Something Old (Neil Young) & Something New (Teen Daze, Foxes In Fiction & Vacation cover Neil Young)

Hello Music Lovers! Bruce from Some Velvet Blog here with another edition of Something Old & Something New. This week: It’s all about one of my favorite all time musicians, Neil Young. When it comes to covering Neil Young songs, you really can’t fuck around. In fact, you better not. And if you do, you better nail it. Yesterday the interwebs were all abuzz about this new collection of Neil Young covers called Headed For The Ditch: A Tribute To Neil Young that was posted on Universal Electricity. It’s available as a free download here and I have to say that it’s worth checking out. As big a Neil fan as I am, there’s nothing on this collection that will disappoint. In fact, there’s some stand out covers of some of Neil’s classics and lesser know tunes on it. Some of the songs, like Vacation’s cover of “Barstool Blues” (originally on Zuma), Teen Daze’s cover of the title track to “Harvest Moon,” Kind Spirit’s version of “Lotta Love,” (from Neil’s album Comes A Time) and Foxes In Fiction’s “Tell Me Why” (from the awesomely classic After The Goldrush album) are fantastic.

If you’re a Neil Young fan, you should absolutely check out this tribute. Even if you aren’t you should step in to the genius of the Neil Young songbook with these interpretations. Below, something old from the Master himself from an album still not available on CD (and one of favorite Neil albums – along with On The Beach), Time Fades Away, followed by a few covers from the tribute.

Hey hey my my. Rock and roll will never die.

Download: Time Fades Away – Neil Young

Download: Harvest Moon – Teen Daze
Download: Tell Me Why – Foxes In Fiction

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