Some Times: we do it in the dark ft. Dark Dark Dark

Hey everyone. Fucking listen to this band.

That’s all this post is going to boil down to so I figured I’d just get it all out in the air now.


Here’s some more about it: Dark Dark Dark is a beautiful creation that I wish I had stumbled upon earlier. I was spinning shit down at KSPC on my show last friday when I spotted this album. Now, it actually came out in February, but in case you missed it like I did a few months ago, here’s a second chance to be punched in the face with it! Wild Go, the band’s sophomore album, is an entrancing swirl of exotic-sounding tracks, blending in hints of Balkan tunes and soaring chamber choirs. If Beirut and Elliott Smith were brothers, Dark Dark Dark is their hot younger sister. Or maybe older. Or maybe like, Elliott Smith is the older bro and then Beirut is the younger bro. Yeah that sounds right. To be honest I’m only throwing Elliott in there because I can’t listen to the first 30 seconds of “Daydreaming” without seeing Figure 8 swirls in my eyelids. That piano, man.

I supposed I should also mention here that accordion is my favorite. Thing. Favorite thing. And fortunately there is just the right amount of accordion on this album, adding the perfect dose of Parisian romance to lead singer Nona Marie Invie’s mature and elegant vocals, particularly on “Celebrate”. And the snapping on “In Your Dreams”? WHAT UP!


What I’m trying to say is that Wild Go is a fabulous album that you ought to check out. That shit is dreamy.


& Here’s a track and quick vid for ya, in case you want immediate gratification. Which you do.

Dark Dark Dark – Celebrate

Happy Tuesday!

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