Various and Sundry: Reality is Relative

Maggie Crisler's Relief Effort

Maggie Crisler's Relief Effort

Reality is relative.

This week, those of us in the Southeastern US got pounded by the worst tornado outbreak in years. While my family was immune to the destruction; it was only by a mile or two. It was a seriously a little too close for comfort.

There are thousands – maybe hundreds of thousands – of people impacted by the devastation. Don’t let the national media reports fool you, it is worse than the five minute reports indicate. By the time everything is said and done, the sad reality is that the death-toll will most like be in the thousands, not the hundreds.

If you follow DeadJournalist on Twitter you know that I was hyper-active on Wednesday because of the devastating tornadoes that struck. The storms in Alabama and Georgia hit especially close to home.

I was born and raised outside of Cartersville, Ga., and various members of my immediate family were under the gun from several tornadoes with this storm. While they were thankfully unaffected (outside of loss of power), they were mere miles from the devastation. My mom, particularity, was square in the sites of a tornado that hit at 11:15PM local time; only to have a last minute shift if the storm’s direction save her and her home.

Both sides of my family are originally from Alabama; as is my wife. I still have family there. And as Auburn University alums, we both have many friends and family and friends of friends who were directly impacted by the historic tornadic outbreak.

As with any tragedy, there is no such things as doing too little. When a disaster of this magnitude hits – it’s important help out how you can.

I ran across this site this morning. It’s a wonderful example of someone – Maggie Crisler – helping out in a creative way that can make a big impact.

I don’t know Crisler but I do know the shirts would make a great way to make a small impact in a situation where there is no-such-thing as “small” impact. for Paper Crane Collective for Paper Crane Collective

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