WTF YOU SAYIN…. in Acadian French?!

I understand French, but even I’m not sure what Montreal’s Radio Radio is saying sometimes, or it’s a lot harder to keep up. They rap in a dialect of French known as Acadian French. In some tracks they mix in some English, which when mixed with Acadian language is actually another language called Chiac.

For example, in Guess What, you probably think you know what you’re hearing and then it sort of throws you off. The song. Despite that, the song is still crazy catchy.

Radio Radio- Guess what

I think my favourite thing about Radio Radio is how fun it is to try and pretend you know how to recite the lyrics. I love use of Chiac. The mix of Acadian French and English is hilarious. It’s like you think they’re speaking some unknown language then you suddenly hear the words “fortune cookie and chinese food” and you’re like what? They make rapping in Chiac seem like it’s the cool thing to do. It’s seamless, there’s no break from when switching between French and English, it just sort of happens. If you ever decide to do a cover of them, I’d love to see a video of it.

Radio Radio- Sur la galavande


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