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My first review upon joining InYourSpeakers in July 2010 was Green Gerry’s Odd Tymes, a homebrewed lo-fi jumble of one-man-band experiments. Eager to prove my literary dedication to research and commentary, my review of Odd Tymes was eight paragraphs long, a short novel compared to my current standards. It’s hard enough for me to convince my parents to read my published eBook, so asking total strangers to read that much information on someone else’s work was nothing short of egotistical.

But it’s the music that brings me back here. Tonight I asked myself, “Did I cut Odd Tymes some slack, the album being my first IYS review?” Hell no.  Is Green Gerry’s debut LP weird as shit? You bet your cute little ass. The songs change rapidly but never before their time, with unbroken continuity remaining at the heart of the matter. There are no pop riffs or drop-dead guitar solos, no big drums or radio-friendly hits, but Green Gerry claims no ambitions to the throne of indie radio. His music is bizarre textures, buried vocals of farewell and samples of distant train whistles.

“Is Green Gerry’s debut LP weird as shit? You bet your cute little ass.”

Even the album’s many flaws bring about a genuine honesty that most artists desperately attempt to disguise. Sure, the album’s longest track is a noise-riddled boom of maniacal laughter, but without such an elongated, twisted setup, the still wonderful “Song Fur Thunderstorms” wouldn’t sound as comforting. “Beths Goodbye” reaches across the room to hit the microphone, lending itself a coda of wordless choral bliss. But you need to capture these songs together to understand why this tiny album made such an impact on my blackened, cynical soul. Driven by the hunger of pure expression, Green Gerry drafted a sliver of a niche all to his own.

Upon finishing my review of Odd Tymes, I figured I’d hear fifteen near-identical albums as I composed for IYS, but I’ve yet to hear anything remotely like it. It is a slow burning charmer, a musical experience that is rarely found in the lifetime of an audio enthusiast. I believe Green Gerry when he sings, even if his song titles make no fucking sense.

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