An original TsuruBride fox purse auction to raise money for Japan…

Hey everyone.

The devastation in Japan is mind-blowing. Anyone paying attention & watching the footage knows that Japan needs everyone and anyone’s help. The Tsurus and the paper crane collective owe so much to that wonderful culture.  We are folding 1,000 paper cranes for you in our thoughts.

Baby really wanted to help out.  She’s taken her copper kitsuné (fox) clutch and put it on ebay.  Here’s the best part.  The entire winning bid goes to the Red Cross AAAAAAAAAAAAAND Baby is going to match the winning bid!!!  And with free shipping!

You get a clutch, Japan gets a little help, and we all win.

The auction runs for 5 days, but don’t wait til the last minute. Go to the ebay auction here.

CLICK then BID then SHARE!

Thank you,

Aaron aka Tsuru


1 comment for “An original TsuruBride fox purse auction to raise money for Japan…

  1. Duncan Walls
    March 16, 2011 at 3:42 AM

    I am enjoying getting all these wonderful posts from the collective (and love the idea) but I miss being able to stop in and look in on the society, especially the rootsier postings such as the Mississippi Records postings. Am I missing postings from the person who would have done the most on those “Important American Music’ posts? Please direct meif you would. Thanks from the ‘old’ man.

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