Some Times: we vajam, feat. Grass Widow

Grass Widow by arimyg
Mmmm, howdy.

How have the children been? Lively? Good. Me too. Or living at least. Time has been flying, y’all. Have you been feeling it? I seem to have misplaced the last few weeks, as the days sped by to a crashing halt last Saturday evening. If you’re following me on twitter, you probably heard me mumbling on about something called “vajammin” all week, whatever that means. Well, let me tell you! This semester I have been helping plan a one day festival that showcased female musicians in an industry that does quite a bit to discourage their involvement. After a panel we put together last Wednesday discussing some of the issues us girls face today (featuring the likes of Allison Wolfe and Angel Deradoorian — I know. We’re all BFFles now and I can hardly contain my excitement), we gathered our instruments and amps for a full day of kickass tunes. To everyone’s excitement, headliners Mirah and Thao performed individual sets as well as a few songs together from their upcoming album. Other performers included Grass Widow, Girl Hands, Slutever, Peter Pants, Summer Twins, and Kitchen Hips.  (You can learn more about the festival at our tumblr!)

I am hard pressed to come up with a favorite act from the day, but I think I have settled on continuing on a bit about Grass Widow in this short little post here. These girls rule. Lillian Maring (drums), Hannah Lew (bass) and Raven Mahon (guitar) got on stage and immediately began weaving their voices together, creating this big ol’ blanket of beauty that settled over the crowd, putting us into a surreal daze of harmony. Don’t let that blanket metaphor fool you, there’s enough bass throbbin’ and drum bangin’ to keep the crowd bouncing about.

Grass Widow cite all-girl rockers The Neo Boys and Kleenex as influces, as well as drawing on them for inspiration and their legacies for support. Last August, they released their second full length album Past Time on Kill Rock Stars, which is a fucking lovely creation. Below is a video someone made of their cover of The Neo Boys’ “Time Keeps Time” from the festival, as well as the track “Shadow” and video for “11 of Diamonds,” both off Past Time Listen to them! A lot! More!

Grass Widow – Shadow


That’s it!


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