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Happy Tuesday y’all! By the time you see this you’ll probably be mostly all done with Tuesday, in which case all I have to say is Congratulations! You made it! Grab some dinner, watch some NCIS, and fucking go to sleep! …Or perhaps you’ve already resigned to the fact that you’re going to stay on the internet for atleast another 90 minutes, refreshing twitter, reddit, tumblr, or whatever else you do. In which case boy are you in for a treat! I’ve been more or less drowning this week in kickass releases, and I’ve got a few standout tracks to share with you off of a some upcoming albums!

I might as well start off with the one that has been absolutely abusing my mental capacity for acceptable socializing. I just keep whistling it, which is so goddamn obnoxious of me — especially at dining tables and during class. THAT’S RIGHT, I’m referring to “Take Off Your Shirt” off of Bibio’s new album Mind Bokeh! Just for experimentation’s sake I recommend you keep your shirt on for at least the first few seconds of the song, and see how quickly you end up following the title command. Last night I put this song on while sitting at my computer, and ended up getting up, closing the blinds, and dancing about about in my PJ shorts. ‘Cause, ya know, sometimes you just gotta get into it.

Bibio – Take Off Your Shirt

Up next is that throwback-feel new TV On The Radio single, “Will Do”. This song started streaming online 2 weeks ago or so, but it’s been an open tab on my browser ever since then. (Well, to be honest, I got the mp3 and closed it the other day.) Let me just say bluntly that I am basically vomiting of excitement for their upcoming album Nine Types of Light. Have you got that visual? I hope it translated well. “Will Do” has all the best bits of a TV On The Radio track: funky arrangements, soaring vocals, catchy and creative melodies, lyrics that make my brain ooze (in a good way), etc. Get on this shit, mah bros.

TV On The Radio – “Will Do” by Interscope Records

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that “Hooting and Howling” by Wild Beasts was my most quoted track of 2009. Needless to say I was ecstatic when I saw a new Wild Beasts track up yesterday. “Albatross,” the first single off Smother (out May 10), begins off with a moody lead in and then moves straight into Hayden Thorpe’s signature sultry falsetto. After a brief and false-ending drop off, “Albatross” resumes and immediately fills me with… well.. to be honest… it fills me with a deep longing and melancholy that sort of burrows down deep into my chest cavity and starts to gnaw away at my vital organs. Just go with me on this one guys.

Wild Beasts – Albatross by DominoRecordCo

Let’s see, one more shall we? How about “Don’t Stop”, a track of the upcoming album No Color by The Dodos? YEAH LET’S DO IT: This song is dope. From the start you become lost in the swirl of drumstick taps and quick folky guitar. By the time you notice the vocals and electric guitar your already so beyond the “Oh fuck what is this shit? This song is dope.”-stage that you can just begin to sit and absorb… preferably on repeat. And then it just ends, just like that (you’ll know what I mean), and you look back and think “Damn, I wanna see that live.” That’s what will happen. Right. Now.

The Dodos – Don’t Stop

Annnnd, that’s all I’ve got for now! Perhaps I’ll pop in again later this week and throw that Ferraby Lionhart interview up here in an mp3. Thanks to everyone who tuned in last friday!

And too all my fellow PCC Bloggers: Awesome job so far everyone! WHAT A WEEK AMIRITE? Sorite.

And so I leave you with this.

Forever yours,
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