TSURURADIO Presents… TSURUFOTO NUDIEZINE issue no. 3: We Could Be Heroes!!! With Accompanying Mixtape!

Photography by me of Nina!

Yep.  TSURUFOTO NUDIEZINE issue no. 3: We Could Be Heroes is LIVE!   Not just on Etsy, but even for your Kindle & Kindle Apps on yer iPads, iPhones, Androids, Blackberrys and personal computers.

At 24 pages, it is literally our biggest & most epic issue yet!!! In this issue…

  • An Illustration by Norbert Fuckerer
  • Letters To Tsuru
  • T&A (Tweet & Answer)
  • TsuruBride Presents… Matilda The Masked Avenger Colouring Adventure
  • Our Boobwatchers Guide
  • A zine exclusive Winter Mixtape by dysonsound
  • Illustrations by Tim Porter
  • VIVA REVOLUTION aka Our Interview with Beat Radio
  • Photography & Centerfold: Sheila Savage Saves The Day!!! + A zine exclusive password to Sheila Savage Saves The Day: The Video!!!
  • Photography Special: We Could Be Heroes, Just For One Day! 5 Super Nudie Cranes! Evil-doers beware!
  • Calendar: Oiseaux retros for March – Audrey


Measures 5.5″ x 8.5″ closed
B&W photocopied & triple stapled

ALSO… every order comes with a link to the PDF version for all your e-zine needs!


As if that wasn’t enough TSURUFOTO action for you…. Check this! A local alternative weekly paper here in Columbus called Columbus Alive did a little article & interview with me and it’s on newstands AND on the intertubal highway of cyber love canals NOW!

Wow, right?  I know!

Now, in and of itself, all that is worth a post, imo, even if it is a whole bunch of self-pimping ego stroking, but as you know, we here at TSURURADIO wouldn’t present something without a sweet ass accompanying mixtape to goes along with it, eh?  Eh indeed.

And what a sweet dozy we got for you today!  About 120 minutes of new & old gems all tied up together in our special mixtaperin’ way we do things around here.  Now… There are a few quite new major label type o’ tracks poking around this mixtape (sorry, it’s what I’m feeling) so, to be on the safe side, we are offering this one up, not only blind (i.e. NO track listing – don’t worry, I got you a spoiler, cuz I love you) but also as one big playable mp3.

I actually love these. They play more like a genuine mixtape, like the million I made back in my youngin’ days.  Is it doped up with all the hyped and hot songs?  Well, it may not have the new Akron/Family song or maybe that Fleet Foxes tune that’s floating around, and it certainly doesn’t have Hey Rosetta, as I’ve never even heard of ’em.  I had that lovely Chinatown from Destroyer on there, but then I remember I just had it on another mixtape.

So what do you get?  A femmetastic action packed mixtape featuring Joan As Police Woman, Adele, The Ronettes, PJ Harvey, Kori Pop, Laura Veirs, Rachel Goodrich, Nicole Atkins, and a quite a few other amazing women.  But don’t worry fellers, you can relax the falsetto for a few songs as we got a few twigs & berries covered too.

So, I’ll tell you what.  How about I shut the fuck up and get the music on, eh?  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!  Ride your bikes, take some pictures, and if the creek don’t rise, we’ll see you all here come next week.  Until then, let’s go be heroes as….


TSURUFOTO NUDIEZINE issue no. 3: We Could Be Heroes Mixtape!!!

See that little play button?  Yeah, PUSH IT!!!

Featuring (not in this order, necessarily)…

David Bowie (of course)
Joan As Police Woman
The Ronettes
Said The Whale
PJ Harvey
Modern Skirts
The Decemberists
Kori Pop
Super Desserts
Rachel Goodrich
Laura Veirs
and so much more!!!!


We could be heroes!  Just for one day……………


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  1. hihosylvia
    February 4, 2011 at 4:05 PM

    @TSURURADIO Hey Rosetta: another Canuck band.

  2. February 4, 2011 at 1:26 PM

    On @TSURURADIO Presents… TSURUFOTO NUDIEZINE issue no. 3: We Could Be Heroes!!! With Accompanying Mixtape! – http://tsururadio.com/2011/02/tsururadio

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