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Hello music loving citizens of the world. It’s an absolute privilege and pleasure to be a part of the PCC along with so many music bloggers whose passion for music is so infectious and inspiring. I’m absolutely ecstatic to be sharing something old and something new with you each week.

The quick intro: My name is Bruce Warren. I’ve been blogging since 2005 at Some Velvet Blog. I tumbl here and tweet here probably way too much than I should. When I’m not rocking the jams on the interwebs, my other full time job is at WXPN a public radio station in Philly that plays music, and lots of it. At the station I’m the dude in charge of all of the local and national programming (we produce an NPR show called World Cafe) and all the digital/social media stuff. I do have the greatest job in the world. With that out of the way we shall proceed with the music.

For Something Old this week, I turn to the canon of hip-hop and give you the original song that Wu-Tang sampled in the classic “C.R.E.A.M.”

Like many of you, I love to collect and track down the originals of songs and make mix tapes. Crate digging for original songs is an obsession for many. Many a music fan and musician base their lives on it and when you hear an original song it opens you up to new worlds of musical discovery. Case in point here is with the 1967 song R&B song called “As Long As I Got You” by The Charmels. The all-girl group recorded a handful of songs for Stax-Volt in the Sixties and this one is the total jam.

As Long As I’ve Got You – The Charmels

For my inaugural Something New post I’m gonna play the local card which I promise not to take advantage of too often. But all I can say is that for the last few years the Philly music scene has been on fire. Dr. Dog, Sun Airway, Free Energy, Creepoid, Hoots & Hellmouth, Amos Lee, Hezekiah Jones, Kurt Vile, War On Drugs, Reading Rainbow; this short list of bands are just the beginning of the radness going on here. Of course, we still got The Roots and Schoolly D and the Dead Milkmen and (even, yes) The Hooters.

For the new, I bring you Work Drugs, chill wave yacht rockers who tip their hats to Steely Dan, Christopher Cross and Michael McDonald with suave grooves. The duo of Thomas Crystal and Benjamin Louisiana (with smooth-fi vocals from Joan Wellfleet) have three singles out and in April they head out on tour opening up for Two Door Cinema Club. Go here to their SoundCloud to download a couple tunes. Right below, enjoy “Rad Racer” which plays a little bit more like Roxy Music and 10CC than Steely Dan, but I think you’ll get the point once you dig in.

Rad Racer – Work Drugs

Hope you enjoy the music. Once I figure out how to make one of those paper cranes, I’ll be representin’ the arts.

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    By the @papercranes! Something Old & Something New from Some Velvet Blog @somevelvetblog –… #pcc

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