Bonnaroo 2011 Brings the Heat…

It’s that time of year again.  That’s right folks, music festival season is in full swing.  2011 marks the 10th Year Anniversary of Bonnaroo.  Can you believe it’s already been 10 years?  I remember my first experience at the legendary festival 8 years ago.  Not only was it hot, it was literally a sauna.  Waking up at dawn in a pool of sweat is not very attractive, but come on, who comes to Bonnaroo to seduce the opposite sex?  If that’s your goal, you are definitely in the wrong place…..

This year, the 4-day music festival (June 9-12th) has pulled out all of the stops, which includes the one and only Slim Shady, Mr. Eminem himself as a headliner (first time performer).  As I watched him on the Grammys, I thought to myself, “How awesome would it be if he performed at Bonnaroo?  No way!”  Well it’s happening.  He agreed and will attract thousands more to the festival because of it.

On top of Eminem, I would have to name some of my favorites, the reason why I will once again be a slave to the heat wave, and give in to the sleepless nights that is Bonnaroo Music Festival.

  • Arcade Fire (Grammy performance? Incredible!)
  • My Morning Jacket (my favorite jam band of all time)
  • Mumford & Sons (awesome Grammy performance with Bob Dylan and the Avett Brothers)
  • Girl Talk (obsessed doesn’t come close to how I feel about Gregg Gillis)
  • Deerhunter (I have to give a shout out to ATLiens)
  • Pretty Lights
  • Matt & Kim
  • Bela Fleck & the Flecktones (old time favorite)
  • Railroad Earth
  • Big Boi (not into rap, but Sir Lucious Left Foot is pretty legit)

For the complete lineup:

So if you have $275 to spare, and love music, this is THE year to venture out to Manchester, Tennessee to the epic Bonnaroo.  How can you say no to a Conan-endorsed festival?  I’ll be there with my fanny pack on, along with 80,000 other music-lovin fans.  See you there!

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