Profound Broccoli: a return of sorts

“Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life.”Jean Paul Richter
Hello Lovelies!

I’m back and looky what’s happened…the PCC has erupted!! Very exciting and welcome welcome to our crew of 22!

As usual I’ve been busy with going to shows, which I’ll share my fav picks in weeks to come (I think in January alone I saw over 25 bands?). More recently I got to help out during The Wavelength Eleven Anniversary Festival. There’s something lovely about working festivals. The common bond that you’re coming together for something bigger than yourself, exposing the general public to things they might have never explored and connecting with fellow people of similar interests. Needless to say it was fun hanging round music geeks for a week and listening to some killer music (more info to come soon about this).

So now that we have this awesome group of folks making up our sort of Justice League of music bloggers, what is my role? Where do my little Profound Broccoli posts fit in? Whatever my little heart desires really. It will almost always be entirely random…just can’t help that! I did have an idea that I’ve been mulling for a while now so here it goes…Wheel o’ Bandcamp! Each Monday I’ll go through Bandcamp grab a genre at random and pick an artist/band (most likely pulled in by a name or the album art) and share it with y’all. I always hate myself that I’m not digging even further into the music out there and I think this will be a fun experiment for both myself and anyone else along for the ride!

Right so here we go! My first pick off the Wheel o’ Bandcamp is from the sci-fi genre (of course I had to see what that genre is all about!!) and it’s some pretty cool spacey ambient tracks:

Since I’ve been away for a bit I wanted to share some more stuff with y’all.
My friends Magnetic Island JUST released a new single that’s pretty raad! It’s free so go download it! (total coincidence that it’s entitled “The Space”…or is it?! No really total fluke):

The folks at NXEW posted this gem last week. Free album from Tonka & Puma (side project of Dan & April of Hooded Fang). It’s a great garage/punk/noise pop/lo-fi album, even featuring a pretty killer cover of “Do You Want To Dance”. Give it a whirl! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Think that’s about it for tonight! Have a great week and go support your local music scene!


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