What I Did At Bandcamp: Prog edition…..

Not too long ago, we wrote an open letter to independent artists to delete their myspace pages. Now, every other week, we are going to wander along the best alternative out there, Bandcamp, and see what kind of adventures we can have at What I did at Bandcamp …

Howdy ho, my friends! How ya been? Sorry I was out last week… Baby & I hopped on down to Nashville Fashion Week to see her awesome-o clutches featured in Julianna Bass‘s line & to shoot my friend Tyler, AND to hang out with the paper crane collective’s own Culture Bully!

Good times were had… but a 6 hour drive and a full work week later, here we are ready to talk about what we did at Bandcamp these past two weeks!  This time?  PROG EDITION!!!  Say it with me now:


Oh my that feels good.

Prog is an amazing beast. It comes in so many shapes in sizes.  From the poppier, to the jazzier, to the metallier, and lard knows everything in between.  What’s the common thread?  Hard to say.  Some say it’s the mix up mash up of time & rhythm, some go with sci-fi themes, some say it’s the 5 hour long songs, some say it’s just a certain sound, man… and sure, all of those are kinda right, but it’s tricky. Prog comes from here.

Note: I was pointing to my heart.

But here’s what I do know… cruising along the progessive initially, but prog eventually bandcamp genre tag took me down an amazing road.  Long songs, short songs, brit-pop, pop-pop, dance-pop, slow, fast, fun, sad, and everything in between, ultimately landing us on a tribute to porn star Sasha Grey.

New purse idea, Baby?

Honestly, how can you top that?  I can’t. So, without further adieu, we present a bandcamp streaming compilation of “proggy” goodness!!!  15 songs by 15 quasi-proggy bands you (and I) probably never heard of.  WOOOT! Let’s do it!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Go ride your bikes, go take lots of pictures, and, if the good lard’s a-willin’ and the creeks don’t rise, we’ll see you before long……..

Aaron aka Tsuru


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