Showroom Of Compassion by Cake… Delicious cake.

Photography by Woland

I like Cake. Who doesn’t like Cake? There are an infinite number of flavours of Cake, but in the end, Cake is Cake.

Side Note: That cake they shape with fondant on TV is not cake. That edible playdoh. Sorry, but it is.

This. This is Cake.


You got vanilla, chocolate, lemon, devil’s & angel’s food, poundcake, white, sheet, coconut, and then you got today’s…. red velvet. The luscious & rich deep moist blood red cake bread, topped & layered with that cream chesse icing or butter cream, whichever and either. It’s a subtle twist on the most simplest and classic of desserts. That’s what Cake is. It’s always the same, but it’s the slight changes in flavours and icings that make each offering unique & delicious in their own way.


01. Federal Funding
02. Long Time (sample)
03. Got To Move (sample)
04. What’s Now Is Now
05. Mustache Man (Wasted) (sample)
06. Teenage Pregnancy
07. Sick Of You

08. Easy to Crash
09. Bound Away (sample)
10. The Winter (sample)
11. Italian Guy

All the samples above are from Cake’s store. Go buy the album..

Cake love cake: Official | Myspace


2 comments for “Showroom Of Compassion by Cake… Delicious cake.

  1. Isa
    January 4, 2011 at 1:38 PM

    You couldn’t say it better.I’m sure I’ll quote you in the future when annoying people say to me “meeeh cake, it’s always the same thing!” ;)

  2. January 4, 2011 at 3:05 PM

    On @TSURURADIO Showroom Of Compassion by Cake… Delicious cake. –

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