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What’s up papercranes? It’s me again, Chris from dailybeatz with another edition of everyone’s favorite musical discovery game. Yes, you guessed it, we’re talkin’ bout some Hypem Hunting. In case you forgot from last time, this is how the game works. Go to hypem.com, pick a random word, search it in the search box, and then listen to a bunch of songs you’ve never heard until you find a bunch that you like. This week, the word was “rush”, and here’s what we’ve discovered.

Let’s travel back in time. The year in 1965, and Tom Rush is covering Woody Guthrie’s “Poor Man”. It’s simple, it’s acoustic, and it sounds really great. Big ups to Guthrie for writing lots of good tunes, and big ups to Rush for covering it so imply but so wonderfully.

Tom Rush – Poor Man (Woody Guthrie cover)
[via Cover Lay Down]

Now let’s move on to another acoustic guitar-based tune, but one that is way more wild/crazy/experimental. It’s from Injury Sheets and it’s one of the more volatile acoustic songs I’ve heard in a while. It feels like at any given moment, the song could completely explode or could wither away into nothingness. I like a tune that keeps me on my toes.

Injury Sheets – Rush
[via unholy rhythms]

I’m starting to think about changing the name of this segment from “Hypem Hunting” to “finding really cool old songs”. Because that’s basically all that happens whenever I do this. We already had a nice little Woody Guthrie cover, and now we have another pretty great old tune from Otis Rush. It’s a big and bluesy number that not only features some killer vocals, but also some fancy shmancy guitar work from none other than Ike Turner. Old music is pretty cool too.

Otis Rush – Double Trouble
[via cyberinsekt]

And finally, let’s hear some pretty cool tunes from Art Rush, a fella from Sydney who’s working on putting out a heck of a lot of free albums with a ukelele and a mini keyboard. I promise, the music sounds way better than I made it sound via that introduction. And I like them so much so that I’m posting not one, but two of them. They’re lo-fi, and were probably made before lo-fi was super awesome. I like this dude a lot, in a totally friends only musical way. Spoiler alert: “First” in the second song below may or may not refer to his first orgasm. Just sayin’

Art Rush – The Reasons I’ve Decided to Die

Art Rush – First
[via blouse.]

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