Sad Bastard Sundays: An Almost Rant/Covers Edition with special guest Christian Kiefer

Sad Bastard Sundays is a moment of zen, a moment of slowed down listening. Songs from wanderers, troubadours, and musicians for moments when a 4/4 beat and laser light shows are not required. I am Sandy at Slowcoustic and I hope to bring you over to the dark side – the songs might not brighten your day, but they might be the best song you have heard in a while…again, if only at half speed…



Today gets a bit of a blogger staple with a “cover song” post.  We as bloggers enjoy music that we might need multiple versions of the same song…yeah, that is kinda why there are soo many covers around these days…  Music bloggers love covers (for the most part) so lots of bands get fairly easy press on them as many blogs clammer to post a cover by the latest hip indie outfit.  Whether a band/artist uses covers as a promotional effort or uses it as an actual project to make good music is really moot these days as covers are running rampant through the internets.  So are covers good, bad, unnecessary, infringement or just plain good fun?  It is all up in the air as I believe there is a bit of ‘all of the above’ when it comes to covers, some are really good, some are really bad.  In the end many get played as the original was popular and I can only imagine how many searches for the word ‘cover’ the hype machine has.


What happens when the cover is preferred to the original?  Its all good to pay homage to a song you truly enjoy or join in on a compilation that is paying tribute to an artist, but what about when its really good….like really good?  This actually happens a fair amount these days and is probably because soo many covers are being performed that some of them have to be good.  So to make an attempt at a thinking bloggers post, this is it – Are covers good for the overall music scene?  I am not one to decide as I don’t mind them in general, but I do get a little put off when a million bands jump on a bandwagon to get some sort of spotlight.  I mean, how many more remixes, covers, mash ups with Adele do we really need?

Well, as this is still a music blog, you are looking for a tune – so let’s give you a cover that I think is ‘better’ than the original.  The song is Viva Ultra that originally was performed by Palace Music (or as most people know them, the band that Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy/Will Oldham was in prior to doing the solo thing).  The song is from Christian Kiefer and it is from a long lost and out of print compilation on Tract Records for Will Oldham covers.  This song was actually on the bonus disc (disc 2) and is not included in the 2006 re-issue of the album.  The song is still an all time favourite for me.  Please enjoy.

I Am A Cold Rock.  I Am Dull Grass Cover

“Viva Ultra (Will Oldham/Palace Music Cover)” – Christian Kiefer – from “I Am A Cold Rock.  I Am Dull Grass.  A Will Oldham Tribute”

Find the single disc over on Amazon here.

~Smansmith @ Slowcoustic

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