GUEST POST!’s Callie gives us the low-down on her Top 5 Upcoming Bands of 2011!

Photography of Yuck in London via Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good (sorry, no credit to the photographer given)

Hey teamo! Got a special little treat for the day… The other day, the folks at asked if they could do a little guest post by Callie Morris on some awesome up & coming live acts of 2011. A) Being WOEFULLY ignorant on live shows (seriously, think I went to 2 concerts last year, not including the Sled Island music fest in Calgary which, by the way, is back again this year) & B) always love to have some fresh faces here on our own slice of the cyber intertubal love canals, I said “Sure! Bring it!”

Brunged it, they did. The metaphorical floor is all yours Callie!


Hello tsuruites! At the request of Tsuru himself I will tell you a little about me… I love music, (funnily enough!) gigs, new bands and then maybe a little bit of humming and foot tapping if it seems necessary. I sometimes go through phases where I listen to the same song on repeat for 3 days and then move on to the next one without a backwards glance. I thought I’d share with you guys the 5 bands I think will be tickling everyone’s fancy this year… Hope you like it!

The Top 5 Upcoming Bands of 2011

Well the Christmas decorations have all been taken down, and rooms just look like rooms again… Anyone got the January blues? Well with a whole lot of new music heading our way we have something to look forward to again. Callie Morris, web editor for ticketing website gives us her take on which will be the best live acts of 2011.

Funeral Party

Indie dance punk act Funeral Party began making a name for itself with the release of debut single ‘New York City Moves to the Sound of LA’ in mid-2010. They then went on to release equally popular ‘Finale’ in December, showing that they definitely aren’t going anywhere for a while.

With the release of a debut album Golden Age of Knowhere later this month, Funeral Party are about to explode onto the scene, time to get on that bandwagon now!

Their gigs are packed full of energy and enthusiasm, making them definite ones to go and see this year. Heading off on a UK tour in Bristol on 25th January, with visits to Scotland and Ireland thrown in, they will finally end with a performance at ‘Next Big Thing’ in London on 13th February.

For Funeral Party tickets and more details go to

Clare Maguire

With her powerful voice and emotional lyrics Clare Maguire is topping all the lists as one of 2011’s most significant rising stars. Her debut single ‘Ain’t Nobody’ has brought her to our attention, leaving us all waiting to see what she can come up with next.

Clare’s new album Light After Dark comes out in February and will secure her fortune for the upcoming year.

Live, her vocal talents are pretty impressive – well worth getting involved before everyone else does! Clare will be performing in London and Glasgow in the next couple of months, check out for more details.

Egyptian Hip Hop

Genre spanners Egyptian Hip Hop mix together pop, punk, indie, alternative rock and electro to create music with so much enthusiasm and character we defy anyone to not get up and dance!

With the release of their first single ‘Wild Human Child/Heavenly’ in May last year they caught the attention of the Radio DJs and music critics. Just half a year later they have a huge fan base in the underground music scenes, and will undoubtedly be storming the mainstream in 2011.

They’ll be performing at the ‘New to Q Sessions’ on 27th January in London, for Egyptian Hip Hop tickets and more information go to

Oh, they have funny tweets too. Usually about music… @egyptianhiphop


Yuck is due to release its 2011 debut album in January, shaking off the old Cajun Dance Party roots of members Daniel and Max to create their own take on alternative rock with a very flippant edge… And a lot of distortion.

With Yuck you get two bands for the price of one – Their acoustic side project Yu(c)k is also making waves with music industry types and reeling in the crowds, these guys are definitely on my list of ones to watch out for!

They will be touring round the UK in February this year, including a performance at the NME Awards Show in London on 18th before ending in Manchester on 25th. For more details go to the Yuck tickets page at

The Vaccines

After making their debut with the single ‘If You Wanna’ on YouTube, The Vaccines have started to cause a bit of hype – ranking up the support on various music blogs and tentatively entering into the mainstream.

Their first gig at the Flowerpot in Camden was a massive success, the packed out venue included audience members Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand, Marcus Mumford, the Maccabees and White Lies. Not bad for a debut!

The Vaccines will be performing at the NME Awards Tour all over the UK in February and will be at the Isle of Wight Festival in June. For tickets and more details go to


Thanks so much Callie!!! Sounds like you folks down in the UKs gonna have a busy ass 2011!


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    RT @TSURURADIO: Debating the next steps in our anti-myspace pro-bandcamp revolution –… VIVA REVOLUTION!!!

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    Debating the next steps in our anti-myspace pro-bandcamp revolution –… VIVA REVOLUTION!!!

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