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Today is an epic day in Canada. One that can not be ignored and ultimately something I feel so passionately about that I can’t just sit here and talk about the music I’ve been listening to or bands I’ve been seeing. Today is May 2, 2011 and it is the 41st Canadian Federal Election! Those of you that are unfamiliar with the political situation in Canada, for the past five years the Stephen Harper Conservatives have had their helm at running Canada…and it hasn’t been in a pretty direction. For you Americans, think McCain vs. Obama election. I use this reference because we’re sick of the way the government has been running things and we want change.
Beyond the fact that Harper has governed our great country as if he were some evil greedy villain from a children’s story book, he also loves to showcase his musical abilities at public events (see I’m bringing music into this!). Sorry, I shouldn’t say abilities, more like the creepy sounds of a dying beached whale. He made news during the early stages of his campaign when he performed John Lennon’s “Imagine” (a nightmare inducing performance). The YouTube video was pulled due to a “copyright claim by Lenono Music” aka the publishing company behind Yoko Ono and Lennon’s music. (way to go Yoko Ono! Oh how I love that lady!!).

What’s stirred things up this election is the fact that the political leaders were ignoring the youth vote. Politics are never a nice smooth ride, and we all know parties play to certain sides but Harper went too far (actually banning people from rallies due to their political supports on Facebook) basically bitch slapping the youth demographic of Canada. This has stirred up a passion for change and in support of voting that I have not seen before in my peers. Through social media I have seen how other like minded (and frustrated) people there are out there and it is truly inspiring. Statistically it’s been tough to get the younger generations out to vote but in reaction to a video rant about youth voting by Rick Mercer, Vote Mobs have sprung up across Canada.

Rick Mercer urging youth to vote video:

My favourite Vote Mob video:

Now these are all my opinions and I don’t wish to push any of my political ideals on anyone. Simply, I have written this for any Canadians reading this to urge you to go out and VOTE!!
Your voice can’t be heard if you don’t VOTE!!


Not sure where to VOTE? Check out Elections Canada’s website.

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