Now I am a river

May 3, 2007

Photography “Flesh For Fantasy” by Tether Red To (Rose & Olive’s Flickr photo)

Ah, The Comas have fuzzed their way into my ears this week. I’ve heard “Red Microphone” and thought well of it, but wasn’t driven to go much further (damn you Handsome Furs!!). After a week of this sitting in my player, I decided to finally test drive ‘er.

I’m glad I did.

I was not familiar with this band so I had no idea what to expect. Cursory clips on myspace led me to hold off, thinking it was more hard rock than my ears were clamoring for, but happily, I was wrong.

It’s pop alright, but with a 60′s psychedelic garage sound injected through out. Each song is diverse and unique from the previous one but they are all punctuated with fuzz and harmonies allowing them to flow seamlessly from song to song. And don’t get me started on that delicious bass.


The Comas – Now I’m A Spider

Now I am a spider
Now I am a river
Now I am a winter
Now I am a sprinter..

More love for The Comas

The Comas – Red Microphones
The Comas – Light The Pad
The Comas – Come My Sunshine

Go show them lots of lovins here, here, and here now… Ah, and go stream their album here!

Presents… a Weezer mixtape!

May 1, 2007
Photography by Ihor

Happy May Day, my dear readers…

As the warm winds finally kicked in, May can only mean one thing to me, Weezer. As I drove on the highway, fishing for something different to listen to, literally this little mixtape fell out of my CD folder. I think I made it in ’05, maybe early ’06, not too sure. Well, I gave it a spin and much to my enjoyment (and surprise, it’s been a while since I’ve nodded my head aggressively to these guys), found myself cruising along well above the speed limit, volume turned up too loud, and singing along until I was hoarse.

Now, purists (and rabid Weezer fans), this ain’t no “best of” because I excluded some of the better songs for sake of a better flow, and this ain’t no “greatest hits”, because I didn’t want a chronological CD of all their singles (zzz…), this is simply a mixtape that 1) focused on flow, 2) tried to include a few of my favorite tracks from each release, and 3) tossed in a few b-sides & unreleased tracks to mix it up. It’s meant for the casual Weezer fan who likes the singles, but never really explored much deeper, somthing one can pop in and just push play.

At 22 songs, clockin’ in at almost 78 minutes, at an average speed of 80 mph, you’ve got a good 104 miles covered!

So, without further ado…

TSURURADIO Presents… a Weezer Mixtape!
(zip file)

01 Photograph
02 Perfect Situation
03 Undone
04 Waiting On You
05 Say It Ain’t So
06 The Good Life
07 Dope Nose
08 Holiday
09 The Other Way
10 December
11 Island In The Sun
12 Falling For You
13 Living Without You
14 Hash Pipe
15 Devotion
16 Across The Sea
17 Mad Kow
18 I Do
19 El Scorcho
20 Slob
21 Buddy Holly
22 Haunt You Everyday

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Elephant trunks and ocean waves

May 1, 2007
Undoubtedly beautiful, sexy, and Beirut… the video of “Elephant Gun”

Also, here’s is the more transportable mp3…


Beirut – Elephant Gun

Hey! No Cars Go…

April 29, 2007
Pretty sweet little cover of Arcade Fire’s “No Cars Go” by Final Fantasy.


Final Fantasy – No Cars Go (Arcade Fire)
(mp3 courtesy of The Music Slut)

You are a true honeymoon child

April 29, 2007
Photography by new Nerve photoblogger Chase

If you remotely pay attention to the bloggy blog blogs, you already know who and what Bill Callahan is… If not, go here because I ain’t going into it.

What I will tell you, is his new album, the one where he dropped the “Smog” moniker is floating around on the interwebs and now that I was able to shake that insane Handsome Furs obsession (seriously, “What We Had” still randomly pops in my head, even when I’m blaring something else through my headphones, that’s pretty fucked up) I was able to give this a for realz listenin’ to…

And well, it’s today’s post, so obviously I’m diggin’ this shit. And, if you find yourself bouncing your head or shakin’ your ass to my posts more often than not, you’ll be diggin’ this shit too!


Bill Callahan – Honeymoon Child
Bill Callahan – From The Rivers To The Oceans
Bill Callahan – A Man Needs A Woman Or A Man To Be A Man
Bill Callahan – Sycamore

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I’m not in love with the modern world

April 26, 2007
Photography by Zoëtrix

Goddamn you, Handsome Furs…

You have ruined my ability to even try to listen to anything else this week. Thanks to you, I even bought Wolf Parade thinking the change up would help ween me off ya, but no…. I’m listen to Apologies To The Queen Mary right now, but I really want to put the Furs back on.


Here are some of my favorite tracks from Wolf Parade, in spite of your sickly addictive upcoming release, that may help get this monkey off a few of my listeners’ backs!

Good luck and enjoy.

Wolf Parade – Modern World

I’m not in love with the modern world

I’m not in love with the modern world

It was a torch driving the savages back to the trees
Modern world has more ways

And I don’t mention it since it’s changed

While the people go out and the people come home again

It’s gotta last to build up your eyes

And a lifetime of red skies

And from my bed saying your haunted hissing in my bed

Modern world don’t ask why

Cause modern world will build things high

Now they house canyons filled with life

Modern world i’m not pleased to meet you

You just bring me down

Modern world i’m not pleased to meet you

You just bring me down

Modern world i’m not pleased to meet you

You just bring me down

Modern world i’m not pleased to meet you

You just bring me down

More love for Wolf Parade:

Wolf Parade – Same Ghost Every Night
Wolf Parade – You Are A Runner And I Am My Father’s Son
Wolf Parade – Grounds For Divorce

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All my ex’s live in Texas?

April 24, 2007
Photography by Merkley

Sounds Under Radio, eh? Who does this band think they are? Their sound is bigger than any unsigned band should be, big melodies, engulfing vocals, and enough music to fill an arena. They’re showing up on the new Spiderman 3 soundtrack for fuck’s sake. Hell, they even got their album all ready for release this summer. And they aren’t even signed yet?

Must be the Texan in ‘em.


Sounds Under Radio – Portrait of a Summer Thief
Sounds Under Radio – Wasteland
Sounds Under Radio – Digital Lo-Fi

Go show them some love here and here now. And if you are lucky enough to be in Austin, TX, check these guys out while you can before they start filling arenas…

Don’t you worry

April 24, 2007
Photography by John Peri

Alright… I’ll admit. There are 2 reasons why I’m posting “Joanie Don’t You Worry” by Apples In Stereo.

1) The photo by John Peri reminded made me think of it
2) I just figured out how to relatively smoothly play the one true stand out song from New Magnetic Wonder , “Energy”, so I’m pretty hyped on that song too.

Selfish? Yeah… but it’s my site.


So just enjoy!

The Apples In Stereo – Joanie Don’t You Worry

and the ever catchy reason for the season…

The Apples In Stere – Energy

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1, 2, 3, 4…

April 22, 2007
A Fiest moment (or 2 or 3…) for a lovely weekend, thank you baby.


And I found this boy

April 22, 2007
Maia Hirasawa – “And I found this boy”

Let’s go away

April 20, 2007
Photography by Rose & Olive

Handsome Furs, the little side project of Wolf Parade featuring Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry (who I believe is his special lady friend). Their sound puts my mind in a car driving through the city at 3am, no where to go, not ready to go home. Just me, my baby, and the city lights passing us by…


Handsome Furs – What We Had

Let’s go away…
nobody’s here
in this empty space…

Some more Handsome Fur love:

Handsome Furs – Hearts of Iron

Handsome Furs – Handsome Furs Hate This City
Handsome Furs – Dead + Rural

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Looking over the sea

April 18, 2007
Photography by Unknown

From the opening moments of “Saturday Waits”, to the sound of his high falsetto voice, to the grinding bass reminiscent of Brian Ritchie on Violent Femmes, and finally that sweet chorus that begs to be sung along to Loney, Dear grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.


Loney, Dear – Saturday Waits

you sit in your room,
looking over the sea,

you’ve got friends over here

still you’re there

time after time,

you could always refer to the things,

refer to the things from the past,

shading you.

saturday waits,
you’ll get over it then
sunday never can wait…

More love for Loney, Dear off their beautiful album Loney, Noir:

Loney, Dear – Sinister in the State of Hope
Loney, Dear – I Am the Odd One
Loney, Dear – Hard Days
Loney, Dear – And I Won’t Cause Anything at All

Go show them some love here, here and here now. Ah, and while we’re at it, here’s the video for “I Am John”, the lead-off track from the same album…

Shameful, just shameful

April 16, 2007
Photography by Jo Grabowski

Picked up The Winterpills The Light Divides on a whim. I heard a song on their myspace and liked the sound, really suited the mode I’ve been in lately. Add in the boy/girl dynamic, the Stars meets Midlake sound, and BAM! I was a guarantee lay.


Anyway, no lyrics to share, but the track that sold it for me, Shameful is here for your lovin’…


Winterpills – Shameful

I tried to write out some of the lyrics, but I couldn’t make ‘em out. Anyway, here’s some more Winterpill love:

Winterpills – Lay Your Heartbreak
Winterpills – Handkerchiefs
Winterpills – Broken Arm
Winterpills – July

Go show The Winterpills some love here, here, here (their blog), and here now.

Ah, and here is the video for “A Benediction” from their first album:

Marry me… I’ll be so good to you

April 14, 2007
Photography “Do Not Disturb” by Samantha Wolov

Where did this cutie come from? Does it really matter? Guitarist Annie Clark of The Polyphonic Spree has got a few gems floating around that I’m obsessing about… you should, as well.


St Vincent – Marry Me

Marry me John
Marry me John
I’ll be so good to you
I’ll be so sweet to you…

More love for St. Vincent

St Vincent – Now Now
St Vincent – Paris Is Burning

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Ain’t she a cutie??

Summer’s ending

April 11, 2007
Photography by Gwarfi

It’s time to show some love for a fellow boardie. Steve Goldberg and his Arch Enemies have been putting out some pretty sweet tunes for some time now. He’s just recently wrapped up his new album (due out on 4/20), and I’ve got the first two leaked songs, and they are gems to be sure…

Fans of 60′s pop be warned. These songs will stick in your head for days.


Steve Goldberg & The Arch Enemies – Summers Ending
Steve Goldberg & The Arch Enemies – The Road

New song added 4/12!!!

Steve Goldberg & The Arch Enemies – The Spy (Part I)

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Bring it home to me, bring it home

April 11, 2007
Photography by Matt Sharkey

Florida was amazing as always. I don’t missing living in it, but I love visiting it… weird, eh? While there, I usually pick up an album at a Border’s where you can preview it, it’s one of those things we always do when we are down there. This time, I saw the cover of Dean & Britta’s Back Numbers and (as I usually do with boy/girl duets) I super-imposed me and Tsurubride into the cover, and ultimately, into the music. Same thing with Mates of State and with Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan (silly, huh?). Where did it land me this time? Some lovely dream pop that I’m now going to share with you.

This, Andrew Bird, and my Springtime mixtape made for a lovely outdoor Easter bbq soundtrack… Now it’s your turn.


Dean & Britta – Words You Used to Say

Glasses dirty, the drinks are dead. Happy birthday, have this you said
We’re color coded, we’re coded red. Those are words you used to say

Ah… Bring it home to me, bring it home

Trees are heavy, and I am gray. Those are dragons we used to slay
Those are games we used to play, and those are words you used to say

Ah… Bring it home to me, bring it home

I remember the slipper Room. I can see you walking on the moon
I remember, I do recall all the games we used to play
Those are things I won’t forget. Those are kicks we used to play
Those are games we used to play, and those are words you used to say.

Ah… Bring it home to me, bring it home

More love for this lovely couple…

Dean & Britta – Our Love Will Still Be There
Dean & Britta – The Sun is Still Sunny
Dean & Britta – White Horses

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Ah, the sunshine state

April 8, 2007
Photography by Tin Green

Hey TSURURADIO fans… On holiday in Florida again with my family (it’s about 72 degrees and lovely here, I’m in heaven!). Will be back with new music on Tues/Wed!


I’m not sorry

April 4, 2007
Photography “Nude #23″ by Edu Martins II

I do love a good cover and I do love me some Stars. So on the news of this upcoming release of a group of artist doing a cover of the great Stars album Set Yourself On Fire, you can imagine I was pretty excited.

Well, it leaked and I was pleasently surprised to find that for most songs, the coving band used the original vocal tracks and record new music for the songs! I love this approach, it kept the album Stars, but was so much better than getting some stupid dance mix version of some song.

The first track could easily become one of the top break-up songs of all time. Final Fantasy took “Your Ex-lover Is Dead” and somehow made it more touching and poignant!

Breathtaking. Enjoy…

Stars – your Ex-Lover Is Dead (Final Fantasy)

God that was strange to see you again
Introduced by a friend of a friend
Smiled and said ‘yes I think we’ve met before’
In that instant it started to pour,
Captured a taxi despite all the rain
We drove in silence across point champlain
And all of the time you thought I was sad
I was trying to remember your name…

This scar is a fleck on my porcelain skin
Tried to reach deep but you couldn’t get in
Now you’re outside me
You see all the beauty
Repent all your sin

It’s nothing but time and a face that you lose
I chose to feel it and you couldn’t choose
I’ll write you a postcard
I’ll send you the news
From a house down the road from real love…

Live through this, and you won’t look back…
Live through this, and you won’t look back…
Live through this, and you won’t look back…

There’s one thing I want to say, so I’ll be brave
You were what I wanted
I gave what I gave
I’m not sorry I met you
I’m not sorry it’s over
I’m not sorry there’s nothing to say

I’m not sorry there’s nothing to say…

More Stars love for those who love Stars:

Stars – Set Yourself On Fire (Montag)
Stars – One More Night (Apostle of Hustle)
Stars – Calendar Girl (Young Galaxy)

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While you were sleeping

April 3, 2007
Photography by Rose & Olive

I bought this album on a whim, I thought I read something positive and thought the album cover looked cool enough, why not? I love it when these blind buys work out nicely. Fucking Elvis Perkins, son of the late Anthony Perkins (of Psycho fame), whose mother died crashing into a tower on 9/11. Sweet fucking jesus.

This album is melancholy, and who can blame the man? Born under fame, orphaned via death, and from it came beauty. You get the voice of Neutral Milk Hotel, the instrumentation of Decemberists, the melancholy of Leonard Cohen, a touch of old-timey-ness (think M. Ward or old country) and you get this guy.

Grab, enjoy, and purchase…

Elvis Perkin – While You Were Sleeping

while you were sleeping
the babies grew
the stars shined and the shadows moved
time flew, the phone rang
there was a silence when the kitchen sang
its songs competed like kids for space
we stared for hours in our maker’s face
they gave us picks
said go mine the sun
and gold and come back when you’re done
while you were sleeping
you tossed, you turned
you rolled your eyes as the world burned
the heavens fell, the earth quaked
i thought you must be, but you weren’t awake
no, you were sleeping
you ignored the sun
you grew your power garden
for your little ones
and you found brides for them on christmas eve
they hung young cain from the adam trees
and danced
while you were sleeping
i tossed and i turned
til i closed my eyes
but the future burned
through the planet turned a hair gray
as i relived the day
while you were sleeping
the money died
machines were harmless and the earth sighed
through the wind you slept sound
and gravity caught my love around
the ocean rose, sang about decay
while witches flew
and the mermaids stayed
full of dreams, you overslept
and keeping with quiet, through the walls i crept
i walked on tiptoe, sent darkness swirling over all the kitchen in the early morning
i’ll never catch up to you
who sleeps so sound
my arms are useless
my heart beats too loud to go to sleep
my mind’s too crowded
while you were sleeping
the time changed
all your things were rearranged
your vampire mirrors face to face
they saw forever out into space
and found you dreaming in black and white
while it rained in all the colors of the night
i watched the tvs
vanished to sea
could it be, my honey between you and me
so i waited for the riddled sky
to dissolve again by sunrise
and i’ve made a death suit for life
for my father’s ill widowed wife
did you have that strangest dream before you woke
cos in your gown you had the butterfly stroke
did it escape you like some half told joke?
when you reached for your plume of smoke
it’ll haunt you, my honey bee
anyone who is anyone has that same dream
were you falling
were you flying
and were you calling out
or were you dying
thank god you’re up now
let’s stay that way
else there’ll be no mornings
and no more days
cos when we’re dreaming
our babies grow
the sun shines
and the shadows flow
time flies
the phone rings
there is a silence
and everybody tries to sing

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Elvis Perkin – Ash Wednesday
Elvis Perkin – It’s Only Me

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She was wearing what I liked

March 31, 2007
Photography “The Naturals” by Mike Dowson

I’m such a sucker for those indie babes….. Perfect for the weekend, New Buffalo’s Somewhere Anywhere.

New Buffalo – Versary

Yes I knew her name
it was written in the sky
she was wearing what I liked
color caught my eye
later on that night
with mattress in the light…

“This is one of the first songs I recorded for the album. I worked on a lot of different arrangements for this song. I was inspired by a Laura Nyro song my brother had included on a mix tape he titled Salty Sadness.”

More love for New Buffalo:

New Buffalo – Cheer Me Up Thank You
New Buffalo – I’m The Drunk And Youre The Star
New Buffalo – You’ve Gone My Friend

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Sally Seltmann some love here, here and here. Ah, and at one of my favorite labels, Arts & Crafts here, now.