WTF YOU SAYIN?!.. in Spanish!

This week we travel to Spain where we run into CatPeople. Don’t worry, they’re a band and not a breed of feline humans. They actually sing majorly in English, but I felt like mentioning them anyway because they are often an underrated band in terms of our own radars. They do have one song in Spanish but I can’t find it to show you.
CatPeople- Radio

Now for something not in English.

Here we have Los Piratas. Sadly they are not around any more as they broke up to pursue solo careers. Check out this great song anyway. I love when people roll Rs. I’m unfortunately Asian and can’t do it.


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  1. PPLU
    April 28, 2011 at 4:16 PM

    Hi there!
    I first heard about this great blog through my gilfriend a couple of moths ago, and been following since.
    The fact that you posted a couple of songs from Spanish bands really caught my attention due to the fact that I am from Spain.
    I thougth that maybe I should contribute by adding some more Spanish bands to your list.
    Hope you like them ;-)

    -The Sunday Drivers- (They are a Band from Toledo that broke up about a year ago. A pity… These guys sing only in English and got their name from The Beatles’ song “Drive My Car”)
    Here is a link of one of their songs:

    -Lori Meyers- (Another great BandThese guys are from Granada sing mostly in Spanish)
    There goes the link:

    -Vetusta Morla (They got their name from the Turtle in “The Never Ending Story” Novel by Michael Ende. They are from Madrid)
    Again, the link (this song kinda reminds me of “Strawberry Fields Forever”):

    -Love Of Lesbian- (Although they started singing in English, this band from Barcelona currently sing in Spanish and are very interactive with their audiences when performing live)
    Yep! You guessed it… Here comes the link!:

    -Deluxe- (Last but not least comes Deluxe, AKA Xoel Nuñez. From Galicia)
    Here goes the link:

    Well, hope you liked the music, and keep up the good work! Great Blog!

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