary – Crooked Crown
08 Violent Femmes – Mirror Mirror (I See A Damsel)
09 Jonathan Richman – New England
10 Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline
11 They Might Be Giants – I Should Be Allowed To Think
12 Talking Heads – Wild Wild Life
13 ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic – Brady Bunch
14 Camper Van Beethoven – When I win The Lottery
15 Peter Gabriel – Don’t Give Up (Guest vox_ Kate Bush)
16 Barenaked Ladies – If I Had $1,000,000
17 Traveling Wilburys – Margarita
18 Paul McCartney – My Brave Face
19 Yes – I Would Have Waited Forever

Cheers & have a great weekend everyone!  I’ve got the Tour de Cure tomorrow morning, 100 miles for diabetes research, some fresh tattoo-age to receive on my right arm, AND a photoshoot (link NSFW)!  Gonna be a busy one!!!

Remember! You can STILL donate & sponsor my ass on tomorrow’s ride! Just click below!!!

Thank you so much, wish me luck! Until next time!


arimyg goes old school with DCFC

June 3, 2010

Emily, Ari, and Julia, circa 2004
*note: Those jeans are now shorts, I’m wearing that shirt RIGHT NOW, still wear that jacket often, that backpack is 4 feet from me irl, and i need to relocate those sneakers… Not much has changed apparently.

For the sake of Old School Week, I’m here to admit that yes, I’m a youngin’. I can take it. I know I havent been around long enough to remember 60s folks, 70s funk, 80s fabulosity, 90s grungeyfuck. I’m here to speak out to you as a youth of the 00s. I had my share of 90s adult alt rock (I was raised on Semisonic and KROCK – seriously my favorite song when I was K-3rd grade was Freshman by The Verve Pipe… I’m not kidding) I remember my top 40 phase with my sony boombox in my room, radio set to Z100. I also remember the 4th grade (?) birthday party when my friends and I had a dance off to Rush (…I’m not kidding, again.) Probably my most humiliating era was when I was punk (or rather, pop punk) in 6th grade. I wore fishnet shirts, I had Good Charlotte pins on my bag, I drew checkers on the toes of my DC skate shoes.

Young Ari and her young bff Emily

But these were all just clips from the montage of my music taste (in the movie adaptation of my life.) The part where the montage slows down, lights go up, and volume raises in Christmas, 2004. Mom (or perhaps Paris, my brother) gave me Death Cab for Cutie’s Transatlanticism, and a neon pink walkman. (Alright, this is pepping me up to feel little older.) That same day I went to Puerto Rico with my Dad, stepmom and brother. My first time out of the country (…er… sort of). It was a time of beginnings, introductions, finding oneself. I listened to that CD the entire trip (which I’m going to estimate was less than a week.) I was hooked.

It was beautiful, it was powerful, it had substance, it was clever, artistic, pounding. It was the rock music of my generation that I had not yet come to embrace. It was Death Cab For mother-fucking Cutie. Ben Gibbard became my go-to musician name, my role model, my prince. (Ironically, in more recent years I have grown to fantasize about being Gibbard’s wife, the adorable songbird Zooey Deschanel.) I’m pretty sure he sang about ever tween emotion possible on that album (and probably a good amount of teenage, young adult, and late 20s-30s ones too) I can hardly begin to relate the number of AIM profiles, away messages, xanga headers, myspace layouts, and photo captions that would feature DCFC (pronounced dickfick) lyrics in those following middle school years.

I think it was also my first real concert (excluding Jingle Ball, Zootopia, and Alive @ 5s of course… (google it.)) In fact *10 minute computer search* Here’s a picture from that show! Certainly my first attempt at live photography (hm… I havent made much progress, but a got a better camera!)

The healthy pop of “Expo 86″ and “Sound of Settling,” the sexiness of  “We Looked Like Giants,” the nostalgia of “Title and Registration,” and, of course, the emotional and slowly amplifying 5 minute finale of “Transatlanticism.” Every song was a gem. You know when you go through phase after phase of an album where every song is your favorite at some point? DCFC WAS MY EXISTENCE, and I wont forget it (…even after Narrow Stairs…)

So here it is, Transatlanticism (2003)

  1. “The New Year”
  2. “Lightness”
  3. “Title and Registration” (vid)
  4. “Expo ’86″
  5. “The Sound of Settling” (vid)
  6. “Tiny Vessels”
  7. “Transatlanticism”
  8. “Passenger Seat”
  9. “Death of an Interior Decorator”
  10. “We Looked Like Giants”
  11. “A Lack of Color”

As an old school add on bonus, I just found a survey from the same year. Thought I’d share this with you:

1. hot hot heat
2. bloc party
3. head automatica
4. postal serive/dcfc
5. straylight run
6. modest mouse
7. cake
8. le tigre
9. the shins
10. the OC soundtrack ()

I was cute.

And in old school fashion, I will sign off this post like a 13-year-old-ari would sign off her 7th grade xanga post:

o the oc is on!!! :) :)

Old School Week: It all changed with “Weird Al” fucking Yankovic… It really did.

June 3, 2010

Photography by Samantha

You read the title right, “Weird Al” mother fucking Yankovic. Yep. “Weird Al” Yankovic changed my life, musically, forever. The album that did it? In 3-D, of course…

Let us back up a tiny speckle to a 5 year old Tsuru, just a wee-little crane with a tiny baby sister and yep, you guessed it, my parents split up. From 1978 on it would be a series of moving back & forth & back & forth & etc, etc, (until, by the time I was 18 and moving out on my own, I had lived in well over 20 homes, almost all in Tampa). During the first batch of that time, my music was driven by who I was living with…. With mom, it was black gospel, R&B, and soul, tons of Motown, and your basic top 40 radio, from which I liked various songs and groups and whatever. With my dad it was his records & 8-tracks of Neil Diamond & Barry Manilow and I’m sure a few other things. My grandparents (who I lived with for a while), it was old country crooners that they’d play records while we’d eat dinner…. So it was that, move here, listen to that, move there, listen to this, move again, listen to that, over and over and over until 1984…

1984 (and probably some of 1983 I’m sure, who knows) I started having MY music! Suddenly I wanted the stereo turned up when Duran Duran was on or if that song “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins was played (on the hour, EVERY hour, right here on Q105!) I’m sure there were others, but those are the two that come to mind when recollecting.

Then one day, god knows how, lard knows when, & fuck if I know where, I heard “Eat It”. It may have been MTV (my dad had cable) or just the radio, no clue, but I loved it. It was funny & fun, it was perfect! My love of really bad puns & stupid humour was sonicified! I was living with my dad and remember after having to go to bed secretly playing my little radio by the bed for the Top 5 at 9, knowing that “Eat It” would get played, because every night it at least placed!

We moved back to my mom’s and I had the cassette. My friend Denny & I would be at home during that summer vacation while mom was working a diner out in St. Pete playing this album over and over, each taking parts (guitar and backing vocals or lead or drums or..) playing it over and over!

And over and over.

When getting ready to do this post, I curiously hopped over to’s review on it that was linked up in the wiki page. Check this out (oh, the ironing):

“There is no chance of pleasing 11 year olds with any of the originals, despite the fact that many critics feel this is the level of mind Yankovic is aiming at when he gets in the songwriting mode. It is not that their age estimate is too high, either. No children of any age have expressed much interest in the original material here.”

I was 11. I loved every damn song. Whether I got it or not didn’t matter a bit. This album was “me”.

Listening now, I’m surprised how much I still enjoy it! Yeah, it’s dated, but what strikes me most is how fun it is (see: all the parodies), how Rocky Horror theatrical it can be (see: “Midnight Star” & “Nature Trail To Hell”), and how absolutely genius it can be (see: “Polka on 45″).

I had no idea then, but I think this is what started it, this was the first fork in the road that, while “mainstream” in one since (I mean, it DID have top 40 hits), when you consider how much I embraced it as a real & real album, not just as a comedy album that got old to everyone else, how I would dig back to his first album from there, and grab any other album he came out with after until I finally found other loves… Yeah, this was the first one that sent me down the road juuuust off the beaten path. Just a little…


1984… really? 11 years old? That was a long time ago. Running around the neighborhood on my yellow dirt bike, having “skid contests” and doing catwalks, latch-key kid, poor as a mother fucker, playing video games & billiard at the biker bar down the block because it was close and they didn’t mind two kids wasting their quarters in their machines.

Denny would develop a full-fledged obsession on Duran Duran that can only be described as homo-erotic (he would buy the teeny-bopper mags because they were in them).

It wouldn’t be too long before Jesus would tell my dad that it was time for us to go live with him again and *POOF* off we went (much to my mom’s surprise). But back then, I had two things…. My sis & my Weird Al.

Crazy, eh?


1 “Eat It”
2 “Midnight Star”
3 “The Brady Bunch”

4 “Buy Me a Condo”
5 “I Lost on Jeopardy”
6 “Polkas on 45″
7 “Mr. Popeil”
8 “King of Suede”

9 “That Boy Could Dance”
10 “Theme from Rocky XIII (The Rye or the Kaiser)” 3:37
11 “Nature Trail to Hell”

Ugh… some of the videos that weren’t non-embeddable. Really… why do they do that???

Like A Surgeon



Old School Week: It all changed with REM…

June 2, 2010

Photography by Effie-Fay

It’s no secret how much I loved & love REM.  Any TSURURADIO search will bring up dozens of posts & mixtapes involving what is probably the greatest American band going, in terms of longevity & quality.  Yep, I said it. Yeah, it’s arguable, sure, but from Chronic Town to Accelerate, all the deviations, evolutions, re-births, and nearly losing a drummer for life to just losing him from the band, it’s hard not to find a wealth of amazing music in their catalog.  Love them or hate them, you have to respect them.  Not just for what they achieved, but for how they go about it.

BUT… I’m not here to sell you on REM.  I’m here to go old school on your asses.  I could’ve selected almost any album from their discography and told you a sweet little story, but instead, I’ll tell you how, back in nineteen eight-something, I hated them.  It’s all because of Out Of Time.

Remember yesterday when I told you how I was balls deep in a Violent Femmes obsession for 10 years or so, the obsession that pulled me out of my prog box and into a whole new world of music and sounds?  Remember that?  Well, what I didn’t tell you was that during that time I had a mild fascination with REM, specifically Green. I played the shit out of Green. Yeah, I was into their earlier work too, but at that age, for whatever reason, Green caught me & held on for dear life.  So, as my Violent Femmes fascination grew, my need for more real/quirky/earthy/whatever/etc music grew and grew.  Word was Out Of Time was coming out as high school was wrapping up and a friend of mine, Laura I think her name was (could be wrong) got the tape.

Okay.  Remember, my head is wrapped around “Pop Song ’89″, “World Leader Pretend”, etc, & a whole whole lot of Femmes when THIS starts up, LOUD, in my car.

I liked rap when it came out. I was down with the hip, hop, the hippy to the hippy, I even had the Rappin’ Duke 12″!

Yeah, the 12″, but that was middle school or something, rap was stupid to me in high school, bad & cheesy (to me, I say…what the hell did I know), and here’s mother fucking Stipe singing “Hey. Hey. Hey.” all Stipe-style and shit with some rapper rapping cheesy raps!

I think the word that describes my reaction on the way to school that morning is “aghast”.

The album got better from there for a bit until the Memory side kicked in and “Shiny Happy People” enveloped me and blew my mind (not in a good way).

Before I knew it, “Losing My Religion” was ALL OVER the radio, every hour on the hour, winning awards, and even the annoying popular kids in school were listening to it, loving it, making it their’s!  MY REM was now their REM too???  No!

Laura (you know, I don’t think that was her name, but we’ll stick with it) loved the album.  Every day when it was her turn to run the music in the car (we took turns), it was Out Of Time time.  It grated me like a goat gouda.  For every song I thought was okay like “Country Feedback”, it had a counter song that killed me, like “Near Wild Heaven”.

Well… I graduated high school and set about working & trying to figure out how and where to live (I left my dad’s house the weekend I graduated, about 2 weeks after my 18th birthday) forgetting all about Out Of Time and REM for that matter.  I joined the crowd of folks who called them a “sell-out” when they went to a major label, shaking my head in metaphorical unison wondering what went wrong with Stipe and the boys.

It wasn’t some time well after Automatic For The People’s release that I even listened to the band again.  I would fall in love with AFTP in my tiny garage apartment with my moped while I lived a little life cheffin’ in Tampa and with my neighbor’s love of old REM, I would regain an appreciation for the band and make them part of my music life for good.

Each album release of their since would be a small, tiny event in my head, as I wondered what, exactly, they would sound like this time.  Going at them with that approach, I’ve never been disappointed again.

Somewhere between Reveal & Around The Sun (the final two albums of their layered more electronic trilogy, the first being Up), I gave Out Of Time a new listen and finally…. finally….. it clicked. Yes, even “Radio Song”.  Why? I can’t explain it.  Maybe it’s just because it’s them, it’s who they are, they do their own thing, whether it’s easy pop or rock or weird or random beatnik or whatever, it’s REM, there’s always something there to connect to, relate to, and as long as you play along with whatever they happen to be trying out this time around it’s hard not to love it.

Technically, REM is probably my favourite band and, in the end, Out Of Time is one of the reasons.  So… let’s celebrate the most loved & hated but eventually just loved REM album from 1991, Out Of Time!  Sing it with me now!

HEY HEY HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hey. Hey. Hey….


Time side
1. “Radio Song”
2. “Losing My Religion” + Video
3. “Low”
4. “Near Wild Heaven”
5. “Endgame”

Memory side
6. “Shiny Happy People”
7. “Belong”
8. “Half a World Away”
9. “Texarkana”
10. “Country Feedback”
11. “Me in Honey”

Ah, Losing My Religion via that MTV Unplugged show!

And more that I could find!

Yeah…. a lot of ‘em!

Seriously… we could do this all day, so how about you just go show REM all your love at their website and we call it a day!



Old School Week: It all changed with The Violent Femmes…

June 1, 2010

Photography by Megan Neddow

Well… unless you are absolutely NOT paying attention at all, zero, zilch, denata, etc, you may have noticed the batter up top has changed to reflect the state of mind I happen to be floating in.  Inspired by yesterday’s vinyl mixtape Prog The Needle, that’s right kiddos, this week is officially……


By the way, the chubby-faced kid with the striped shirt, ‘fro-ish looking hair, and the cutie sitting on his lap? Yep… that’s me.  Oof.  I think that’s 8th grade-ish?  Not sure.

Anywhosal.  Does that mean we’ll only be showcasing older gems?  Nah, but I’m thinking something from the past each day would certainly be a nice change up, eh?  Eh.  So let’s get to it!

Too often these days we hear the phrase “game changer”, some bullshit PR/review/give me hits to my tech blog/etc thing you say when you are about to describe some toy that’s supposedly going to change your life.  The iPad anyone?  *shrug* whatever.  For me, game changers come in the form of music.  Albums/songs/artists that, after hearing them, spin my musical growth in a whole new direction, a whole different world.  One of the most important ones — not the only one, but definitely an important one — and maybe even one of the key ones for you as well, and many others for that matter, was the self-titled debut by the Violent Femmes.

How many teenagers have looked down at that album cover and thought about what it means?  Ah, to be a teen again (no thanks)…

Let me tell you how I came about this album.  Though it came out in 1983, it took 6 years before it made it into my car and finally into my ears.  Somewhere, one night, back in & around 1989, maybe early 1990, down in Tampa, FL, I was having a debaucherous night out in my piece o’ shit 1980 cream-coloured, hatchback spray-painted green, hood hand-painted with a plasma-esque birdish thing, hubcap attached to the grill, driver door nailed shut (it was broke), Western Auto stereo w/ Western Auto amplifier attached to two home speakers strapped into the back Pontiac Sunbird.  Here’s a rendition I did for a Portugal. The Man post from 2008.

To say it was it was an interesting night out for me would be quite an understatment.  I was out with a few people and Maya.  The reason I remember Maya’s name is because I secretly had a crush on her, so much so that I have no clue who else was with us that night (was anyone else really there?).  She was a huge Cure fan and I pretended to like them too (I was actually still a massive Prog fan from my middle school years hanging with fellow Prog freak Doug who’s name is actually Bill, but I didn’t think it fit him so I changed it to his middle name one day and it happened to stick).

So yeah, night out as a young 16ish year old, in my “new car”, with some people and this cute girl.  We are all jamming out to who the fuck knows what (they were shoving all kinds of cassettes in my stereo) and just driving around.  But then Maya says she has something that I’m going to love and pulls out of her bag a cassette, not a Violent Femmes cassette, but something else.  I can’t remember what.

The hiss fills the car, but then as I’m fiddling with the shitty amplifier, the acoustic bass of “Blister In The Sun” starts.  You see, we were pirates even way back then!  Maya had a copy of the Violent Femmes taped over whatever the hell the tape actually was.  A little scotch tape and a little time and BLAMO, file shared.


What happens next can only be describe as eye-opening.  I was always a bass guitar freak (that’s how I fell so hard for Yes) and what Brian Ritchie was doing to that giant mariachi bass bordered on molestation.  It was glorious.

As much fun as “Blister In The Sun” was (songs about masturbation really spoke to me), next was “Kiss Off” which seemed to be saying exactly what I was saying but never had the balls to say.  As if I wasn’t sold yet, “Please Do Not Go” came in and swept me off my feet.  I knew the words before & was singing along with the rest of them before the song ended.

“Add It Up”, with its rhythm change ups, crazy bass, it was the “acoustic punk” with bits of what I love about prog all rolled up into one!  Oh oh oh my.  And, of course, “Good Feeling”.  Breaks your heart every damn time you hear it.  Later it would be my song for any & all heartbreak (way too much heartache back then).

Later that night when I dropped everyone off, my crush had transplanted from a person to a sound.  She told me who it was & I left smitten (and Maya nearly forgotten).  The next day I bought it and Hallowed Ground (which I would come to love so much more later on) and everything changed.

I couldn’t get enough of it, it was all I listened to.  I got their new albums, I got their side projects, their 7″‘s, their stickers, their solos, the albums by god knows who that featured Gordon Gano singing back-up for 3 seconds on that one song, their promo-only CDs I found in record shops, their anything.  For the next 10 years my music world would be built off the Violent Femmes family tree and any branches, seeds, or specs of dirt that were near it.  It was a great system! For example, it got me re-into the Talking Heads — you see, Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads produced Blind Leading The Naked… it was connections like that where’d I’d find new music.

My love would wane eventually with seeing a much older, squatter, and very un-enthused Femmes play in a couple shows years later, the lack of new material, general over-playing them, and (as we’ll discuss later) the discovery of Weezer, but what a 10 year run they had on me.  All because of this album & that night.

I can’t tell you how many angsty teenage nights I’d sit in my room listening to these records, how many drives to school & work this was the soundtrack to!  Or the night I sat in my car with my girlfriend in the parking lot of a tennis court late at night just listening, not even making out (that was later).  I can’t tell you how many Violent Femmes mixtapes I made for anyone and everyone, for every new friend I made, or every music conversation partner I had.  I don’t think I can tell you how important this band, and therefore this album, was to me.

During those 10 years… I’d be so broke at times, no home, living out of my car, selling off my records and later CD collection for money, except, always except, the Violent Femmes albums.  So funny. Even now, I clean up the external hard-drive and I don’t delete those mp3s. I rarely listen, but I don’t delete.

It’s been a while but today we listen, we remember, we go old school with The Violent Femmes!


1. “Blister in the Sun”
2. “Kiss Off”
3. “Please Do Not Go”
4. “Add It Up”
5. “Confessions”
6. “Prove My Love”
7. “Promise”
8. “To the Kill”
9. “Gone Daddy Gone”

10. “Good Feeling”

While we are at it… let’s do some more viddy vids. It’s funny, back in the 80s/90s, catching the rare viewing of a Violent Femmes video was an event for me. Now? It’s just a youtube search. Blamo.

American Music!

Here’s “Good Feeling” someone made… Old school burlesque? Actually NSFW… weird!

Ah, the “updated” Blister In The Sun for Gross Pointe Blank.

A home job for “Country Death Song”

Classic finale to Why Do Birds Sing?, “Used to be”…

One of my faves off New Times, “Mirror Mirror”

No clue how they came to make this one… but holy shit! “Machine”…

“Man In The Sand” from Gordon’s new band!

And a new song from Brian Ritchie’s new band… Surftastic!

Femme link love!!!  Official | Gordon’s New Band | Brian’s New Band