UP NORTH- Will Conquer

Sorry for the late post this week! I’ve been working on a project where I have to record and create a marketing plan for a band. The band we used was Will Conquer. They are an alternative, grunge band from Toronto, Ontario. I went to university with the ginger one. I’d love to post the single we recorded in studio, but it hasn’t been released yet so I’ll settle with an old track called Long Way Down.
Will Conquer- Long Way Down

As you can hear, they have a bit of folk elements in their sound. I love their use of both electric and acoustic guitars. That is not to say, they do quite a jam on electrics as well:
Will Conquer- Around
The band is pretty active if you’re around Toronto. They do shows almost every few weeks in bars around town and throw pretty awesome drunken disasters if you’re up for it.


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