Sad Bastard Sundays: Elephant Micah – the greatest ‘under the radar’ musician?

Welcome once again to “Sad Bastard Sunday” here with the Paper Crane Collective!  I am the deliverer of sombre, the master of mellow and the annihilator of contentment…welcome to the slower side of music .  Sorry, a little too much old school wrestling match introductions running through my head today!


Today’s artist I wanted to feature is “Elephant Micah” or Joe O’Connell.  He is an unassuming young gentleman with a penchant for delicate finger picked music and floating great lyrics over his music to create some of the best songs our there today.  While he has quite a large catalog (and most of it is actually free) I wanted to focus on what is probably my favourite Elephant Micah album, “Exiled Magicians”.  It contains some of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard and while they might not actually be “sad” in content, they make the mind wander in that direction – like the way a cello can bring such aching beauty with one slow draw of its bow across its strings.

Let’s listen to a few songs to get an idea of the music from one of the best “singer-songwriters” that I know of.




Find more info on Elephant Micah on his Website and visit his Bandcamp page for much more streaming/purchasing!

~Sandy @ Slowcoustic

Slowcoustic Crane

1 comment for “Sad Bastard Sundays: Elephant Micah – the greatest ‘under the radar’ musician?

  1. Martin
    April 10, 2011 at 3:42 PM

    Elephant Micah is the most overlooked musician in this genre. Having released loads of stuff he is stil criminally unknown. Unbelievable! If you keep bugging to give him a session like I do they may just listen one day.

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