Gramahawk by Modern Skirts and we are still in our PJs!

Photography by Kalif Banane

It’s amazing anyone records in studios anymore, isn’t it? Last week, we went pretty deep into why you as a independent band, should delete your myspace page. The response has been overwhelming! Bloggers & band members joined up in a pretty united voice recognizing that diluting your band by spreading them all over the internet for the sake of being heard vs. focusing and directing your potential new fans to, at most, one site for news/tours/vids (like a blog) and one site to stream/embed/PURCHASE (like bandcamp).

The revolution is not over, we still have much work to do to get the word out. Do we start a facebook page (seems rather counter-revolutionary though)? A new blog? Just keep pointing people to our post that started it all? Keep an eye!

But, beyond that, this weekend I was listening to the new Modern Skirts album that found it’s way onto the intertubes of cyber love and I read somewhere that much (if not all) of the album was made via bedroom recordings.

If you hadn’t had told me, I’d never had known. As computers come, more and more as standard, with recording programs like Garage Band or with Audacity and what not free online, it’s amazing that anyone uses studios anymore. Don’t get my wrong, I’m grateful people do. Many many bands need to have that outside eye & ear at the helm, a professional system with professional people to help guide them along.

Sometimes we just don’t know when we suck.

But at the same time… not only has the demolition of the barriers to entry into the music world allowed for a seemingly infinite number of bands to try to make it, it’s also had to have made it so so so liberating for everyone, from your average schmo to your superbands to just plug in and go, upload & send, check done. A couple layers and you got a “full band” releasing a full song, never having to get out of your PJs. Pretty epic.

Seems to have done well for the Modern Skirts and their new album Gramahawk!

Apparently, after their last album, Modern Skirts felt the need to step back, do a little self-check action of sorts, then start tinkering around at home. The response seemed to be encouraging and before you know it, we got ourselves a full on gem!

The album is heavy on percussion and voice-play, which pulls them from the slightly more straight-forward pop we fell for on their last album. The mulit-leads still dominate (including the one guy who sounds like the guy from They Might Be Giants). But this time out, they are singing about their mad crush on Jane Child…


…break-ups, and, DUIs — which is also the name one of my favourite songs on the album, it’s almost like a military-carnival thing, pretty awesome-o! — hahahahahahhaha-EXCELLENT! To me, this is miminalist Modern Skirts kinda. Stark, rough, and really really fun.

01. Jane Child
02. Happy 81
03. Under Bridges and Overpasses
04. Bumper Car
05. DUI
06. Tape Deck
07. Glass of Water
08. American Gothic
09. Shipshape
10. Hitler on Wheels
11. To Be a Branch Davidian

Modern Skirt love: Tumblr!

Tour Dates:
1.21 – Charleston, SC – Tin Roof
2.11 – Raleigh, NC – Pour House
2.12 – Charlotte, NC – Snug Harbor
3.4 – Athens, GA – 40 Watt Club
3.5 – Atlanta, GA – Smith’s Olde Bar
3.11 – New Orleans, LA – Circle Bar



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