Profound Broccoli: new shift with an old classic

photography by purpleplaid

So things have shifted a bit here and looks like I’ll be posting something every Thursday (other Paper Crane Collective folks have diff days).
I’m super swamped with holiday prep (work & personal) and trying to beat off a massively terrible cold that came outta nowhere, to do any of my best of 2010 but it is coming!
I really love Christmas! (not for the capitalist consumer greedy side of it) Unlike the rest of the population, I actually love hearing those Christmas songs playing everywhere…I even keep my radio dial tuned to the 24/7 Christmas tunes channel! When I used to work at Starbucks I would always sing along to the holiday CDs all lounge singer style (except for the Sarah McLaughlin tracks…she always weaseled her way into the rotation! not a fan!). Always thought it would be a great idea to have a Vegas style lounge act but only sing Christmas songs…still believe it would SO work…along with my idea of William Shatner and Bowie putting out a Christmas album! Okay so we all already knew I was a freak so none of this should come shocking to anyone :)
Anyway enough of this nonsense! Here are some songs to get you in the festive mood!


Ha this is so bad but so awesome! Call me a purist but I dug Billy Idol better sans plastic surgery (or whatever is going on with his freaky creepy face here)

This one you def need a glass of eggnog w/ more whiskey than nog!


Not really a fan of the Martina McBride version but this is a great live video of the King!

No matter where I am when I hear this I almost always start dancing/swaying a bit and for sure sing along!

But of course then you need this version too!

I would SO kill this in my Christmas lounge act!!

Still can’t hear this without thinking of The Office BBC (the original version) Christmas special…those last 10min still get me.

Oh that hair!

Perry Como Christmas songs are like THE thing for me, you just can’t beat him!

Def a huge fav!!

Not a huge fan of this one but the video is priceless!

It’s really the chorus that hooks me in, that melody is fab.

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