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Wow, has it really been another two weeks already? Time seems to be flying by, which normally I’m all about in the cold winter months, but now that the temperatures are consistently above ridiculous, I’d like things to slow down a bit, though I don’t see that happening any time soon. As we move into summer, the night becomes much more exciting. Mostly because it’s not excruciating to stand outside, but also because there’s nothing quite like driving with the windows down on a warm summer night. And that, my friends, is my tie in to this week’s theme, “Night”. Although upon further consideration, I may have subconsciously chosen this theme due to my current infatuation with the great Zola Jesus. If you haven’t heard her song “Night”, then stop whatever you’re doing and go listen to it. Your ears will thank me later. But, all of that has nothing to do with any of the songs you will find below, nor do they have anything to do with each other really. What they DO have in common, however, is that I found them all by searching for “Night” on The Hype Machine. Also, I apologize for the brevity in the commentary below, but, you see, I’d just won tickets to see Here We Go Magic and didn’t have much time to pull this all together. I still think it works, though. Let me know if I was wrong.

First up is a sorta funky sorta sexy remix of perhaps my favorite track from the 2010 album Before Today by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. The album came out before Ariel Pink started having meltdowns at every show ever. Dam-Funk did some good work playing up all the right parts of “Fright Night” and turned it into something different from the original but equally as enjoyable for me.

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Fright Night (Dam-Funk Remix)
[via Brooklyn Vegan]

This next tune is equally as smooth as the last but with a whole lot more synth. It was posted by our friend Laurent over at Pasta Primavera as part of a little playlist he put together to welcome his new son into the world (congrats!!). It’s a good one. We like it. You will too, maybe.

Future Trends – Dangers of the Night
[via Pasta Primavera]

Now let’s move on to a rock song that’s a bit more straightforward with a lot less special effects. This one is by Chief, a band that I know nothing about, but it appears this song was somewhat popular back in 2010. Hopefully, with my help and yours, it will remain somewhat popular in 2011.

Chief – Night & Day
[via Music Savage]

And this seems like an appropriate way to end things. That’s right, I’m talking about “All Night Long” by 80s soul/funk/disco group Mary Jane Girls. It’s a song about knockin’ boots, in case you couldn’t guess. And more specifically, about how the Mary Jane Girls “can’t wait to get started lovin’ you all night long.” Ain’t nothin wrong with that.

Mary Jane Girls – All Night Long
[via La Détente Générale]

Until we meet again….

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