Some Times: you need a lift, feat. Say Hi

Newport Beach Kids, by arimyg

Wutup wutup wutup wutupppp, arimyg here.
Omygoodness, I’ve been the worst, haven’t I? I’m truly sorry about that. Life sometimes, you feel me?
So here’s wutsup. I’m back out in California, having a lovely time full of friends and academia and mediocre food. Which is better than being home for the most part! It has been goshdarn beautiful here, and I know you don’t want to hear about it, but that picture up there is from Saturday at the beach. It was an amazing adventure, in which I DJ-ed the car ride (played all the hits from Outkast to JET – [LOLIKNOWRIGHT?]) and documented the fun times with some photography. Also I got some sun! woohoo! The things vitamin D can do for the mood!

So let’s get to it: you know what can make any cold winter day (outside of southern California) into a dancey landscape of good feelings and general pleasentness? The new album um, uh oh from Seattle kiddos Say Hi. I’m not going to tell you this is a happy-go-lucky album with quick pop beats and uplifting lyrics. In fact it can get a rather down at times, bouncing around between bluesy solos and dark poetry about failures and relationships and blahblahblah… And yet, I don’t leave this album feeling down-and-out. It’s sort of reaffirming and supportive, and no matter your mood, this album is a serious shift for the band. It still makes me want to go dance around in dark, anonymous, smokey rooms, like previous albums would inspire, but now with a new element of legitimate emotions! Like, okay, so I’m dancing, and I’m feelin’!

Additionally, you may remember the single Devils which came out a few months back, and was in a particularly excellent scene of Gossip Girl in November. Yum!

So, if you’ve gotten this far and are like “wtf is this chick going on about?” give it a listen below and then go pick up the record, which comes out tomorrow! My personal favs are “Dots on Maps” and “Bruises to Prove It.” Hope you enjoy it too!

01. Dots on Maps
02. Devils

03. All the Pretty Ones
04. Take Ya’ Dancin’
05. Posture, etc.
06. Sister Needs a Settle
07. Lookin’ Good
08. My, How it Comes
09. Shiny Diamonds
10. Handsome Babies
11. Trees Are a Swayin’
12. Bruises to Prove It

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