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Is it the end of music blogging as we know it? And TsuruBride Presents… Bibliomania!!!

May 4, 2010

Well, my friends… The end of music bloggerin’ as you & I know it may be ending soon.

It’s true.

You see, over in Ireland, there’s a group called IMRO that is basically a union for music artists that have decided it would be a good thing to force music bloggers who host music on their site to pay licensing fees to “play” the music on the site if it’s available in Ireland (of course it’s available in Ireland, as far as I know, none of block any countries).

Though initially they are targeting Irish bloggers, like Nialler9, The Torture Garden, and Asleep On A Compost Heap, they’ve made it clear, they will require every blog that is accessible to Ireland to pay up, even if they don’t “play” Irish bands.  It’s a very strange thing and, if they succeed, opens up a terrible precedent.  If bloggers pay up to Ireland, what’s to stop the ASCAP, SOCAN or PRS from doing the same thing?

I make 0, that’s a big fat Z-E-R-O, dollars on this site (it’s actually a money-losing endeavour with server fees and what not).  If suddenly I’m forced to pay licensing in Ireland and then the States and whatever other country decides they want in, well, yeah, no…. Ain’t happening.  Me & probably every other blogger you know will do one of 3 things.

1.  Stop the music.  Maybe embed some licensed stream or maybe a legal 30 second clip (Mmm…. 12 minute prog songs summed up in 30 secs?  Awesome-o) but that’d be it.  Sounds exciting, eh? In this world of portability, where you listen to the music pretty much everywhere BUT attached to your computer, embed onlys are pretty limp.

2. Go rogue & underground, ala PirateBay or whatever.  Host the site through some secret country, anonymously, etc, and hope they never find you.  Exciting. Personally though, bloggerin’ ain’t worth going to the pokey for…

3.  Quit. It’s already a scary place with Blogger shutting people down, DMCA notices to twitter, and crazy shit.  Now paying up? Nope!

I’m too old to “go rogue”, so I’d probably go to 30 sec embeds or, if it’s allowed, Soundcloud or something…. OR just say “fuck this”.

Nialler9 wrote a wonderful article with tons of details here. For more info, The Guardian also has an article & Shane at The Torture Garden has now written on it a couple times.  Basically it all comes down to the same thing.  Blogs, love them or hate them, are a part of the music industry now, we are part of “getting the word out” and getting bands the press they may or may not get other wise.

What’s funny, sad, etc, is that alot of these blogs, me included, are inundated with emails from labels, bands, PR people, etc asking us to listen & share their music, for FREE!  Listen to this, post this, please!  This includes bands covered by the IMRO.  Talk about a mixed message, eh?

So… what if this passes through and the bloggers that keep on bloggerin’ pay up, then the next one wants money, then the next. At some point, you won’t be left with much except the rich “opinion makers” which is why so many people turned to blogs in the first place!  Because the opinion of the few is too often, well, crap.

Go to Nialler’s write up, follow up, learn what you can do, write the IMRO, make yourself heard. Basically, give this proposal a BIG. FAT.

Okay, before we call this a day, let’s get some music going, eh?  And man I’ve got a GEM & special treat for you!!!  The unimitatable TsuruBride has made a rare and elusive mixtape!!!  This one was made for Crane’s Day down in the Society for her Crane Buddy and now that everyone’s got their Crane’s Day gifts, I can finally share this with you!!!  It’s called Bibliomania and given Baby’s penchant for readin’, I’ll give you oooone liiiittle gueeeess on the theme.

It’s books.

Man… really? I had to tell you that?  Oh my.  20 gems blatantly and not-so-blatantly about books, reading, and/or adorable librarians!  HOT!  So let’s do this, okay?  Let’s keep the music going, let’s keep the “blogosphere” going, let’s keep, not just my voice, but really everyone’s voices heard, and let’s get our mixtape on as……

Illustration by The Black Apple

TsuruBride Presents… Bibliomania!!!! (Full Zip)

01 Camera Obscura – Books Written For Girls
02 The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Young Adult Friction
03 Magic Bullets – The Book Is Closed
04 Belle and Sebastian – Wrapped Up In Books
05 My Morning Jacket – Librarian
06 The Magnetic Fields – The Book Of Love
07 The Decemberists – The Engine Driver
08 The Beatles – Paperback Writer
09 Of Montreal – In The Army Kid
10 The Smittens – Gumdrops
11 Elvis Costello And The Attractions – Every Day I Write The Book
12 The Monotones – The Book Of Love
13 Lali Puna – Faking The Books
14 Cake – Open Book
15 Moxy Fruvous – My Baby Loves A Brunch Of Authors
16 Talking Heads – The Book I Read
17 The Shins – Pressed In A Book
18 Stars – My Favourite Book
19 Piano Magic – I Am The Sub-Librarian
20 Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – There She Goes, My Beautiful Woman

Amazing.  Thank you Baby, so so much!!!  I love your mixtapes so much.  I hear you in every song.  SMOOOCH!

Cheers everyone and until next time??


tsuruloosies and twofer Friday with All Creatures Will Make Merry by Meursault & The Monitor by Titus Andronicus!!! Hot diggity!

April 30, 2010

Photography by Scott James Prebble

WOOT! It’s mother-fucking Friday & I got an arm full of alligators!!!!  It’s what we’ve been working toward, right?  Another week of spending 5/7th’s of our lives waiting for the other 2/7th’s to begin?  WOOT?


Anyway, it’s been a pretty action-packed week musically & emotionally & whatever, so how about we end this bad boy with a bang?   I got just the right firecracker for ya, some tsuruloosies & a twofer Friday!!!  Now, where’s that real woot?


Ah, that’s better!  Let’s do this thing!!!!  First up, a fresh batch of tsuruloosies to get us up to speed to what’s hot & hyped on the interwebbal superhighway of info love & puff & stuffs!!!

As always, we rate these nuggets out of 5 wheelies!  By the way, for the roadies out there, if you do a wheelie, don’t bounce your bike around like this, you’ll just fuck your wheel up and honestly, wheelies aren’t that impressive unless you are, you know, like 8 years old.  Okay, enough preacherin’, let’s get on wif it!

Beach Fossils – Youth

Ah shit, off to a meh start.  It’s fine & stuff, but just kinda meh.  A bit too rainy-day sounding for me (today).

Blur – Fools Day

huh.  Again meh. *shrug*  C’mon folks, hit me with something!

Crystal Castles – Celestica

Okay, better.  This is pretty. I just wish the rest of the album was remotely tolerable, oh my.


I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but man… so many of these “hot songs” are just…. fucking boring.  Not bad, just zzzz.

MIA – Born Free

Without the video to distract us, we can actually listen to the song now!  Oh my. This sucks. Sorry. Heavy reverb/echo jibber-jabber over an annoying noise & drums?  Ugh. As the nasty bitches (male & female) say on that MTV channel, “NEXT!”

NOTE: Yeah, I still gots it!

Sleigh Bells – Tell Em

Okay, this one was ALL OVER THE TWITTERS.  I heard it was intense & epic & stuff.  Let’s see.  Not sure about intense & epic, but definitely fun!  And after those boring tracks (and that MIA thing), I’ll take it!

The Love Language – Heart to Tell

Woah, acoustic guitars? After the other songs, I thought we were knee deep in an electronic-week trend.  This is cute! Fun & cute! Sweet!  Now THIS is good for a sunny & gorgeous Friday, think we should we end this here, on a good note. This is sway your head side-to-side with a grin on your face music!  YAY you!  YAY me! YAY internet!

WOO!  Need to catch my breath there.

All…. right!  I don’t know about you, but I feel all caught up and hip and hyped and shit!  Movin’ on! We got two gems we just gots ta talk about today!  First up is the latest gem from Meursault, All Creatures Will Make Merry!

Yes, they really do have 40 u’s in their band name.  For christ’s sake, you’d think they were Canadian — wait a sec, are they?– with all the u’s.  Hell, Canucks even put a u where it doesn’t remotely belong just to get an “ou” action.

“Yogourt”?  Really Canada?  I mean, look, I do the “favourite” & “colours” thing, but yogurt is Y-O-G-U-R-T, no two ways about that one my dear frozen friends.

Anywhosal. The other day when Song, By Toad Records dropped a few tracks on us, we were pretty excited. This is one of those bands that just seems special, you know?  The band describes this effort at “epic lo-fi” and even though, as Toad said, that’s about as meaningless as saying they sound like chocolate pudding, I also can’t seem to come up with any other words for it.  Acoustic + lo-fi + homemade electronics + maybe an Irish folk flavour (yeah, “flavour”, but still, not yogourt) + fuck if I know.  My brain also wants to tie them in with Frog Eyes & Sunset Rubdown a little, though that’s not really accurate either.

(Ir)regardless… It’s pretty beautiful, but it is “an album”, I don’t think single tracks do it justice, but let’s give it a try anyway, eh?

1. Payday
2. Crank Resolutions
3. All Creatures Will Make Merry
4. Weather
5. One Day This’ll All Be Fields
6. What You Don’t Have
7. Another
8. New Ruin
9. Sleet
10. Song for Martin Kippenberger
11. A Fair Exchange

Some Meursault love: Myspace | Label

Ah! And here’s their last album on the lala’s!  Suh-weet.

Pissing On Bonfires/kissing Wi…

And just like the post title and my general ramblings implied, nay stated, we ain’t done yet because we have also been listening to and loving the seemingly cantankerous The Monitor by Titus Andronicus

Cantankerous in that heavy-saliva type yelling way.  You can almost hear the slobber as he hollers out all his emotions that drip up and down his sleeve.

Yes, I know that doesn’t make much sense but chances are you follow me, eh?  Man, assuming a community mic, I would NOT want to go on after these guys without dipping that bad boy in some rubbing alcohol!

For some reason, when listening to The Monitor I hear a more cerebral Dropkick Murphys.  Weird, eh?  It’s not accurate, to be sure, but it’s my brain, and that’s just how my brain goes!  Maybe it’s the general aesthetic of his voice, matched with the working-man’s thematics (man, look at that word use!) that pull up the similarities?  Not sure, but it’s pretty wonderful.

1. A More Perfect Union
2. Titus Andronicus Forever
3. No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future
4. Richard II
5. A Pot in Which to Piss
6. Four Score and Seven
7. Theme From ‘Cheers’
8. To Old Friends and New
9. …And Ever
10. The Battle of Hampton Roads

Some Titus love: Myspace | Official | DOWNLOAD

Ah, and check it!  Here’s the whole damn thing on lala! Guess I’m in a lala state of mind, eh?

The Monitor – Titus Andronicus


That’s it!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone, should be a busy one for me between riding and tsurufying (kinda like testifying, but much more debauchery oriented).  Much love & cheers,


I got At Echo Lake by Woods for ya… IN MY PANTS!

April 29, 2010

Photography byPriCipEssA

A beautiful day already, a perfect day to get some freaky folk-rock on, eh? Eh indeed! This one has actually been squatting down at the bottom of ye ol’ iPod for a while now and it was by wheel-spinning happenstance that it caught my eye late yesterday… Caught my eye & blew my mind!  In my pants!

NOTE: That seems to be my thing today, to say, “in my pants!”.  Feel free to ignore it, Baby does.

It’s the trippy-dippy gem by Woods called At Echo Lake!

This is lo-fi, homemade, psychedelic deliciousness!  Want to know what they sound like?  Check this picture of them performing I found on Tiny Mixtapes.

I see three guys crammed next to each other, not much by way of drums, but lots by way of wires and little boxes and maybe a dude on the sound-making-machine doing a bong or something.  Add in a high pitched lead vocal and WHEE! Busy boy today & lard knows I said plenty yesterday, so let’s shut up and let Woods get this shit on… IN MY PANTS!

Oh wait… that sounded kinda gross, actually.

1 Blood Dries Darker
2 Pick Up
3 Suffering Season
4 Time Fading Lines
5 From the Horn
6 Death Rattles
7 Mornin’ Time
8 I Was Gone
9 Get Back
10 Deep
11 Til the Sun Rips

Some Woods family lovins: Myspace | Label



Boycott AZ? I’ve got a better idea… and it ain’t easy bloggerin’ Infinite Arms by Band Of Horses!

April 28, 2010

Photography by Stefa Zozokovich

We live in crazy times.  While in one hand, it seems like slooowly but surrrrely the world is moving forward, racism, sexism, homophobia, and just intolerance in all shapes & sizes that we’ve been, hell, raised to believe in are going away, in the other hand, it’s worse than it’s ever been.

There are infinite examples of the good & bad of today, but thanks to a tweet by our beloved Stars from Montreal, pictured here feeling more jovial…

…we’ll discuss one of the world’s “lesser” moments.

As you probably know by now, Arizona has just passed new law making every Latino, or really, any non-white-shaded individual, digging in their archives for their birth certificates.  Yep, if you look suspiciously Not American (whatever the hell that is), there’s a chance you may be “legally” stopped by the police to prove your Americanism.  I’m pretty sure it’s not even legal to force people to carry documentation of citizenship, but we’ll leave that one to the legalize folks to fight (which they are).  Besides the legality of the Gestapo-style law the idiots who are running the state installed, it’s just plain racist.  Every person of Hispanic origin in the state is now a potential victim of this law.

Outrage is ensuing out of every orifice from every liberal, moderate, & sane conservative (there are a few) in the country and beyond, but this is a music-oriented site, so when Stars tweeted, “We love AZ. but until its racist new immigration law is repealed, stars (and many others) will boycott this state…” I just had to talk about it.

Boycotts are pretty ineffective.  Unless there is a massive movement that actually causes noticeable amounts of dollars to stop flowing into concerned coffers, boycotts do nothing but drum up a little press for those making the announcement.  In reality, boycotts, by their very nature, are doing something by NOT doing something which is really just doing nothing.  No offense Stars, but you do not have the boycotting star “power” of U2 or Bruce Springsteen or whatever — whatever the hell “star power” is.  So Stars, I have an alternate action you can do with your indie fame…

Instead of not doing something, how about you do something.

How about you get your buddies together (I hear some of you know some of the folks over at Broken Social Scene, which even has Feist which I think was even in a commercial for a gadget not too long ago, etc, etc) and set up a stage or a square of grass or the back of a pick-up truck or hell, grab a couple megaphones.  Then, go get every single person you in Arizona to meet you down at the capital, go get as close as you can to the capital and sing as loud as you fucking can, with as many as you fucking can.

You know, scare the living shitwads out of the racist white idiots in charge of that state.  Let’s get every Latino together and march on the capital.  Let’s, you know, DO something.  Not doing something will do nothing except get Pitchfork to tell everyone you are doing nothing.

It’s not as easy as not going to a state, but hey, nothing worth doing is easy anymore.  Take talking about music on the internets!  It ain’t racist laws on an entire state, but it does effect the entire music industrty and it’s nothing but trouble as bloggerin’ is getting less & less easy with each passing day.  Just look at today’s little obsession, Infinite Arms by Band Of Horses.


With the current climate of love/hate between major (and many minor) labels and bloggerins, when I see something is with the big boys, I tend to run for the hills!  Not always, of course, but mostly.  Infinite Arms has been hard to avoid though.  I liked their last couple albums on SubPop and everyone & their mother (my buddy Lysol loudest of all) was telling me to listen, give it time, nurture it, love it, and it will love you back.

So I did and sure enough, it did.

BUT, word on the street was that the legal hound dogs at Web Sheriff were brought onboard by Band Of Horses newest pimp, Columbia Records.  Serving DMCA notices, freezing blogs, & pretty much scaring the shit out of everyone who was sharing their first single “Compliments”.

Hell, even I got a Web Sheriff email today for a track that I didn’t post that was on a different blog!  A little digging around and it turned out I did share a different track, their other single “Laredo” (that’s available everywhere to stream) when I mentioned Band Of horses had been part of the massive leaks last week.

It’s getting scary out there to be a bloggy blogger.

In one sense, we are part of the PR machine.  When we talk about a song/album/artists, people all over the world, discover something that they maaay, just maybe, have not have heard about other wise.  So, in that sense, we are good for music, we get the word out, people show up to Rural Alberta Advantage’s concert, by swag & records, because me & 100 other sites posted about them.

In the other sense… we are scum of the earth, bottom-feeders, destroying the music industy!  Hell, even genuine music journalist hate us!

Of course, we aren’t though.  Granted, blogs like ours make an easy & focused place for anyone on the internets to find music, but there’s a much MUCH better source, a wider-reaching conduit, to find so much more than I could ever even think to start to want to get the idea to listen to, it’s this great new website called Google.  It’s the ultimate music search engine, AND it doesn’t even stop there!  With it you can search for anything, from news to porn to art to porn to products to even porn!

And there’s porn on it!

So, to the labels, mp3-enforcers, and DMCA-notice-filiers, you can squash every blog from sharing any & every mp3, even the ones you give us to share (one of the more baffling things), hell you can even send DMCA notices to twitter about tweeters who twat that an album has leaked even though they aren’t or haven’t shared that leak with anyone, but unless you stop, you know, the internet, you might want to spend some of that time, money, & energy coming up with a new business plan that utilizes blogs & google & internettals.

But hey, who am I? Just a guy who loves music.  I’m not making money here, I just love to talk about and bring wonderful music to the ears of people who care enough about what we at TSURURADIO like to listen, so maybe I’ll need to find a better way to do it because dealing with the love/hate crap from the powers that be is exhausting! I like the new Band Of Horses album.  It is good, a grower, but a good grower, but a mp3 ain’t worth all the shit that follows it, so here’s how you can hear a couple songs.



And here’s the full tracklisting:

01 Factory
02 Compliments
03 Laredo
04 Blue Beard
05 On My Way Back Home
06 Infinite Arms
07 Dilly
08 Evening Kitchen
09 Older
10 For Annabelle
11 NW Apt.
12 Neighbor

Oh & look, looks like “Laredo” off the new album in on the lalas!!  Ugh, so confusing!  Listen anyway!

Laredo (Album Version) – Band …
And you know what, while we are at it… a couple more soundcloud Band Of Horses moments, eh?

Band of Horses – The Funeral by dancarr1981

Band of Horses – Is There a Ghost by ChristianSamano

101- Band of horses – Wicked Gil by playlistlovers

Band of Horses (The First Song) by salmar


Oh… and look, here’s that other album, Everything All The Time!  Sweet!

Everything All The Time – Band…

I don’t know about you, but man, I feel like I got my Band Of Horse ON!  WOOT!  How about some BoH love and we’ll call it a day: Myspace | Official


Shaking off the funk, how Tsuru gets his groove back on, & Fall Of Spring by Lonely Drifter Karen

April 27, 2010

Photography by DocoPhoto

Oh man, I need some mojo, STAT!  You ever get like that, where gumption & you are strangers?  Yeah, I’m kinda there right now.  Don’t know if it’s just all. the. stuff. going. on. or if it’s just  a weekend of rain or if it’s just the denouement from so many exciting adventures???  Not sure, but your boy Tsuru is ready to shake off the funk!

Fortunately for me, there’s always the wonderful people of our community to help put a smile on my face, whether it be the fantastic people in Our Society (my interwebbal home, if you will), the awesome connections over at the twitters & facebooks (we got like 18 “likes” on our status update about being #1 on Elbows last week!  In internet points, that’s like 50!), or waking up to find a new post from one of our contributers (seriously, ari is like a venti cup o’ awesome!) WOOOOT!

Also, at the end of the day, there is the music.  Always the music.  If there is one thing I’ve learned in these years of bloggerin’ — BLOGGERIN’! WHAT’S YOUR PRICE FOR FLIIGHT! FOR FIIINDIN’ MIISTER RIIIGHT! It’ll be all right…….. tonight — is that if there is one constant, one thing I can always count on, one thing that will help me get my “groove back on” is that there is always, ALWAYS great new music to listen to and this time, it comes in the form of Fall Of Spring by Lonely Drifter Karen.

Now, I had/have no idea who or what a Lonely Drifter Karen is, it sounds like the nickname for that kind of girl, the hippie nomad of yesteryear, primed for a some horror movie character to pick-off somewhere in the middle of a crappy matinee flick.

*Begin scene*

Karen was a lonely drifter, wandering & hitchhiking her way across the country and back, where ever her heart or the wind would lead her.

Ch-ch-ch-ch Ha-ha-ha-ha Ch-ch-ch-ch Ha-ha-ha-ha

“What’s that nois–”

*machete plunges into Karen from a masked man*

A look of surprise & terror as she gives out a silent scream before crumpling to her death.

*End Scene*

I assumed this was not the case for this band so I went to the most respectable place I know for information, youtube, and I found all this!  It’s like an AV Club Secret Santa Xmax Gift Exchange!


WOO!  I’m sensing a definitely cutesy Francophile-type vibe — what the hell is that supposed to me? — involving clever instrumentation & maybe a bicycle!  So, a load up of the and “Dis-In-Motion” starts off quietly & stark, there’s a sense of the carnival, some theatric, something involving a ferris wheel maybe, going on.  In fact, the song play likes a date to the carnival!


Oh wait, no, not THAT kinda sound, more like a Parisian carnival, all sepia tone with muted colours.  More Amelie than Kenny Loggins (“Dangerzone era, not hippie era).

Though, I do suddenly have an urge to hear a really bad 80′s montage. This will do:

Niiiiice.  So many memories.  Lonely Drifter Karen is nothing like that, so go have a listen, I’m going to go find a Tab.

1. Dis-In-Motion
2. Show Your Colours
3. Russian Bells
4. Railroad
5. Ready To Fall
6. Something’s Scorching
7. A Roof Somewhere
8. Julien
9. Eventually
10. Side By Side
11. Wonderous Ways
12. Seeds (feat. Emily Jane White)

Some Lonely love: Myspace | Facebook | Label


We’re Number 1! Say whaaa???, that MIA video, and Destroyer Of The Void by Blitzen Trapper!

April 26, 2010

Source Elbows

Holy shitake mushrooms!  Out of 3,756 blogs, we were NUMBER FUCKING ONE on Elbows last week??? Say whaaaa!!!  Wow!  Thank you, thank you so much!  I know we talked about a few hyped albums and what not last week, but so did so many other sites, so I’m just amazed & flattered that most of you came here.  I really appreciate you comin’ to visit!  Just make sure you take your shoes off at the door (it’s a Canadian thing).

Speaking of hyped… I noticed late last week all the posts in the blogointerwebalsphere about a new MIA song.  Well, I listened to it and uh, well, to me at least, not so good.  But then today, via our good friends over at the Music Ninja, we hear tale of the video released for it that’s being marked as “extremely NSFW”.

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

Did you watch it?  What did you think? I guess the older folks being naked make it “extremely” NSFW or something and yeah, it’s violent but no more than many TV shows & movies I’ve seen but..  Is it just me?  All I could think about was how over the top it was trying to be, I don’t care for the song, but watching the video, you almost don’t even notice it because you are too busy, you know, watching the “controversial” video.  Then, it’s MIA, so it’s about something political, right?  Oh… they’re gingers.

Is it symbolic for other genocide situations? Or just a clever viral meme attempt?  Or just a wet-dream of Cartman?  It’s already popping up on a million blogs & pitchfork & etc & etc so it seems to be working, if that was it’s intention. Hmm. Well, I guess chalk us up as playing along then as we have now posted & talked about it.  Cheers, MIA, well played, well played indeed.

Maybe now you won’t go around jibber-jabbering on about Lady Gagaga or whatever.  Seriously.  Is there anything more stupid than one celebrity “trash talking” another?  MIA, really?  You’ve had a tiny bit of success, but if you stopped creating music today, the world will surely go on, so how about you don’t waste your energy on this, eh?

Well, hopefully, if Blitzen Trapper ever become bigger than Jesus, U2, & Lady Gaga combined, they’ll keep their wits about them and their mouths focused on what they know best… making wonderful music like their new album Destroyer Of The Void!

These Porlanders — is that what they are called? — seemed to be digging deeper into their vintage influences on their latest LP and I’m really diggin’ it!  It’s basically folk-rock/pop — Geez, tsuru, can you get a liiittle more generic — chock full o’ 60′s/70′s aesthetics, easy peasy & perfect for a rainy-ass Monday!  It’s at once familiar and fresh.  The lead-off & title track perfectly captures it all, from it’s 70′s rock start, to the Beatles kick, to the almost-proggy use of synth (is that a Moog?) and bass at around the 2 to 2:30 min mark!  It’s all over the place yet plays out like a perfectly contained fantastical trip!  Love it!

Alright… time to get the week on, it’s going to be a long one, so I just going to shut up and get the good stuff on!  Enjoy!

01 Destroyer of the Void
02 Laughing Lover
03 Below The Hurricane
04 The Man Who Would Speak True
05 Love and Hate
06 Heaven and Earth
07 Dragon‘s Song
08 The Tree (feat. Alela Diane)
09 Evening Star
10 Lover Leave Me Drowning
11 The Tailor
12 Sadie

Some Blitzen (Not Donner) Trapper love: Myspace | Official | Label

And seriously… thank you again for reading!  Cheers,


Offered up a dish of So Runs The World Away by Josh Ritter, we ate that shit up!

April 23, 2010

Photography by Ange

I was getting nervous for a minute there!  I’ve been listening, pretty much non-stop, to the New Pornographers since it’s leak.  Everytime I would put on anything else, I’d be dissatisfied, unfulfilled, until I put back on Together.  Little nerve-racking to think of “getting stuck”.  Fortunately, an early rise, some website tinkering, and a beautiful, beautiful Friday morning, as well as remembering we got Josh Ritter on ye ol’ iPod, adjusted my ears & mind, allowing it to, once again, open wide and eat what the good lard so graciously put on my plate.  Yep, I’ve got me a heapin’ helpin’ servin’ of So Runs The World Away by Josh Ritter, just right fer what ails ya!

This is perfect for today.  There is something very familiar about Josh Ritter’s music, not in a bad way, in a very good way, like an old pair of jeans or that favourite sweater.  It’s chock full o’ his folk & pop influences of yesteryear, yet sculpted and shaped into his own sound.  How about this, to expand on the analogy… it’s like your favourite jeans, the ones you bought a couple years back brand new, yet looked like they were pulled right out of a vintage shop worn by some beatnik in the 60s, that now, after the past 2 to 3 years of near-daily wear, are juuuuust right!  Hole in the crotch & all.

That’s Josh Ritter, that’s this album… Timeless, classic, high quality, vintage & modern, all at the same time.  These ain’t no shitty Old Navy jeans!  This is the premium shit!

Okay.  I’m suddenly regretting wearing my sweet vintage-styled khakis today.  HA!

Well, it’s been a pretty interesting week, so let’s wrap this bad boy up & put a bow on it.

That was for baby.


1. Curtains
2. Change Of Time
3. The Curse
4. Southern Pacifica
5. Rattling Locks
6. Folk Bloodbath
7. Lark
8. Lantern
9. The Remnant
10. See How Man Was Made
11. Another New World
12. Orbital
13. Long Shadows

Some Ritter love: Myspace | Official | Label

Have a great weekend everyone!  May all your tires have bountiful air & all your winds be at your tails!



Anticipation and gleeful satisfaction! KALOO! KALAY! It’s Together by New Pornographers!!!

April 22, 2010

Photography by tarcinrengi

Oh my oh my… It’s finally here.  Probably my most anticipated album of 2010, the one I’ve impatiently pretended to have tons of patience for!  The one album I’ve been indulging in the singles popping out of Matador even though I really just want albums, yes, the new New Pornographers has joined the rest of the massive number of leaks on the intertubals this week and made it’s way to my ear canals!


As you may or may not remember… I LOVE Challengers, as much as I loved all their previous albums, Challengers saw a progression, a maturation, to something a little meatier, ultimately landing either at #2 or #3 on our best of the year! It was just brilliant.

BUT… I don’t think it was “as loved” by the music crickets out there who seem to want more of the same.  When that happens and when I hear about “return to forms” and shit like that, I always worry that a band will try to placate someone or something by recreating a sound, “their sound”, whatever the hell that’s supposed to be.  I worry about bands become shells of their former selves instead of just following their heart & ears and doing whatever the fuck they want, fans, followers, and especially crickets, be damned!  It’s a disney song, but still, be true to your selves!

So there was some word somewhere about pulling back from where Challengers started to go.  But at the same time, I heard about guests on this album, including St. Vincent & my beloved Dap-Kings so I was at once nervous and excited, having no idea what to expect.

Well… yesterday the album showed up on the googles.

The first few seconds into the album, I was nothing but goosebumps & grins.  Once again I was humbled & reminded to stop, stop, stop reading these things and just receive the music, as blind possible, no expectations, no preconceived notions, just shut your eyes, open your ears and listen to the album when you get the album!

I think the post title says it all, “gleeful satisfaction” and “KALOO! KALAY!”.  This album is unreal.  It’s pop perfection, harmonic perfection, beautiful melodies, perfect balance of strings, horns, Newman, Case, and Bejar.  It’s fucking brilliant. Call me a fanboy, call me an idiot, I really don’t give two shits… If this is the next step in the evolution of the New Pornographers, jesus christ, where do you go from here?

If I was the ever snarky Pitchfork — a 6.0 for Challengers? Really? Not enough “sugar highs” for ya? I hate it when I find myself reading that site  – or any numerical rating site, this would be a 9.8/10.  Why a 9.8?   Because it had to end at 12 songs?  Couldn’t it go for another hour or two or three????

Yeah, I’m in love.

Warning, if I don’t post for the rest of the week, it’s because I’ll be down in a basement somewhere, Together on as loud as I can stand, naked, on a bean bag, half-eaten food rotting on one side, a red bull energy drink filled with only backwash on the other, semi-erect in a trance-like music coma.

Sadly.. It wouldn’t be the first time.  And when my LP (and free t-shirt! Thanks Insound! WOOT!) comes in the mail, it may not be my last…

01 Moves
02 The Crash Years
03 Your Hands (Together)
04 Silver Jenny Dollar
05 Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk
06 My Shepherd
07 If You Can’t See My Mirrors
08 Up in the Dark
09 Valkyrie in the Roller Disco
10 A Bite Out of My Bed
11 Daughters of Sorrow
12 We End Up Together

Some New Porno love: Official | Myspace | Matador



Mo’ music, mo’ problems! And we get stuck on History from Below by Delta Spirit

April 21, 2010

Photography by Aarti1

I got 99 problems but the leaks ain’t one.  The overflowing of leaking music continues unabated, making it a challenge to determine where to go next!  Do you go with the hot & hyped?  Or do you go with the obscure & unknown?  Do you consult your family Ouija board?

The answer, of course, is no.  Who cares what’s on the hot lists, I’m not trying to score indie-points with the unknown, and Ouija boards are Satanic and I plan to follow the yellow brick road to Heaven and meet the Willy Wonka in the skydome of dreams through a pearly gate of Peter Pumpkinhead.

Or something.

No.  I go to my go-to source when torn & confused in my life-directioning.  My life coach Nintendo Kitteh.

Say it with me, “awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!”

Okay, confession.  I just really wanted to post that photo I found on Dlisted.  It’s just soooo cute.  Who’s a cutie?  You’re a cutie!!  Who’s got a DS??? You got a DS!!!  Whoozacueseewoozee??? Yoozacueseewoozee!!!!


Sorry about that.  Um, where was we?  Oh yeah.  So, yeah, I follow my heart & ears, etc, etc.  Whatever it was that led me here, here we are, and it’s History from Below by Delta Spirit where we be!!!

Not sure why this beat out Band Of Horses & whatnot, but it did.  It’s actually pretty straightforward americana-meets-soul-meets-modern-indie and the guy sounds a bit like Gordon Gano from Violent Femmes.  Well, that describes it.  That was easy and maybe that’s what got me, the ease at which I could slip this on and enjoy, all tailor-made for me and shit.  I’m all about my anytime/anywhere music and after the complex Broken Social Scenes & Frog Eyes and the emotable National, I think Delta Spirit is that keep-it-real palette cleanser I was needing.

Consider this palette… REFRESHED!

“Bushwick Blues”
“Salt in the wound”
“White Table”
“Ransom Man”
“Devil knows you’re dead”
“Golden state”
“St. Francis”
“Ballad of Vitaly”

Some Delta Spirit love: Myspace | Official | Label



We’re back and we are listening to High Violet by The National!!!

April 20, 2010

Photography by nese sahin

Hi!  We’re back!  Did you miss us?  Maybe a little, right?  But the world moved on, the blogs moved on, life moved on, and holy shit on a mother fuckin’ stick did the music move on via leaks absolute world-wide pipe break down!  There was Band Of Horses, The Hold Steady, The Delta Spirit, Minus The Bear, The Black Keys, Josh Ritter, Blitzen Trapper, Crystal Castles, and, of course, today’s topic o’ conversation, The National!  WOW, right?

I know!

The only thing missing is my New Pornographers, but in a way, I’m glad.  It would’ve been too much and lost in the mix and NP needs all our love & attention!

So… how was your weekend?  Mine was GREAT!  After a relatively easy ride up on Friday afternoon filled with great music & good times, it was family fun time on Saturday morning & Record Store Day all Saturday afternoon!  Check out our haul:

Yep! You are seeing Destroyer, Plants & Animals, Lightspeed Champion, MGMT, Nancy Wilson, Pointer Sisters, a Feist shirt for Baby, a best of Pointer Sisters for her on CD (she REALLY wanted to hear Pointer Sisters) and an Arts & Craft sampler CD.

Pretty intense, eh? Then Sunday we hit Soundscapes and picked up about 4 or 5 more CDs!  The Exciters, Sugar Pie DeSanto, (Soundscapes soul selection is amazing, it’s so hard to walk out of there without a handful of albums) Skip Bifferty, well… let’s just say, it was a rather musical weekend.  It’s almost overwhelming to come back to Columbus yesterday to so many new albums.  Where does one begin?

At the beginning, of course.

The beginning was determined by my curiosity and after the words beautiful, epic, amazing, etc, started flying about for High Violet, well, that’s where I had to begin!

Now, I wouldn’t call me the biggest The National fan.  I like them, no doubt, & I’ve liked every album I’ve heard by them, but I don’t follow them, if you, well, follow me.  I’m not really sure how they became such a hyped and huge band (huge in the indie/blog world that is), one minute you hear the occasional guy on a music board talking about them and maybe you have a few songs by them on a few mixtapes, but then Boxer comes along (and now High Violet) and suddenly they are the 2nd coming of indie-jesus!

It’s interesting.

Is it worth it? That’s between you and your ears, but to me, yeah, they are pretty damn good, so shame on me for not paying better attention to these guys!  Maybe it’s because I’ve always thought of them as Arcade Fire + Coldplay + Morphine (- the saxophones), i.e, the emotional build-ups of Arcade Fire, the rolling pianos Coldplay, plus the seedy & sexy alley-darkness of Morphine (as well as the crooning vocals) but, again, just no sax.

Oh well.  Here we are now and here is High Violet.  Will it meet your expectations?  Probably.  It’s got elements of Boxer (see “Sorrow”) and it’s got what I believe to be is a progression of sound (see the lead-off “Terrible Love”), it’s got epic moments (see “Afraid Of Everyone”) , it’s got brooding transitional songs (see “Bloodbuzz Ohio”), it’s got a theatrical closer in “Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks”, AND it’s got the feeling of on-the-verge-of-something-big, like soon this will be playing in every Starbucks & soccer mom’s SUV come this winter or something.  Really, if one thing can be said, it’s a beautiful & fulfilling album.  That is to say, it’s “an album”, taken in at all 11 songs in a sitting.  It rewards you for it.  It patiently takes you up, down, & over from start to finish, something, in my opinion, that needs to be rejoiced & celebrated more often.

If there is one thing I hope a few people get out of Record Store Day and, by current example, High Violet, is that there is something beautiful about “the album”.  It’s an old argument that we won’t rehash again today, but maybe after you load up “Terrible Love” and then later when “Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks” finishes, if you were ever starting to doubt whether or not the album still lives, you’ll have just a glimmer of hope & let a little smile creep onto your face when “Terrible Love” starts back up again.

01 Terrible Love
02 Sorrow
03 Anyone’s Ghost
04 Little Faith
05 Afraid of Everyone
06 Bloodbuzz Ohio
07 Lemonworld
08 Runaway
09 Conversation 16
10 England
11 Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks

Some National love: Myspace | Official | Label

Oh, and some tour dates!  WHEE!

4-22 Richmond, VA – The National
04-23 Richmond, VA – The National
05-05 London, England – Electric Ballroom
05-06 London, England – Royal Albert Hall
05-07 Paris, France – Le Zenith *
05-09 Berlin, Germany – Astra
05-21 Los Angeles, CA – The Wiltern
05-22 Los Angeles, CA – The Wiltern #
05-23 San Diego, CA – Spreckels Theatre #
05-26 Oakland, CA – Fox Theatre
05-27 Oakland, CA – Fox Theatre #
05-29 Quincy, WA – Sasquatch Festival
06-02 Boston, MA – House of Blues %
06-03 Boston, MA – House of Blues %
06-04 Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory %
06-05 Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory %
06-06 Washington, DC – DAR Constitution Hall %
06-08 Toronto, Ontario – Massey Hall %
06-09 Toronto, Ontario – Massey Hall %
06-11-13 Manchester, TN – Bonnaroo
06-16 New York, NY – Radio City Music Hall %
07-27 Brooklyn, NY – Prospect Park ^

* with Pavement
# with Ramona Falls
^ with Beach House
% with the Antlers

Man it’s good to be back! Cheers!


Another mini-vacation? Yep! Toronto, we comin’ for ya! BUT, we make up for it with Triple Femmetastic Thursday with Allo Darlin’, The School, and Sally Seltmann!!

April 15, 2010

Photography by icachanDesign

Hi-O!  Guess what?  Today is basically “my Friday” as people like to say (as do I, especially when it IS Thursday and I have Friday off or mostly off).  You see, after lunch tomorrow we are heading back up to the great north, aka Canada, though more specifically Toronto, for a long weekend!  YAY!

Photography by Me!

Oh, but don’t be sad!  We’ll have our pooters and smartphones and we’ll be staying connected as we cruise the Toronto record shops for Record Store Day on Saturday and what not!  So, keep an eye on the twitters & facebooks for updates and remember, if you see us, make sure you stop and say, “ALLOOOO TSURUS!!! WHAT REKERDS DIDJA BUY??”

Then, Tuesday (which will be here before you know it), we’ll be back, refreshed and ready to jibber-jabber about all the greatness that made it’s way to our ears!

But… before we pack up the car and head up to the my Mecca, we got a little going away present, as always, for ya.  This time, it’s in the form of a Triple Femmetastic Thursday!!!  WHEEE!!!  That’s right, we got 3, count ‘em, THREE female-rific albums to talk about & share today!  So, let’s get to it, eh?  First up, the self-titled Allo Darlin’!!!

Pretty straight-forward mostly-female led pop.  Yeah, a dude shows up here and there, but fuck it, I’m calling this woman-led.  Upbeat drums, jangly guitars, songs about Polaroids (I would imagine with lots of sun flare and fade), and sweet candy-laced vocals that make you want to put her in your pocket make for a wonderfully delightful escape for the 50% grey world that so often tries to make it’s way into one’s life…

1. Dreaming
2. The Polaroid Song
3. Silver Dollars
4. Kiss Your Lips
5. Heartbeat Chilli
6. If Loneliness Was Art
7. Woody Allen
8. Let’s Go Swimming
9. My Heart Is A Drummer
10. What Will Be Will Be

Some Allo Darlin’ love: Myspace | Official | Label

Next up, Loveless Unbeliever by The School!

Okay, let’s get this out of the way.  Yes… they will remind you of Camera Obscura.  Somewhat similar sound & vocals, check done.   Is that a bad thing? Of course not.  Hell, in my opinion, the world could use a few more bands that remind us of Camera Obscura!  Certainly beats another Nickelback, no?

Not that there’s anything wrong with Nickelback.  You like ‘em? Fine.  You can have ‘em.  Seriously. Please, take them away.

So The School has that old-school girl-group vibe going on, laced with sweet & bittersweet lyrics about love & loss and it’s absolutely lovely and wonderfully crafted.  Really, what more can you ask for?

1. Let it slip
2. Is he really coming home?
3. Valentine
4. I want you back
5. Is it true?
6. I love everything
7. Can’t understand
8. The one who left me
9. Hoping and praying
10. Summer’s here
11. Shoulder
12. All I wanna do
13. I don’t believe in love

Some School love: Myspace | Official | Label

And finally is Heart That Is Pounding by Sally Seltmann (aka New Buffalo)!

Intense eyebrows aside, this takes the above mentioned sweet pop and adds a level of…..  hmmm…. sultry-depth to it?  Not a lot, but it’s certainly not daylight out and the sunflares are safely tucked away until tomorrow.  We still got the skillfully executed pop, the sweet vocals, but there’s something, well, along the shade & hue of the album cover, that is all over this album.  It’s in the same genre as Feist, whatever hell genre that is, hell, she even wrote or co-wrote “1, 2, 3, 4″!  It’s that realm.

Okay, I’m certainly making a mess of this so I’ll shut up already.

1. Harmony To My Heartbeat
2. Set Me Free
3. On The Borderline
4. Book Song
5. Dream About Changing
6. Heart That’s Pounding
7. I Tossed A Coin
8. Happy
9. The Truth
10. Sentimental Seeker
11. 5 Stars
12. Dark Blue Angel

Some Sally Seltmann love: Myspace | Official | Label

That’s it!  Have a great weekend everyone!  May all your tubes remain full of air and all your winds be at your tail!!!



Synonyms & Forgiveness Rock Record by Broken Social Scene

April 14, 2010

Photography by junest

Well it’s hump day once again.  I’ll tell ya, it feels like we were just here 7 days ago!  Messed up man.  As far as hump days go, this looks to be an interesting one.  Not only a busy day & lovely weather with a strong-like-bear bike ride, but also tonight, if the good lard’s a-willin’ and the creeks don’t rise, we’ll be heading up to the secret band practice location of local twee-folkers Super Desserts!  We’ll be discussing all things Forever Banjo

And I’ll be trying to discover a good synonym for the word Twee.  And maybe even a word that combines twee + folk + collective.  Hmmm… how about twollective??  Hmmm…. Anyways, as you know, we take interviews seriously, and by seriously I mean, we present not just awesome-O insights into artists, but also we present mixtapes!  So, unless you don’t like music & artists — and really, if you don’t, what the hell are you doing here? — stay tuned!

Speaking of synonyms, what’s a good synonym for holy-fucking-shit-this-is-so-fucking-good!!!

Because, man…. oh man.  Forgiveness Rock Record by Broken Social Scene… Oh man.

What a week, eh?  Okay, so I first put this on during my Monday ride into work.  After two times through, it became very very clear to me that this was going to require some time, love, and attention.  This is not, nor has BSS ever been, a cursory background band, there is a lot going on.  You’ve got 2,188 Canadians and maybe one an ex-pat or two, playing in a song, you need to stop what you are doing and listen.

And listen I did.

And again.

And again.

And again…. and over and over, I think I’m easily in the teens, maybe in the low-20s on times through.  The first couple times, I’m like “huh.”, then I was like, “hmmm…”, and then finally I was all like, “UH-HUH!!”  I can’t describe it. It’s a, hell, I don’t know.  It’s like a mixtape, a GREAT mixtape, one that catches the overall aesthetic for the entire mix yet somehow plays 14 very distinct and unique songs.  Forgiveness Rock Record covers the gamut.  Folky-pop-rock-hand-clap “mother fuck” jams on “Ungrateful Little Father”, some, what is that?, fucking “world music” on “Highway Slipper Jam” to near 80′s style electro-rockers meets orchestral pop on “Chase Scene” to drum-heavy rock jams on “Forced To Love” to the sweet-voiced late-nighter “All to All”, etc, etc, etc.

Sounds like a clusterfuck.  And if you aren’t listening-listening, yeah, it kinda is, but it grows on you, like a fungus, a collective fungus that is Broken Social Scene.  This is either completely genius or a complete mess.  Guess it depends on how you listen and what you are listening for…. Me?  I think it’s the former, or latter, or whichever means “completely genius”.

01 World Sick
02 Chase Scene
03 Texico Bitches
04 Forced to Love
05 All to All
06 Art House Director
07 Highway Slipper Jam
08 Ungrateful Little Father
09 Meet Me in the Basement
10 Sentimental X’s
11 Sweetest Kill
12 Romance to the Grave
13 Water in Hell
14 Me and My Hand

Some BSS love: Myspace | Official | Label

Ah.. and found some tour dates!  YAY!

05-01 San Francisco, CA – The Fillmore
05-03 Los Angeles, CA – Henry Fonda Theatre
05-07 New York, NY – Webster Hall
05-13 London, England – Brixton Academy *
05-14 Minehead, England – All Tomorrow’s Parties
05-17 London, England – Heaven
05-18 Amsterdam, Netherlands – Melkweg
05-19 Cologne, Germany – Burgerhaus Stollwerck
05-21 Paris, France – La Maroquinerie
05-23 Linz, Austria – LinzFest
05-24 Berlin, Germany – Kesselhaus
05-27 Barcelona, Spain – Primavera Festival
05-29 George, WA – Sasquatch
06-19 Toronto, Ontario – Toronto Island *#

* with Pavement
# with Band of Horses



Falling in love with Avi Buffalo… What’s it in for, someone with nothing to do, what’s it in for me?

April 13, 2010

Photography by (a)muse me

Overcast skies, achy legs, and a tuesday morning can only mean we are elbow deep into the week that is.  Not a bad thing per se, but getting ye ol’ gumption a-movin’ along is taking that extra effort that an overcasted, achy legged tuesday morning would and maybe should require.  On the super-awesome plus side, a new itty interwebs by ari this morning sure helped to start it off about as right as rain!  Her findings and musings make me as giddy as an idget at a carnival eating batter-fried ho-hos!

But alas & aloo, the day & the week must move on, with or without me and I’m voting A.  Speaking of the week, or more specifically, the weekend, please take note, we (i.e. Tsuru AND The Bride) will be in Toronto this weekend participating in Record Store Day, family fun time, AND possibly even a Jays game.  I’ve got the twitters & the facebooks connected to the foursquares so if you want to play along and you are in the area, make sure you stop us and say “ALLOOOO TSURUS!”, m-kay?


M-kay, movin’ on to today’s gem.  This is probably the first album that was being, literally, hyped up down in Our Society (by lysol who came across them on subpop/myspace/etc) since their first song became available! And man o’ man, this actually lives up (way beyond actually) that hype!  It’s the self-titled debut by Avi Buffalo!


I can only say, so far this week, I’ve been one lucky mother musically.  If one fist may be elbow-deep into the week, the other has to be about shoulder-deep into the beauty and complexity of music finding it’s way to my ears!  Frog Eyes left me mesmerized by it’s depth and beauty, Avi Buffalo grabs the baton and takes us into the second secteur to the 7th inning stretch (yes, I know I’m mixing about 73 metaphors & analogies there), and I’m still working through the new Broken Social Scene!

But right now it’s Avi Buffalo, much like yesterday, I have a hard time describing this one.  It’s not as complicated as Frog Eyes, maybe it has a solid base in some roots rock in there somewhere, but that’s just the foundation.  There are layers on top of that foundation, creating one of the more rewarding listens I’ve come across.  So… instead of me butchering up a description again — too late! — let’s just load up the single and enjoy, eh?

Thanks lysol for your continued hyping of this gem.  Great call, my brother!

1. Truth Sets In
2. What’s In It For?
3. Coaxed
4. Five Little Sluts
5. Jessica
6. Summer Cum
7. One Last
8. Can’t I Know?
9. Remember Last Time
10. Where’s Your Dirty Mind?

Some Avi Buffalo sweet love: Myspace | Official | Label



Back to normal, whatever the hell that is, with Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph by Frog Eyes

April 12, 2010

Photography by daniele

Howdy mah free-ends!  How goes it?  How about that weekend, eh?  Epic rides, epic times, and epic mixtapes all around!  The 38th Woodstock Budget Tour 100 miler was great!  I was strong like bear, a polar bear, and barreled through the last 25 miles like Fabian Cancellara, only less fit, less Swiss, less cobblestones, and much slower!  WHEEE! The weather was amazing both days, I actually did yard work!  I know, nutty right?  Add in that, not only me, but Peanut also posted an amazing mixtape, and really, what more could you ask for?

Nothing.  Because if you did, well, that’d just be greedy and you don’t want to be greedy do you, like your greedy-greedy grandma do you??? Do you?????  Of course you don’t.  But here we are, on a fine Monday morning, sky an appropriate sky blue, the sun is a-shinin’ and the temps are getting back to where they belong around 70ish so with that it’s time we too get back to normal, whatever the hell that is on TSURURADIO — lard knows I haven’t figured that out yet!

And what wonderful album have I been aching, pining, nay, BEGGING to talk about allllll week????  Motherfucking Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph by Frog Eyes!!!

Hole-Lee-Shiiiiiiit.  This is so good.  Okay, first things first… The biggest hump to liking Frog Eyes, in general & in my opinion, is Carey Mercer’s voice.  It vibrates, hiccups, yelps, squawks, howls, and, on occasion, sounds like a normal voice, so if you can accept and embrace it, you are 90% there.  Musically, Paul’s Tomb is…. well, masterful.  It’s beautiful, hard, intense, tender, distorted, and sweet, often all at once, it’s proggy-ish, it’s fringe Sunset Rubdown-ish, it’s just got so much going on, it takes many listens just to begin to get the gist of what the hells all going on.

On the surface though, somehow (seriously, I have no idea how), it’s immediately enjoyable.  How is a 9+min opener that’s abrupt with scratchy howling, head pounding drums bap-bap-bap-bap-bap, change ups in rhythm & time & momentum is “immediately enjoyable”, I have no fucking clue, but there it is.

And really, that’s the whole thing, lyrically & musically gorgeous & cryptic & challenging.  Okay, I give up.  Just listen for yourself!

01 A Flower in a Glove
02 The Sensitive Girls
03 Odetta’s War
04 Rebel Horns
05 Lear, in the Park
06 Styled by Dr. Roberts
07 Lear in Love
08 Violent Psalms
09 Paul’s Tomb

Some Frog Eye love: Myspace | Label



TSURURADIO Presents… MIXTAPES WEEK!!! I Want To Be Your American Idol by, uh, me!!!

April 11, 2010

Illustration by Mike

Well, I said I’d try to get my Crane Buddy’s mixtape up if I had the time to conclude our quite epic MIXTAPES WEEK and, well, here we are!!!  I’ll try to be as coherent as possible as 1) after riding a beautiful 101 mile at the 38th Woodstock Budget Tour bike ride and 2) Paris-Roubaix is on in French in the bottom corner of my screen, I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I have cycling on my mind.

I’m pretty achy today, but it’s great to get that first century done, get over the hump — mental mostly, but physical too, though I must say, physically, the easiest 100 miles I’ve ridden yet, very strong like polar bear!!!

Anywhosaldoosal….. It’s Sunday, a beautiful Sunday, and we plan on taking advantage of it, so let’s get going with the good stuff, the tunes that will be soundtracking this gorgeous day ahead of us, our mixtape for gahrace, I Want To Be Your American Idol!!!

Photograph: Me – Model: Claudia

I really had fun with this one.  First I, literally, threw in a random hour of music, almost with my eyes closed, then pushed play to see what we had, to see if there was a commonality in the cards that the “hands of fate” had dealt.  And there was!  FUN!  Between Old 97s, REM, The Format, I found myself singing along, at the top of my lungs, just having a good old time, imagining myself in front of millions of people singing some of my favourite songs.

From there, we started to fill in the gaps, put it in the right order and before I knew it, I found myself with over 2 hours of music, flowing up and up, and then down and up, new songs making their way in, a few more, then some more older ones, and then something would pop in my head and I’d just HAVE to hear it, then it HAD to go on the mixtape (see: Len & Michael Jackson), and *POOF* out went one song and *BLOOP* in went a different.  After about a week & a half, this is what remained.

Call me proudish or egotastic, but I love it.  Burned it, made a cover, shipped it with some other local hand-made goodies & some candy to gahrace for Crane’s Day, and now, after her receipt and listening, it’s time to get up here for you.  So, let’s shut the fuck up and get on with it, eh?  I hope you enjoy as…

I Want To Be Your… American Idol!!!

(Full Zip) – removed until I find a replacement for Darwin Deez

Part I
01 R.E.M. – Supernatural Superserious
02 The New Pornographers – Crash Years
03 Plants And Animals – Swinging Bells
04 Plants And Animals – American Idol
05 The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio
06 Fang Island – Daisy
07 Old 97′s – Jagged
08 The Format – Inches And Falling
09 Lightspeed Champion – The Big Guns Of Highsmith
10 Bonnie  “Prince” Billy & The Cairo Gang – Troublesome Houses
11 Allo Darlin’ – The Polaroid Song
12 Bright Eyes – Four Winds
13 Drink Up Buttercup – Young Ladies
14 Nada Surf – Love And Anger (Kate Bush)
15 Here We Go Magic – Collector
16 CocoRosie – Lemonade

Part II
17 The Killers – All These Things That I’ve Done
18 Len – Steal My Sunshine
19 Darwin Deez – Constellation – REMOVED
20 Marching Band – Uncomfortably Numb
21 The Harlem Shakes – Carpetbaggers
22 The Pack A.D. – Everyone Looks Like Everyone
23 The Soft Pack – Mexico
24 Cake – Italian Leather Sofa
25 Adam Green – Stadium Soul
26 Eagle Seagull – I’m Sorry But I’m Beginning to Hate Your Face
27 The School – I Want You Back
28 Dr. Dog – Where’d All The Time Go
29 Light Pollution – All Night Outside – REMOVED
30 Delorean – Real love
31 Nicole Atkins – The Way It Is
32 Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – Mama don’t like my man
33 Michael Jackson – Man In The Mirror

Cheers!!!  Lots of new music to come this week, been listening to some amazing music that I can’t wait to talk about with you!


TSURURADIO Presents… MIXTAPES WEEK: [ ...Living, Breathing, Dying... ] by nelso!!!

April 9, 2010

Illustration by Mike

Oh my, what a week we’ve had so far, eh?  Honestly, I didn’t know if I’d be able to keep MIXTAPES WEEK going all week!  So many hyperlinks… so little time!  But alas, here we are, Friday, and we’ve got yet another amazing mixtape to share with you.  Also, waiting in the wings for my Crane Buddy to receive her Crane’s Day gift is the mixtape I made for her!  It’s a doozy that I plan on sharing with you ASAP, but she gets dibs on listening first, sorry — wouldn’t be all that special if I let you go before her, right?


Okay, as much as I hate to keep this short, it’s looking to be a nutty day today, it’s chilly outside, Baby’s sick, and dammit, I’m going to get a little lunchtime ride in to spin some ache out of my legs before a big (maybe 100 miler) ride tomorrow!   So, let’s get to the good stuff, eh?  And by good stuff, of course I’m talking about [...Living, Breathing, Dying...] by nelso!

“Ahh life is all about balance, this mix has balance, in tempo, up and down, its living, its breathing, and eventually dying…”  says nelso, so true, about life, about this mixtape, about damn near everything.  I will also add that life is about lines, it’s just one line after another sometimes, isn’t?  Line up at the stop light, line up in the lane on the interstate, line up at the exit, line up to park, line up for some coffee, line up to pay, line up to even leave!  Ugh.

Sorry, I digressed there, I really hate lines.

Fortunately, this mixtape is NOT about lines.  It’s at times whimsical, then fun, then slow & introspective, sometimes a interesting mix of all of the above, like “Whale In The Night” by Firs.  As nelso said, it ebbs, it flows, it’s up & down, as is all things, and it’s quite brilliant.  A wonderful conclusion to a rather ebb & flow kinda week if you ask me!  Thank you so much nelso! So what say you?  Shall we get ‘er on?   Yeah, I think so too.


[ ...Living, Breathing, Dying... ] by nelso!!!

1. Annuals – Springtime
2. Mesita – Living/breathing
3. Shout Out Louds – Very Loud
4. Nurses – Technicolor
5. French Kicks – She Said So
6. Rosie and Me – Bonfires
7. Bedroom Eyes – Dancing Under Influence
8. Firs – Whale In The Night
9. Beach House – Lover of Mine
10. Ramona Falls – Russia
11. Mimicking Birds – Burning Stars
12. Peasant – The End
13. The Spinto Band – Jackhammer (slim version)
14. All Get Out – Wasting All My Breath
15. Local Natives – Cards and Quarters
16. Wye Oak – My Creator
17. She & Him – Riding In My Car (NRBQ)
18. Fanfarlo – Comets
19. The Farewell Circuit – The Inexorable March of Time
20. Bon Iver – Come Talk to Me

Thanks again, so so so much, nelso!!!  Wonderful, wonderful mixtape, as always!!!   No promises (like I said, I may be riding 100 miles tomorrow for the 38th annual Woodstock COP ride), but I’ll try to get at least one more up before we start a-new on Monday!!!

Cheers & may all your tubes full of air!


TSURURADIO Presents… MIXTAPES WEEK: For TSRU, 4u! by Danamonstah!!!

April 8, 2010

Illustration by Mike

Okay, before we begin, just a tiny tiny follow up to our iPad-related post the other day:

Just sayin’…

Okay, movin’ on.  Were was we about to begin?  Oh yeah, hot digitty!  AdventurerNeil’s first post already went up while I slept?  I LOVE it when that happens!!!  Wonderful post Neil, it really was great to have you up, hang out with you, and battle those ridiculous wind to save a few boobies!

Alright, it’s Thursday and MIXTAPES WEEK is still in full-steam-ahead mode!!!  Today’s mixtape comes with a tiny little story.  You see, though I’m not the most anonymous blogger in the blogging universe, at work, except the people who are my outside-of-work friends, the TSURUNATION Celebration & Jubilation Actuation does not exist.  Well, I’ve been outed.

Got an email the other day that basically went like this, “I just figured it out.  YOU are Tsurrrrrrrrrrradddio guy!”  haha!  Love it.  I wondered when & if someone would put the two things together.  Well, it turns out, not only is my new friend DanaMonstah a music lover (and TSURURADIO fan, woot!), but she has a music blog of her own chock full of mixtapes!!

Well, it’s MIXTAPES WEEK, I told DanaMonstah, how about I share one over at TSURURADIO?  She said she do me one better and made a brand-spanking new one for us today, appropriately called For TSRU, 4u!

First off… Adorable album art!!!  I just want to keep him in my pocket and play with him in lines & in meetings!  But, album art aside, what a sweet mixtape this is. It’s actually a bit more dancey than what I normally listen too, making for a sweet & super infectious groove for a rainy Thursday that needs all the super infectuous groovin’ it can get!!!

I think I said it yesterday, but on man, I’m LOVING MIXTAPES WEEK!!!  So many new tunes, so many new genres, so many new, uh, just everything!!!  I love it!  So without further adieu let’s get our next one a-playin!  Thank you so much DanaMonstah!  Make sure you head on over to her site and show her some proper love, okay?  But first, push play and get ready to shake what the good lard a-gave ya!!!


For TSRU, 4u! by DanaMonstah!!!

(Full Zip)

Dog Days are Over – Florence and the Machine
Simple Graces – Delorean
Heaven’s on Fire – The Radio Dept.
Sleep Paralysist – Neon Indian
Generator ^ First Floor (Aisltn Remix) – Freelance Whales
Static Waves – Andrew Belle
Madder Red (Doctor Rosen Rosen Rx) – Yeasayer
The Phoenix Alive – Monarchy
In A Dream – Skybox
I Think I like U 2 – jamaica NOTE: Volume’s a little loud on this track!
Oh My God – Ida Maria
Days – Sambassadeur
Stay Close – Delorean
Gold Guns Girls (acoustic) – Metric
You Do You – Bear in Heaven
Mansard Roof (VW Cover) – Jeff Pianki
How to Tame Lions – Washington
True Love Will Find You in the End – Basia Bulat

WOW!  Another day, amazing mixtape! AND WE STILL AREN’T DONE YET!!!!  Hot diggity damn on a dog!  Once again, thank you so much DanaMonstah for your delectable mixtape!  Until next time…



BLAST FROM THE PAST! With You Can’t Stop The Bum Rush by Len!

April 7, 2010

I’d like to interrupt MIXTAPES WEEK for a second for an old gem I seem to be getting stuck on repeat.  So how about we try a tiny little new feature I’ll call…


Today we are listening to a gem that is now, if you can believe it, over 10 years old.  It came into my head, as many albums do, because a lyric that I then parodied which then reminded me of another song on the album which then made me want to play the song in that post which then made me want to listen to the album!  Oh my…. That’s right, it’s the funtastic Can’t Stop The Bum Rush by Len!

Oh how I loved/love this album.  When I heard, like you, “Steal My Sunshine” I was smitten, not just on that cute Canadian Sharon, but the whole damn band!

I picked up the album expecting to hear more “Steal My Sunshine”-like goodness, but man was I surprised.  What I found was hip-hop.  Really smart, really fun old-school hip-hop (the “to the beat, ya’ll, and you don’t stop” old school hip hop), mixed with really fun & danceable pop & rock songs.

NOTE: I’m going to say the word “fun” alot, because that’s really what this is….  FUN.

After “Sunshine” wraps up, an acapella little rhyme kicks in and BLAMO a funky-soul rap song takes over.  Oh man, but that was just the beginning, because before you know it, we hear an audience, someone egging them on, a robot, and one of the sweetest beat-boxes meets smooth synths I’ve ever heard as “Man Of The Year” takes over.  It’s old-school mixed with a different old-school mixed with something decidedly different.

Now, as much fun as I was having, it wasn’t until Biz Markie stumbles “Beautiful Day” on you that, oh my…..  Oh my.  Listening again right now.  Goose bumps.  That fucking bassline, the rap that I grew up when rap was first showing up on records, mashed up perfectly!  All with the most god-awful chorus “sung” by Markie!

I was sold.

Sold, sold, sold.

I remember specifically driving across the Howard-Franklin for who knows what reason, into St. Pete from Tampa, I guess it would be 10 years ago, windows down, on a good day, not a sweltering hot day, with this destroying my ears.  Absolute heaven!

Apparently, they had a second video, probably Canada only, for another song that really doesn’t represent what you are going to get with this album, “Feeling Alright”, a fun, silly “rockish” song that when taken for what it is, is again….. fun (see?)

Vid even has that one guy from That 70′s Show — is he Canadian?  HA!  Look.  Will this post take this humble little blog of ours “to the next level”?  Not at all.  This is just me sharing something I had to get off my chest, off my ears, with you.  So,  here’s the first few songs, my faves, guaranteed to (you ready for this) keep your sunshine right where it belongs, in your eyes, on your skin, and in your ears!

Too cheesy?  Ah, fuck it.

  1. “Steal My Sunshine”
  2. “Cryptik Souls Crew”
  3. “Man of the Year”
  4. “Beautiful Day” (featuring Biz Markie)
  5. “The Hard Disk Approach”
  6. “Hot Rod Monster Jam”
  7. “Cold Chillin’” (featuring Kurtis Blow, Buck 65 and Mr Dibbs on scratches)
  8. “Feelin’ Alright” (featuring C.C. Deville on lead guitar)
  9. “Cheekybugger”
  10. “Big Meanie”
  11. “Junebug”
  12. “Crazy ‘Cause I Believe (Early Morning Sunshine)”

Word is Marc & Sharon are making an album on their own, without the rest of Len.  Well, here’s to that, but regardless, we’ll always have this.

*happy sigh*

I feel better, thanks!  Cheers,


2 Days To Go Until We Ride For Boobies!!!! And If I Had A Hi-Fi by Nada Surf!!!

April 1, 2010


Maps are printed, signs are made, Clem’s in good shape, the weather is looking to be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!

Let’s help save some boobies???? WHEEEEEEEE!!!!


And perfect with the Spring-like weather?  Why it’s new Nada Surf!  How perfect!  Well, not “new” new… It’s actually a covers album called If I Had A Hi-Fi, but Nada Surf is Nada Surf and their fuzzy power chord pop is Spring!


Cover albums are tricky.  In one sense, they are probably the laziest form of album creation.  I mean, the song, the arrangements are already written!  Technically, all you have to do is get permission from the owner of the rights to the song and then play them in a mic.  Technically.

In another sense though, cover albums are ridiculously difficult.  First the selection process… Of the infinite available songs or maybe of just the couple hundred you love, how do you pick which ones to cover?  Then comes the really hard part, making the song “your own” but at the same time, not losing what made the song so great or fun or whatever to  begin with!  You are Nada Surf and you want to cover “Enjoy The Silence” by Depeche Mode?  If you make it too Depeche Mode, then what was the point?  If you make it too Nada Surf, then “wtf did you do to my beloved ‘Enjoy The Silence’ you asshole?”.  If you do something generic and watered down, well, now you are just pissing us off.

Take a look at Peter Gabriel’s “Scratch Your Back” thing out.  Basically him, I think drunk after a White Castle binge, tinkering slowly, so so slowly, on the piano while croaking out “indie” songs.  Oh my.  Something along the lines of this, but with a piano (and hopefully a shirt).

But in the end, no matter the deemed “success” of the covering on the album, they are still fun.  Even the worse ones are fun.  Even the Peter Gabriel one, no matter how serious he’s going at it, is still kinda fun.

And that’s exactly what we got here!  A whole bunch of the Nada Surf you know and love covering some known & lesser known songs!  From Spoon to Kate Bush (love that one) to Depeche Mode to French stuff!  So just turn on your favourite songs, and sing along because you know the damn words (another benefit to a covers album) and have fun!!!

Nuffin’ but good times….

01 Electrocution (Bill Fox)
02 Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode)
03 Love Goes On (The Go Betweens)
04 Janine (Arthur Russell)
05 You Were So Warm (Dwight Twilley)
06 Love And Anger (Kate Bush)
07 Agony Of Lafitte (Spoon)
08 Bye Bye Beaute (Coralie Clement)
09 Question (Moody Blues)
10 Bright Side (Soft Pack)
11 Evolucion (Mecromina)
12 I Remembered What I Was Going To

Nada Surf love! Myspace | Official | Label



3 Days To Go Until Our Epic Bike Ride!!!! And The Year Of The How-To Book by Eagle Seagull!!!

March 31, 2010


Bike’s getting a tune-up, new tires on her, the maps are printed with direction notes, ready to photocopy, photocopy, photocopy!  There’s a buzz in the air, the sun in the sky, and the temperatures in the 70s!  Who wants to help save some boobies???? WHEEEEEEEE!!!!


One thing.

I keep getting asked from people NOT in Columbus, OH where & how they can donate.  As much as I don’t like saying “no” to a donation to a good cause, the idea behind this is that you, me, billy down the street, any of us can do this.  You don’t need to wait for a Tour de Cure or Pelotonia or whatever to come to town!  You don’t need prizes, free food, Lance Armstrong, or a sponsor from VIV PROTEIN ENERGY BIG PENIS DRINKS.  Right now, you can grab 4 friends, go for a bike ride, jog, walk, skip, roller blade thing, or whatever the hell this thing is…

Each chip in a $20 spot, and BLAMO!  $100 bucks to your charity of choice!  It really is that easy.  So…. you want to help out on my ride?  Well, in 3 days, get up nice and early, grab a buddy or two or 50, hop on your bikes WHEREVER YOU ARE and go for a ride!  Then send a little check to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure group or really, any cause you want!



Okay, today’s little obsession just popped out on the intertubal highways of info love, like, yesterday or something.  We were a fan of their last one and somehow, someway, these bastards kinda jumped up the queue to my ears this morning!  I’m talking about The Year Of The How-To Book by Eagle Seagull!


According to their label, Eagle Seagull is now a “buzz band”.  Sweet & congrats, but buzz only last as long as you can keep it vibrating and considering it’s been, what, 3 or 4 years since their last full album (sorry EPs, you are not included), in the age of Vampire Weekends, an album a year, & viral videos, you’re gonna have to vibrate a little harder than that if you want to see the internet collectively orgasm.

Anywhosaldoosal… At TSURURADIO, buzz is just a four-letter word, as is word, and just, and four, huh.  We takes ‘em as we gets ‘em and we gots The Year Of The How-To Book in our ears right now.

Once again, Mr. Seagull have built melodic and somewhat catchy pop-rock, full of emotion & atmosphere, but not pulling into some faux-emo-whatever-whatever (don’t let the long song titles fool you), no, it’s got more inline with our friends at Arcade Fire than it does with that Evenescence (how the hell do you spell that) thing.  Ah, found it:


But no, these guys aren’t some AF knock-off either, some songs, like “The Boy With A Serpent In His Heart” dip into this almost 80′s Duran Duran flavour, appealing to my younger self, but with a bit more “gravitas” in the lyrics.  In the end, it’s just fun, no… not “fun”, hmm… what’s a good word?  I guess just “really really good” music!

And really, what else do you need?

Wait a sec… I can’t very well end the post with the last image being those E-VAN-Essence shoes can I?  Here’s a nice little band promo photo instead.

Ah… much better!

01. You’re The Reason Why I’m Afraid To Die
02. I’m Sorry But I’m Beginning To Hate Your Face
03. You Can’t Call Yourself A Secret
04. I Don’t Know If People Have Hated Me, But I Have Hated People
05. Ignorance Or Transcendence
06. The Year Of How To Book
07. The Boy With A Serpent In His Heart
08. 20,000 Light Years
09. We Moke Like Turtles Might
10. I Don’t Believe In Wars, But I Do Believe In Uniforms
11. The Coming Of The Plague
12. Thanks To Al

Ah! And looky! A little video from their last album!  “Photograph” that, appropriately enough, made it on to our photography-themed mixtape!  WOOT!

Eagle Seagull love: Myspace | Official | Label