AUDIO: “Oh My Heart” by R.E.M.

Thank you NPR for leaking streaming another REM song off the highly anticipated (at least in my head) Collapse Into Now! This one is a lovely ballad very reminiscent of Automatic For The People in it’s flow & organicness (is that a word?). Lyrically, it’s not as cryptic as Stipe is prone to be, but maybe, knowing what the fuck he’s actually singing about is a good thing?

Here’s what Stipe told NPR about the song:

It’s a very quiet and very meditative song dedicated to New Orleans — about New Orleans.

Anyways.. head over to NPR for the rest of the story & the song… Enjoy!

REM – Oh My Heart

I’m pretty sure this album should be leaking any day now.  Keep an eye on the googles!  But for now, we got 3 songs.  What do you think of the new track?


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