Some Times: a girl’s just got to rock

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Amidst the 100s of pages of pdfs about representations of women, gay women, fat women, oppressed women, etc, that I have to get through for class tomorrow, I’ve decided to pop in here at TSURURADIO and rave about an album that went under my radar last fall, but deserves some TSURUSOCIETY attention! Last week I was down in my musical cave (the basement of KSPC, the BEST independent college station) browsin’ our incoming CD racks for something to check out, review, return, and play on my show (every friday 4-6PM PT, btw!). I stumbled across a minimally packaged album by British rockers Sky Larkin. Kaleide, the band’s sophomore album, came out in August 2010. WHAT WAS I DOING IN AUGUST, YOU ASK? Probably sitting in bed painting my nails and watching NCIS.

(Mostly not a joke).

Anyway, Kaleide is my jam. When I’m feelin’ punk, Sky Larkin give me punk. When I’m feelin’ girly, Sky Larkin gives me girly. When I’m feelin’ blue, Sky Larkin gives me blues. And when I’m feelin’ dancey, Sky Larkin gives me dance. At times, Kaleide is like Los Campesinos! meets (early) Liz Phair. Sky Larkin fuses British punk roots with that newfangled American indie. And with Katie Harkin on vocals and guitar, the band gets the added bonus of dreamy cool-girl rock n roll that I will buy into ANY day of the week.

Listen to the single below, or listen to my radio show, and then go grab Kaleide wherever you can get your hands on it!

Sky Larkin – Still Windmills
Sky Larkin – Year Dot


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    February 1, 2011 at 2:46 AM

    .m4a…. nooOOOOOooooo……. :/

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    On @TSURURADIO Some Times: a girl’s just got to rock –

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