We made a zine!!! Let’s celebrate with tsuruloosies!

Zine by TSURUFOTO!!!

Busy busy boy thanks to crazy work action and short weeks! BUT…that didn’t stop us from releasing our very first zine that you see up above and over to the right!!!

That’s right… a zine!  Appropriately titled TSURUFOTO NUDIEZINE, we essentially took the idea of a classic playboy (photosets combined with articles) and the old punk zines, mixed them together, tsuru-style, built a 16-page (including the cover) 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ closed, black & white photocopied zine with 3 photosets, our zine-exclusive review of the Decemberists The King Is Dead, a tribute of sorts, a craft activity, a new Bears Retweeting, as well as other goodness, ALL for only $4!!!

ONLY $4!?!?!?


We’ve already shipped out 6 of them since it was released on Sunday.  All orders are shipped with a TSURUFOTO button (while supplies last) and a link to the pdf version for your e-zine needs!!

Hot damn, eh?

If you reeeeally don’t want to do it through etsy, just email me and we’ll work it out!

Now… in celebration, I figured we’d go through some of those hot & hyped songs floating around on the intertubals of love canals and try to get a little caught up on what you kids are jammin’ to this chilly ass winter solstice!  So hows abouts we gets to its????

Alright!  First up….

The Rural Alberta Advantage – Stamp

Wow. Wow… I can not WAIT until this album!!! Leak. Now. Please.

Turbo Fruits – Keepin’ On

Ah, surf cut with whistle action sounding like it was recorded in a hall way in the 60s. Missing that Turbo Fruits pop & kick but pretty sweet nonetheless.

Wye Oak – Civillian

Hmm… quiet and slightly awkward start, but settles in pretty quickly to a sweet sound. Can’t go wrong with an organ keeping things in line. Her voice sounds so fragile. Then BLAMO! Now we are grooving. Such a lovely juxtaposition in her voice with the band. Kinda meanders along but it works!

Young Galaxy – Cover Your Tracks

Ah, Young Galaxy, where you guys been? Been a long time. Let’s see what we got here. Ooo.. very 80s start. What is that, calypso? Steel drums and synth? I think these guys are shape shifters, from a spacey vibe to a dance thing on their last album to this trippy thingy. Pretty nice, kinda haunting in a old school way. Nice…

Alright, that’s good for today, eh? Time to get back to work! Those zines ain’t going to make themselves! WOOT!


2 comments for “We made a zine!!! Let’s celebrate with tsuruloosies!

  1. Patrick
    December 21, 2010 at 6:08 PM

    RURAL!!! Been waiting for this…seeing them in NYC in Jan. Woop!

  2. December 21, 2010 at 10:25 PM

    On @TSURURADIO We made a zine!!! Let’s celebrate with tsuruloosies! – http://tsururadio.com/2010/12/we-made-a-

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