WTF YOU SAYIN?!… in French

Being from Canada, I’m pretty fluent in French because it is required we learn it in school. However, Canadian French is a little bit different than France French so this is where we’re headed today.

First off we have pop/rock group Superbus which I have loved for quite a while. Their music is always just so bubbly and happily. Their name comes from the Latin word meaning proud. They often do sing in English, so even in their French songs have hints of English words or references like “James Bond”. Their song Radio Song was also featured on Guitar Hero III as an unlockable bonus song.Superbus- Lova Lova

Here’s a French oldie, a musician heavily influenced by Bob Dylan and spews out passionate emotions for every lyric.Francis Cabrel- Qu’est-Ce Que Je Viens De Dire?


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