Profound Broccoli – you should be watching Misfits

I’ve been hearing mutterings about this British TV series Misfits for a little bit now and finally gave it a watch the other day and I’m hooked!! It’s a brilliant show full of drama, action, comedy and super powers. Premise, a rag tag group of juvenile delinquents serving community service together get hit by a freak lighting storm and develop super powers. The group bonds over being messed up outsiders and dealing with their new powers. As the series unfolds you find out that they weren’t the only ones affected by the storm but not everyone developed powers to do good. The main cast drips with raw talent and have incredible range. The directors and producers have done a phenomenal job on the stylistic elements.

And probably the element that blows me away the most is the music supervision! You think The O.C., Gossip Girl, Chuck or Bored To Death have great music supervisors…well Misfits kicks all their asses!! Umm how about some Blur, Prodigy and Klaxons…sure not too shabby. Bit of Dean Martin, Neil Diamond and Joy Division…yeah lay it on. Oh wait not enough for you? How about some Justice, The Cure, Chemical Brothers, The Dead Weather and The Velvet Underground…impossible right? How can this show have such a killer (and very expensive) soundtrack. I would think that some of the tracks they use would be impossible to get the rights for but voila they did! Even if you don’t check out the show, go to the official site and check out the music section. They have a track listing for each episode (LOVE that feature!). Hands down THE best TV show soundtrack ever!!

Go on check out the Misfits main site. There’s a bunch of cool features to check out, including character Twitters. I’m not usually a fan of those but the writers have done a good job in having their Tweets as extra bonuses for the hardcore fans.

Opening theme is pretty raad too! Echoes – The Rapture

Check out the trailer

Oh yeah and did I mention that one of the cast member Iwan Rheon (plays the “weird” kid Simon) is in a pretty raad band The Convictions and has a solo EP out?!

I really like The Convictions sound and energy. Here’s hoping they cross the pond for some shows some time soon!


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  1. DoriceTepley
    December 10, 2010 at 8:02 AM

    RT @TSURURADIO: On @TSURURADIO Profound Broccoli – you should be watching Misfits –

  2. December 10, 2010 at 7:58 AM

    On @TSURURADIO Profound Broccoli – you should be watching Misfits –

  3. August 11, 2011 at 5:55 PM

    yea seriously the soundtrack for this show is
    awesome. I know a song they should put on there.

    not sure how to recommend a song, but my friend sent
    me this girl’s page and I started thinking about the Misfits.
    Just started season 2. anyway her name is Chantel Tibbs
    and her song is called “Hollow Inside.”

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