An open letter to independent artists to delete their myspace pages.

Dear independent artist,

It’s time.

It’s time to pull the plug on your myspace page. To pull the plug on an ugly ad-infested site saddled with 66 million dead and or dying accounts (though, personally, I don’t know anyone who hangs out there). In the world of myspace, you are nothing but an unhatched fly egg on the giant mound of turds, larvae, flys, and god knows what else, i.e. not even a blip.

Your myspace is, at best, a diversion of a few select streamable songs on a horrible music player that I can’t even embed and promote for you on my shitty blog, along with some vids and info, lost in a shuffle of ads, and, of course, the obligatory false-genre.

Myspace is a joke. Don’t believe? Hell, even the mainstream press makes fun of it (I think even Colbert was slamming it the other night). You cringed when your mom got on facebook, yet you cling to a network that even emo kids who haven’t converted to hipsters and goths are even leaving in mass.

Yet you linger?


Maybe you are successful on myspace — maybe you are some kind of death metal goth band? — then by all means, keep it. But for the rest of you, I can’t buy your albums or mp3s on myspace, all I can do is cringe when I click the link to your page, hope it’s not going to take over my computer, hope that the player isn’t set to auto-start, hope that everything loads nicely. The odds are against me.

Is myspace the first impression you want to give a potential new fan? Think about it, when people learn of your existence, they may google you. If myspace is the 2nd thing that pops up, there’s a good chance that’s what your average internet user will click. After wading through the shit fest, maybe you’ll get a stream or two and if they like it, who knows, they may go out to their favourite torrent and see if they can find the album.


Now, you may think it’s alright, what’s the harm, right? There’s so many users still there! It’s still the “standard” etc, etc.

I say fuck that.

It’s time to move on, move foward. You’d be better off spending your time & energy curating a sweet soundcloud page or youtube channel (how many phones & tablets come with a youtube app already installed?), and as awesome and powerful as those sites are, I think we got something better for you. It’s not new, it’s been around, but maybe you just weren’t ready to quit living in the days of myspace, so maybe it is new to you?

It’s bandcamp.

Bandcamp is awesome. I searched for a band on google, their 2nd link was their bandcamp page, there I was able to stream songs, full albums, etc, on a beautiful and clean page, I was able to share the album with you on my blog, my tumblr, my twitters, whatever, and then…

…here’s the kicker, so pay attention…

Their album was $5, so fuck it, I bought it. Done. 320kbps full zip file downloaded, opened, and on my iPod in minutes. The band got money, bandcamp got a little too, and I got the album I wanted never having to leave the site.

In. Your. Face. Myspace.

Think about this. Outside of clicking-through from a blog post or whatever, the normal flow of discover goes like this, right?

1. hear about band
2. search for the band on google
3. click something

You’ll have your official page, posts from blogs, maybe your label’s page, links to videos on youtube, and the myspace page is sitting right there, usually at the number 2 spot. But…. If there was no myspace page in the search results and instead there was your bandcamp page. I might click that instead. Ooo… I like what I hear, I can share the streams on my blog, share the album on twitters/etc, and, of course I can buy the album.

What? Can’t embed a youtube clip or put news up yet on Bandcamp? Then get a nice little free tumblr or blogspot to keep us updated on news & tours, and vids. You should be doing that already, anyway!

Bandcamp + Tumblr (which connects to your twitter & facebook already) = Successful modern band existence.

What if Pitchfork starts talking about you… Where do you want them to send these new potential fans? Wouldn’t it be nice if Pitchfork/stereogum/etc if they sent them somewhere where they could actually buy your album?

I know it’s not easy. Clicking delete is scary. But I’m here for you, as are many other bloggers like We Listen For You, and many more! So be brave, stand up, stand strong, and stop helping myspace/fox making money and let’s try to make a little money for you instead, for once!

Change is hard, but it’s also inevitable. Myspace IS dying. It’s time to get ready, it’s time to move on.

It’s just time.

Let’s start a list right here. You got a bandcamp page? Put it in the comments, share that comment on twitter (the disqus comments allow that), and I’ll update this post with your bandcamp link!

To the bloggers out there.  Let’s stand up and support these artists, share this letter, write your own, but for fuck’s sake, let’s get these artists into some greener pastures!!!

It was evolution, but it’s time to start a revolution!!!

I think it was Andy who said it best, “get busy living… or get busy dying”.

Who’s with me???  See you on the front lines!



VIVA REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!



PS. I wrote this letter in the heat of the moment, if grammatically it’s a hot mess, deal with it.

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    Yay bandcamp!

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  12. Jim Charlotte
    January 7, 2015 at 11:24 AM

    Can you rewrite this post, but change “Myspace” to “Reverbnation” please?

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