We are busy looking behind, compiling & building our epic 2010 most awesomest post! So, until tomorrow, here’s some videos!!!

Photograph by Me

We here at TSURURADIO Industries are super busy looking behind — HA! Get it? — compiling & building our epic 2010 most awesomest post (hint: my photo just above this post). And, as you know, when we build our most awesomest albums of whatever year, we don’t just give you a list, we give you an accompanying mixtape AND, this time, another little surprise to boot!

Are you as excited as I am? No? Well then, dude… There’s nothing I can do for you. Anywhosaldoosals….. Until tomorrow’s ridiculousness, how about some viddy vids to get us through and around the day, eh? It’s a small consolation prize, but it will have to do…..


Christian Kjellvander – Transatlantic from Fredrik Holmgren on Vimeo.

Now wasn’t that fun? See you tomorrow! Cheers!

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