VIDEO: Walk Away by The Pass!

Ah… foursquare! The epic games I played as a wee-lad back in the 70s and 80s, that I brought back to teach my own girls and various neighborhood kids in the late 90s! Those were good times. Pitty-pats, bustops, volleys, and I had the most viscous spin known to all 80s humankind.

Yeah. Suck it.

Well, our good friends over at We Listen For You got together with The Pass and built a brand spankin’ new viddy for their song “Walk Away” and just as you come to expect from their collabos, this is some tight-ass foursquare goodness!

Though… I do question the use of dress shoes and slams. Slams were never fair…. Knives, on the other hand, were up to whoever was in A.

The Pass – “Walk Away” Music Video from Visual Space Media on Vimeo.

Oh and look, the Pass is getting around! Though, what they have against Columbus, OH… I have no idea.

Jan 27th St. Louis Old Rock House
Jan 28th Memphis Poplar Lounge
Feb 1st Los Angeles The Satellite (Spaceland) *w/ Marvelous Toy
Feb 2nd Santa Barbara TBA *w/ Marvelous Toy
Feb 3rd San Francisco Milk Bar *w/ Marvelous Toy
Feb 6th San Diego Soda Bar *w/ Marvelous Toy
Feb 9th Austin TBA
Feb 10th Dallas City Tavern
Feb11th Fayetteville Smoke and Barrel

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