Profound Broccoli: childhood revisited

Photography by purpleplaid
“Great is the human who has not lost his childlike heart.” Menicus

This week ended up being about fulfilling childhood memories, letting my childlike spirit fly round and having fun. It was Canadian Music Week in Toronto but I only saw two shows at CMW as I am really not a fan of this festival. The only acts I felt worthwhile seeing, I had already seen throughout the year, in better venues with better crowds and totally cheaper. I did catch Rich Aucoin (Check out his 3D video for Push). I’ve now seen him three times and each time the show gets better & better. There were glow sticks, confetti and amped up happy people everywhere. Rich Aucoin is a truly great performer that engages the crowd so well and spends his set breaking down that wall between performer and audience. The video projections and audience sing alongs definitely help but at the end of it you have an artist that is, well just that, an artist…but one that obviously just effing loves what he does and that energy attacks the crowd in mesmerizing wonderment.

My childhood self melted infinitely on Saturday when I saw Fred Penner play!! Now Fred Penner is a beloved children’s singer/performer that generations of Canadians have grown up listening to and watching his TV show. He’s from Winnipeg like me and I have so many found memories going to see him play at the Teddy’s Bear Picnic or going to the mall with my mum to lineup for his autograph (I think we went like every time…even when it wasn’t “cool” to like him anymore…like that would stop me!!) What’s so great about Fred Penner is that he is just a lovely, friendly and talented man that likes to perform and he has this whimsical side that I think really resonates with children (and one’s inner child). I have never seen an audience so enthusiastic, receptive and interactive as I did for that show. He got everyone singing, clapping, laughing and grinning from ear to ear!!

I also went to two great non-CMW shows this weekend, one DIY house venue that was rammed and kept it going till like 7am. I lost count after a while but I must have seen at least 10 bands play that night. The ones I can remember: Sean Nicholas Savage, Actual Water, Silly Kissers, Makeout Videotape. I also helped out the guys of Wavelength again for their #516 show which was held at a converted Buddhist temple. It was a great show with EONS, Hybrid Moments and The Deeep playing.

Right! So this week’s Wheel o’ Bandcamp genre selection is no wave. I found a really interesting mix from loud and thrashy to more mellow and even one band that sounds very witch house. Either way there’s some great stuff here so hope you enjoy!!

Have a great week folks!

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