tsururadio presents… reverend aaron’s old timey big tent revival mixtape!

Photography by me.

Are you ready to testify, my brother?  Are you ready to preach the good word????  Can I get an amen?


Can I get a halleloo?


That’s better… Did I ever tell you I’m a reverend?  It’s true. Got ordained 11 years ago. Nope, I’m no christian or any of that. I’m not this guy:


Yeah, sure I was raised baptist on my dad’s side and very agnostic on my mom’s side, and yeah, I experimented in college by practicing judaism for a year or so while living with some hippy hasidim.  All the while taking religion courses while getting my chemistry degree, ultimately settling into a happy love of quantum theory as my religion, what that means as it relates to jewish carpenters, I gots no idea.

I love religion. Nothing guides your entire life quite like what you think is going on outside your life in the unknown. Your religion, from devout believer to devout atheist, guides your daily choices, your politics, who you fuck, what you do, what you eat, it’s pretty amazing.  Who can blame you? Death is scary.  What is the meaning and all that.  Why the hell am I here, now, blogging about religion and presenting a mixtape???? Surely for some reason?

No clue. Not going to worry about it. Unless the reincarnation peeps are right, you only get one go on this earth, best have some fun with it, love your neighbors, and make some kind of mark so at least somebody remembers you existed, right?


Speaking of making a mark. You know we gots our nudiezine (issue #7 is almost ready), but check it, Amazon is publishing a little short story I wrote called, “The Field Recordings Of Henry Gowens: 1. The Flight To Detroit”!  SWEEEET!

Yes, I know I need a better cover than that… it’s in works (I kinda didn’t think about it when I uploaded the story).  Anyways, it will be $0.99, the cheapest price you can make it on Amazon. I hope you like it. Hopefully its the first of many.

But anyways, where were we? Oh yeah! So, the other day when Baby & I were in Phoenix, “Spirit In The Sky” came on and I immediately wanted to build a mixtape as we jammed out.  It started forming in my head, fun and maybe a religious theme in the mixtape.  We get back to Columbus and I get to work but then it dawns on me…. I already did this!

A dig in the tsuru-archives and blamo, there it is….. a MASSIVE 2 and 1/2 hour long mixtape with tinges of life, death, and religion all clumped together in a gapless epic AAAND I never even shared it with you!

Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

I know, right?

Well, time to rectify (lol… rectum) this, to spread the good werd, to whip you up into a fervor of religiosity!!!  But, I got a little present for ya…. I DID start the next mixtape, so instead of scrapping it, I decided to tag it to the bottom of this post as an Appendix of sorts for our little sermon on high, sound good?


So turn on yer old timey radio…

Turn it up reeeeeeally loud, sit back, and let a little jesus deep inside you, yeah, deeper, yeah… you like that??? Yeah…….

tsururadio presents… reverend aaron’s old timey tent revival mixtape!

tsururadio presents… Reverend Aaron’s Old Timey Tent Revival Mixtape!!! by tsururadio


Featuring: Neutral Milk Hotel, Martha Wainwright, Clem Snide, The Stanley Brothers, Le Loup, Velvet Underground, The Veils, Holly Golightly, Arcade Fire, Alison Kraus & The Soggy Bottom Boys, Jenny Lewis, Neko Case, Satan, Ezra Furman, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, St. Vincent, Blitzen Trapper, Cake, The Fire Theft, and so so much more!!!


Norman Greenbaum – Spirit In The Sky
Death Cab For Cutie – St. Peter’s Cathedral
Arcade Fire – Culture War
The Middle East – Jesus Came To My Birthday Party
Violent Femmes – Rejoice And Be Happy
Bright Eyes – A Machine Spiritual (In the People’s Key)
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – Morning Thought
Bon Iver – Perth
Moonface – Fast Peter
The National – Gospel

That’s it!  I hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend everyone, ride your bikes, take lots of pictures, and we’ll see you before long!

Love & Cheers,
Aaron aka Tsuru

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