Sad Bastard Sundays: The Unknown Artist

Sad Bastard Sundays is a moment of zen, a moment of slowed down listening.  Songs from wanderers, troubadours, and musicians for moments when a 4/4 beat and laser light shows are not required.  I am Sandy at Slowcoustic and I hope to bring you over to the dark side – the songs might not brighten your day, but they might be the best song you have heard in a while…again, if only at half speed…


Dry Still

Today’s post is short, sweet and something I bring out every once and awhile in hopes that someone somewhere feels the same way and joins in my love for the unknown artist. This particular artist isn’t really “unknown” but he is elusive and I honestly don’t know who he really is and can’t say if he is still recording at all.

A blank white page as a website, a MySpace page that hasn’t been updated in years (and with no bio) and nobody I know can tell me more than that. Another thing is that I don’t even remember how I got the 8 songs that I do have. But god damn I am glad I have them.  He is only known as ‘Dry Still’.

Dry Still is from Tennessee, I do know that much, and I do have a little bit of info as I have actually had a message from a family member that indicated he was still recording and new material would be out soon.  That was about 2 years ago I think.  Maybe the sombre twang of this guitar, the sandpaper vocals and honesty of the songs that I have heard can’t be duplicated.  They are simply songs with names and the names are something I will never know what is behind them…and maybe that is what makes them so damn good.

I leave you with one song and it’s a killer.  Sad Bastards, please enjoy.

“Protection & Pearl” – Dry Still, unknown album

If anyone knows more of this elusive artist, please share with us.  If anyone knows him, encourage him to make contact…


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