tsururadio presents… transmissions from canada — happy canada day!!!

Photography of baby by me.

A long time ago, we were in an epic mixtape battle with the good folks over at The 405.  We each took on a country, The 405 represented California (and yes, they do think they are a country over there) and we took on our beloved Canada, home of the unimitatable TsuruBride.  Needless to say, we kinda kicked ass.  Between that battle & our battle with The Needle Drop, we’ve pretty much been crowned the king of the mountain, the top mixologist, aka the mixtape master!

Well, since that first mixtape battle, our mixtape transmissions from canada has gone on to become what Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, and even Avril Lavigne would probably call “a national treasure, something that every Canadian or aspiring Canadian, should listen to, love, and cherish”.  Those would be brave words coming from them, words that I would be proud of, from three of the most important Canadian icons, the holy trinity of the great white north:

Leonard Cohen

Neil Young

Avril Lavigne (seen here in her natural state)

Just looking at their pictures, I’m humbled.

It’s July 1st, meaning, yes it’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day, but it’s also Canada Day!  And in honour of the wonderful country I hope to call home one day (after all, I’m a native-Floridian (Canada’s winterland) and an aspiring-Canadian), I felt it was time to re-present our landmark and epic mixtape to you.  Why? Because, as the old saying goes, everyone’s got a little Canadian in him on Canada Day… His name is Bob and you might want to get checked out for a V.D. tomorrow.

Photo by futureatlas

Happy Canada Day my friends, love The Tsurus!  Have a wonderful weekend, go blow up shit, go ride yer bikes, go take lots of pictures of your boobies, and we’ll see you all before long.  Until then, let’s get our Canuck ON as…

tsururadio presents… transmissions from canada

(full zip)


01 Intro
02 Broken Social Scene – Ibi Dreams Of Pavement (A Better Day)
03 Clues – Haarp
04 The Rural Alberta Advantage – Four Night Rider
05 Most Serene Republic – Humble Peasants
06 The Lovely Feathers – Family That Doesn’t Know The Game
07 Islands – Rough Gem
08 Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies)
09 Wolf Parade – You Are A Runner And I Am My Father’s Son
10 Destroyer – The Sublimation Hour
11 Rock Plaza Central – My Children Be Joyful
12 Stars – Your Ex-Lover Is Dead (Final Fantasy Mix)
13 Patrick Watson – Luscious Life
14 The New Pornographers – The Bleeding Heart Show
15 Sunset Rubdown – Us Ones In Between
16 Plants And Animals – Bye Bye Bye
17 Outro


1 comment for “tsururadio presents… transmissions from canada — happy canada day!!!

  1. July 1, 2011 at 10:55 AM


    Hockey Night in Canada theme

    The Hanson Brothers – The Hockey Song

    The Hip – 50 Mission Cap

    Slayer – Angel of Death

    Stompin Tom Connors – The Hockey Song

    The point is: not all Canada Day songs have to be from Canada, but they should be about hockey.

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