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What’s good my fellow papercranes? I’ve just returned to reality after a marvelous week in the Coachella valley for some sun, pool, drinks, and 100 of my favorite bands along with tens of thousands of my closest friends. I even got to meet papercrane @tadpoleaudio in person. And I could hardly contain my excitement when she told me her new job was working with my favorite television program, The Biggest Loser. But anyway, now that we’re back to reality, happier than when we left but sadder that it’s over, it’s time for another edition of Hypem Hunting – the segment where I (or usually someone else) pick a random word, and then I search for it on The Hype Machine, and then I deliver to you some of the favorite tunes that I found but had never heard before. This week, my friend and 2010 Coachella companion @stephdub picked the word – juice – and much to my surprise, there were many great tunes to be had.

It didn’t take long before I came across this first tune, an electronic journey into awesomeness entitled Love Juice, originally by SymbolOne and remixed so wonderfully by Danger. This is one of those tunes that synthesizers were made to produce. And a delicious key change or two just add to my enjoyment.

SymbolOne – Love Juice (Danger TV Remix)
[via Trashbag Kids]

Let’s keep things upbeat, but let’s move from the world of synth straight into the world of funk. This next one is from, you guessed it, Juice. Apparently this tune was extremely hard to find on vinyl, only released as the B-Side to another song in some limited release. The song is called “Catch A Groove”, but really, should that be the title of every single funk song ever created?

Juice – Catch A Groove
[via Aquarium Drunkard]

Now comes the time when I make a confession. Some people go bat shit crazy for Boards of Canada, but I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a Boards of Canada song until just now. Lucky for me, this first song was a soft and pretty intro to the band. The bad news — the song was only 1:33 in length. Oh well, here it is anyway.

Boards of Canada – Melissa Juice
[via ilictronix]

When I see a song that has only been posted by one blog, and then I see that said blog is Dipped in Dollars, I usually have a pretty good idea that it is going to be pretty out of the box and probably awesome. Such was the case with this tune from beatmaker Annu. ‘Nuff said.

Annu- Juice Smoke
[via Dipped in Dollars]

Let’s close things out with my favorite – super lo-fi weirdness. Because I like the ability of tunes like this to alienate people. Just kidding. I just like weird/atypical tunes, and this fits that bill quite nicely. And even though it kind of hurts to listen to at times, this tune from The Enchantments is at times very…wait for it….enchanting even.

The Enchantments – Forever Juice
[via unholy rhythms]

Until we meet again….

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