It’s Record Store Day… So go buy some records & shit.

All across the globe people are “celebrating” record store day.  The day created by record stores and those who love them to get you, who for the most part have long forgotten them, to come back and go shopping for at least one day of the year.  It’s kinda sad that it’s come to this, that it takes a Special Day to get us to the record store or, more honestly, it takes a Special Day with Special and/or Limited Editions to get us humans to a record store.  But, I’m supposin’, it’s just the nature of things in todays digital world.  Though, I do find it kind of funny that those who lament the crowds and lines during the horrible & continued commercialization of xmas are more than willing to do it for a chance to get a special 7″ from Beach House.  But again, we humans are funny bunch.

Don’t get me wrong… I love Record Store Day, though I don’t celebrate it all that much.  Sure, I’ll probably pop in to Used Kids here in Columbus or something (I think Black Swans are playing)..

The Black Swans “I Forgot to Change the Windshield Wipers in My Mind” from Tommy Britt on Vimeo.

..but really, I don’t think today is for me or, if you are a regular visitor to this site, you.  Record Store Day is for all those people out there who forgot record stores even existed.  To them, iTunes is their record store (at best).  It’s to make them look up in google maps where the stores are, for them to put on pants and actually go inside the shop.  Why?  So maybe, juuuust maybe a percent of them will come back another day and buy more records.

So you, as a representative of the music geek society, if you do find yourself in a record store today and you see all the crowds in your shop maybe vying for that last special 7″ something something, remember… be nice, be helpful, and show all these people who forgot the joys or flipping through a shelf of records, forgot the wonderful discussions you have with fellow patrons & music fans, just forgot what it’s like to hang out in a record shop, just how awesome it really is, okay?

Just don’t be douchy about it (i.e. if they want that Lionel Ritchie record, NOT ironically, you know what you say? “Nice!”)..

Remember, we want our record shops to survive, to make money, to stay exactly where they are, forever and ever and ever, but it takes a lot of people to spend a bunch of money, more money than they would online mind you, ALL YEAR LONG to make that happen.  So, bring a friend, bring 10 friends, and make new friends while you are there, okay? Good.

Cheers & happy record store day,

Aaron aka Tsuru

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