Pooch’s Props: Exam Mode is the new Beast Mode

I’m feeling down in the dumps, you can’t call me Debbie Downer though….  Anyway, I’m writing to you this week on the verge of insanity having just been plugging away at getting my studying done for my upcoming exams.

Bon Iver – The Wolves (Act I and II)

Exams-shmexams.  That is where my head is at.  I’ve got five courses with exams spread out (not really) over the next almost four weeks.  If only life was so generous to have actually spread my exams out somewhat evenly i wouldn’t be this frustrated/irate/i don’t even have words to describe this feeling because i have four exams in four days… then a 14 day (2 WEEK) BREAK until my last exam where I will be in literal limbo (like the guys in Inception, but for rizzle this time).  I’m kinda feeling like Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock right about now as being normal would probably kill me because i wouldn’t be able to lock myself in a library for 9-14 hours in a row.

Mutual Benefit – Here

I’m in college and whatnot, BUT I CAN’T WRITE AN EXAM FOR THE LIFE OF ME! Sure, I can recite any random trivia your heart could ever desire (i’m a prodigal version of Ken Jennings) and i can write an essay to compete with Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” but by George! I can’t write exams.  I was known in my high school for being an artist when it comes down to choking on exams, but I would LOVE to break the mould I have created for myself.  Anyway, what am i to do but sit here and continue studying my arse off?  I’m legitimately on my last leg, about to start barking or crying, both seem suitable for my mental state at the moment.  I do have my little sanctum in my musical bubble that i create while in this cubicle that is facilitated by my headphones and my temporary reclusive nature so thank “God” for that! (DO NOT READ TOO FAR INTO THOSE QUOTATION MARKS AND DON’T TAKE ME AS A PREACHER… we’ll talk when i’m not stressing about these personal hells i’m about to endure… and i’ll have to put that talk off a month longer until after my LSATs have killed me… like every other exam i’m going to face).

Olu – Beautiful Darkness


Macy Gray – I Try

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  1. April 5, 2011 at 11:34 PM

    Bon Iver and Macy Gray’s classic, LOVE IT. Good luck on your exams, I just got over maybe the most stressful week of my life so just know IT SOON SHALL PASS.

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