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Hello, nice to meet you all, I am Tiana from Ride the Tempo from a vast land up North called Canada. This bi-weekly feature will highlight some not so known Canadian talent. Since Canadian Music Week is coming next week, I thought I should point out some of the great artists that are going to be present. I’m probably going to be the lone person at the thing because you all are going to be at SXSW of course.

I’m lucky to be close to a musically active city as Toronto. We have the Indie Music Festival, Canadian Music Week and North by North East each year. I really don’t know what the difference is between Canadian Music Week and NXNE except that CMW is more pretentious and at NXNE the artists actually get paid.

On the bill at CMW will be acts like Janelle Monae, Young Galaxy, Imaginary Cities, The Sadies (which I am going to of course) and a ton of random ass big names like Janet Jackson and Sean Kingston? Weird. So while I was procrastinating for tomorrow’s exams, I went through the list of artists and checked out some unknown ones out of curiosity. Here are two I decided to highlight for this week:
Samantha Savage Smith

She is so gorgeous and so is her voice. This Calgary beauty started her journey in coffee shops and small bars around Calgary and Vancouver. Her music has a way of soulfully drawing you in. She’s often tagged as an alternative-country artist, but don’t let that scare you away. You Always Come to Mind is a stunning track influence by the hurt of being cheated on.
Samantha Savage Smith- The Fight
Samantha Savage Smith- You Always Come to Mind
If you’re going to be around for CMW check her out at the CMF Showcase March 9th! MYSPACE

Elephant Stone

Elephant Stone is a psych-rock group from Montreal. They have a really vintage feel because of their love of recording on a Neve console. Rishi Dhir, who was also the founding member of the high dials is pretty much the brain child of Elephant Stone. He’s a crazy instrumentalist who has background training in many weird things including the Indian sitar and as a result coins their music as “hindie-rock” to be witty. Their recent Glassbox EP is full of vintage sounding indie-rock with quite addictive hooks. The dudes will make appearances at both CMW and SXSW so check them out.

Tune in to next time’s posts to hear more not so known Canadian artists! Talk to you soon. Back to studying I go..

Tiana <3

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    RT @tsururadio: On @tsururadio Up North- Canadian Music Week – http://tsururadio.com/2011/03/up-north-c

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    @tsururadio guess who is hosting a show for CMW

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