Take Two: Surfer Blood – Astro Coast

I remember where I was when I first listened to Surfer Blood– it was a warm January afternoon at a south Florida Starbucks, as I sipped iced coffee while watching the glistening canal water in the bright sun and the speeding traffic of Sheridan St. Their debut LP, Astro Coast, was instant nostalgia — it was like an album that had been there all along my Doolittle-rotation-heavy teenage years, playing silently in the background, a soundtrack to the nights spent on Hollywood Beach, just waiting to fully emerge from subconscious to consciousness years later.

It’s hard not to love Surfer Blood. They have an adorable background story: they weren’t surfers themselves, but were bullied by those cool surfer kids (with their hot abs) in school — see they’re just misunderstood dorks like you and me!

It’s been over a year since these non-surfing Floridians released Astro Coast, which garnered wide media hype, especially for the track “Swim”. With it’s West Coast, surf-and-sun Pixies vibe, the track took off and earned the band a slot at 2010’s Pitchfork Music Festival and this year’s SASQUATCH! festival.

With the frenetic pace at which hot indie acts rise and fall, never to be heard of (or remembered) again, it’s comforting to know the talented Surfer Blood were not a flash in the pan. They’ve just announced the release of an upcoming EP, Third Eye Blind. Yes, like the terrible late ’90s – early ’00s post-grunge alternative radio-rock band (all of whose albums you own). Which might be the most genius PR trick ever, because now I’m really curious to see what the hell this EP is going to sound like — an homage to Third Eye Blind? OMG — Nothing but COVERS of Third Eye Blind? Sheer. Fucking. Genius.

I’ve included links to both Third Eye Blind and Surfer Blood singles, so can you play them at the same time and understand the greatness that will be this EP.


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