Some Times: I do not care for

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Look it’s Monday and I’m doin’ my thing here! And I’ll continue to do my thing here every monday! Probably! Gotta get back into the weekly routine. I’ve been skipping weeks here and there but no, no longer. It’s time to get my shit together!

And I shall start this promise off by passing along a rather appropriate track that Beach House put online the other day. It’s typical Beach House: airy, beautiful, makes you want to smile for eternity, etc. But then you throw in some bells and wintery lyrics and you’ve got yourself a new holiday Beach House song! And nothing sounds better to me right now than a holiday Beach House song! Oh wait, you say the lyrics relate directly to my life? Even better! I don’t care for the winter sun either; It’s too bright! …Then again I hate the rest of winter also… Alas, I’m back out here in the chilly Northeast waiting out the cold, short days. Fortunately I have gems like these to get me through. Enjoy!

Beach House – I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun


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