Some Times: end comes too soon ft. Wild Beasts

That’s it everyone. I’m done with school for the year. I handed in my last paper yesterday afternoon and have been sleeping, listening to music, and watching television ever since! It’s going to be a good ol’ summer, I can feel it. I head back east to CT for a few weeks and then embark on my NYC couch surfing summer adventure! I’ll be working at the Colbert Report and living with about 4 different people throughout the next few months. Should be good times! …I hope they have internet…

So anyway, listen up. I. Love. Wild Beasts. Love ’em. Can’t get enough of ’em. “Hooting and Howling” off their 2009 sophomore album was my straight up jam for months. Vocalist (along with other instruments…) Hayden Thorpe has this voice that I can hardly handle. It’s like one part indie, two parts opera and I can’t get enough of it. I haven’t really been able to pinpoint exactly where his vocals take me, but I keep getting visuals of like, the Mediterranean in … like… 800 BCE. Rome. Or Greece maybe. I actually have no fucking idea what I mean by that, but it’s not a stretch for me to have Homer narrate some sexy play in my head about a epic battle or some shit, with Thorpe’s vocals dripping all over it. Let’s move on.

Wild Beasts released their new album Smother today and I’ve been drinking it up like cold bottle of Jarritos limón. As I stated in a snippet about the single “Albatross” a few weeks back here,

After a brief and false-ending drop off, “Albatross” resumes and immediately fills me with… well.. to be honest… it fills me with a deep longing and melancholy that sort of burrows down deep into my chest cavity and starts to gnaw away at my vital organs. Just go with me on this one guys.

Do you feel me or what?

Smother is just… it’s just… beautiful… What else can I say? You can just swim through tracks like “Burning,” or groove out to “Bed of Nails.” Although for the most part Wild Beasts have moved away from the bouncy playfulness present in that latter track that was also common of Two Dancers, they have hardly strayed from their ability to wring pure emotion out of listeners with only minimal prodding of piercing lyrics. In “Lion’s Share,” Thorpe quips, “‘Cause it’s a terrible scare/ but that’s why the dark is there/ see you don’t have to see what you can’t bear.” The album is mostly coated in melancholy, but secretly harbors passion, love, and hopefulness. It’s like a little private thing we’re in on with the band.

The album closes with the 7:33 minute “End Come Soon,” which is, you know, reflexive and cute and shit, but also incredibly thoughtful and elegant and touching and tear-jerking. It’s just an album though! I can just play it again! Stop it you guys! Why are my eyes leaking?

So. That’s all. Go buy it! It’s dope, take it from me. Certified dope.

Happy Summer Vacation everyone! (Or just happy May 10th for you grownups and whatnot)


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  1. May 11, 2011 at 6:24 AM

    Hooting And Howling made me go crazy, too. I’m looking forward to hearing their new stuff, especially after your post!

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